Why buy SolidWorks? 8 reasons to invest in SolidWorks - EGS India


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SolidWorks Reseller EGS India Presentation on Reasons why manufacturing industries invest in SolidWorks

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Why buy SolidWorks? 8 reasons to invest in SolidWorks - EGS India

  1. 1. Why Buy SolidWorks?
  2. 2. www.egsindia.comChennai * Coimbatore * Trichy * IndiaWhat do Industries want?● First Time Right● Least Cost Designs● Consistent Product Quality● Improved Customer Satisfaction● Value Analysis & Value Engineering● Shortest possible Product Development Time● Improved USP for their products● Increased Profitability
  3. 3. www.egsindia.comChennai * Coimbatore * Trichy * IndiaPresence of SolidWorks
  4. 4. www.egsindia.comChennai * Coimbatore * Trichy * IndiaHow does SolidWorks address these?✔ Design for Cost✔ Design for Manufacture✔ Design for Quality✔ Marketing by Design✔ Productivity in Design✔ Collaborative Engineering✔ Design for Performance✔ Best-in-Class Processes
  5. 5. www.egsindia.comChennai * Coimbatore * Trichy * IndiaDesign for Cost● Manufacturing Cost Estimation● Design Optimization for Cost● Customized costing inputsbased on company andregional conditions● Assess manufacturing cost forsheet metal and machinedparts in real time withautomatic updates every timethe design is changed
  6. 6. www.egsindia.comChennai * Coimbatore * Trichy * IndiaDesign for Manufacture● Compare Design to standardized manufacturing rulesto assess if Design can be produced● Quickly understand if parts can be easily removed frommold, cast, or form tooling● Easily assess if Sheet Metal Parts can be developedfrom flat stock● Drilled hole Milled Feature/ Turned Part checks● Sheet metal checks—hole diameters vs. availabletooling, hole-to-edge distance, hole spacing, bend radii● Standard hole size checks—checks hole vs. availabletooling● Injection molding checks—maximum and minimum wallchecks
  7. 7. www.egsindia.comChennai * Coimbatore * Trichy * IndiaDesign for Quality● TolAnalyst is a tolerance analysistool used to study the effectstolerances and assembly methodshave on dimensional stack-upbetween two features of anassembly. The result of eachstudy is a minimum and maximumtolerance stack, a minimum andmaximum root sum squared(RSS) tolerance stack, and a listof contributing features andtolerances.
  8. 8. www.egsindia.comChennai * Coimbatore * Trichy * IndiaMarketing by Design
  9. 9. www.egsindia.comChennai * Coimbatore * Trichy * IndiaProductivity in Design● Automated Designbased on Rules● Drawing Automation forerror-free drawingdevelopment● Faster Drawinggeneration for RFQrequirements from Sales● Faster response tocustomer requests
  10. 10. www.egsindia.comChennai * Coimbatore * Trichy * IndiaCollaborative Engineering● eDrawings for 2D & 3D● Easy customerapproval● Supplier SeamlessIntegration● Inter-operability withCreo/Pro-Engineer,SolidEdge, AutodeskInventor
  11. 11. www.egsindia.comChennai * Coimbatore * Trichy * IndiaDesign for Performance● Estimate Forces● Determine Factors ofSafety● Optimize for life● Value Analysis &Value Engineering
  12. 12. www.egsindia.comChennai * Coimbatore * Trichy * IndiaBest-in-Class Processes● Incorporate DFMEA with CAD data● Integrate Microsoft Excel calculations todrive design dimensions● Validate Designs for Cost &Performance● Ensure consistent Product Quality● Upfront Engineering for Manufacturing,Inspection● Incorporation of Voice of Customer● Doing it Once, Getting it Right
  13. 13. www.egsindia.comChennai * Coimbatore * Trichy * IndiaAnswers to Customer Requirements✔ First Time Right✔ Least Cost Designs✔ Consistent Product Quality✔ Improved Customer Satisfaction✔ Value Analysis & Value Engineering✔ Shortest possible Product Development Time✔ Improved USP for their products✔ Increased Profitability
  14. 14. www.egsindia.comChennai * Coimbatore * Trichy * IndiaGet Started with EGS India TODAY● We help customers achieve success intheir endeavours● Assured Support – Many Satisfiedcustomers since 1993● Help Indian Manufacturing Industriesachieve Self-Reliance, Higher Profitabilityand Compete in Global market withWorld-Class Products● Partner to develop mission-criticaltechnologies and productsContact Today: info@egs.co.in