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A short pro-d workshop I did for colleagues in district on use of Twitter in the field of education.

A short pro-d workshop I did for colleagues in district on use of Twitter in the field of education.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Tweet
    Ms E. Gregory
    School District #74 (Gold Trail)
    April 2011
  • 2. Learning Intentions
    To learn how social media can be used:
    As a communication tool
    For professional development
    To learn about social media in the context of digital citizenship
    To explore Twitter
    To ask questions!
    The Shape of the Workshop…
  • 3. Start with a shout out
    A good way to illustrate Twitter as a communication tool
    Can show the power of the personal learning network (PLN) and the reach of a simple tweet
    A shout out is when you ask others to say hi and tell where they’re from
    Sometimes a simple question is asked too
  • 4. What is Twitter?
    A social networking and microblogging service
    Allows users to send and read messages called ‘tweets’
    140 characters
    Based in San Francisco
    Started in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey as a way to communicate within a company
    Users worldwide (~200 million)
    65 million tweets a day
    800 000 searches per day
    Replacing (?) Google as a way to search
  • 5. Why sign up?
    Practical, efficient communication tool
    A major way to find out what’s happening
    Death of Bin Laden
    Canadian Election #elxn41
    Practical, powerful professional development
    Learn anytime
    Good way to find resources
    Follow conference tweets #edtechbc, #iste, #itsummit
    Great way to connect with like-minded people
  • 6. What about teachers/administrators?
    Role modeling to other staff and students
    Show people you’re a learner
    More and more educators, in particular, administrators, who are very active social media users
    Become part of the conversation!
  • 7. How does it work?
    Sign up
    Fill out your profile with purpose (the world can see!)
    Important if you want people to follow you, it’s the start of the trust building
    Link to your blog or website
    Add a photo or avatar (think personal branding)
    Start by sending out some tweets!
    Find some people you’d like to follow
    Choose with purpose
  • 8. Some basics
    Think before you tweet
    anyone can see it!
    To send a tweet to someone specific, put @ in front of their twitter name or click reply
    To send a message only to someone who follows you, use D and a space or click direct message
    These are private
    You or the other person can delete them
  • 9. More basics
    To retweet is to send out someone else’s tweet crediting them by the RT: in front (or click retweet)
    A form of flattery and a way to spread information
    Can block and report spammers or people you don’t want to have access to you on twitter (they can still see your tweets)
  • 10. Who to Follow?
    Cybraryman'sPLN Stars
    Start with a purpose, that will determine who you follow
    You can start by following a few people you know/trust
    Then see who they follow
    Use others lists to help you too
  • 11. Twitter Clients
    Much easier to use than the Twitter site itself
    Real time updates
    Designed to manage your feeds
  • 12. Hashtags
    Popular Education Hashtags
    Type a # and then a word to create
    used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet
    created as a way to categorize messages
    to filter your twitter feed (#edchat)
    to search for information (#canucks)
    Good way to follow pro-d events
    #bcssa, #edtechbc
    Great way to find people to follow on ‘Follow Fridays #FF
  • 13. Helpful sites:
    A Twitteraholic’s Guide to tweets, hashtags, and all things Twitter
    Why Educators Should Be Using Twitter
    Twitter Handbook for Teachers
    Twitter for Teachers
  • 14. From my viewpoint
    Transformed recent conference experience
    Blown my professional mindset wide open
    I don’t feel isolated anymore
    Enhancing personal/professional relationships
    Helps me be a better teacher & a better mom
    It takes time, try to get following 100 people or send 100 tweets
  • 15. Thank yous & References
    My PLN, especially @gcouros & @remi_collins
    M. Munroe for organizing
    One on One with Jack Dorsey accessed May 10