The Magellan Talent Book 2011-12


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The Magellan Talent Book 2011-12

  3. 3. THESCHOOL EGP-UPBS is the Business School of career, and scholars from renowned The participation of these companies the University of Porto, the largest foreign universities and business in the governance model of EGP- Portuguese university. Its mission schools, namely North American UPBS has a much broader scope than entails postgraduate teaching and (Central Florida, Massachusetts, that observed in any other Portuguese executive education in management, Miami and New Orleans) and European business school. activities that are complemented by a (London Business School and IE permanent involvement in the areas of Business School, among others). Currently, EGP-UPBS has as applied research and the provision of This link with similar foreign schools, reference products an international services to companies. which in some cases has been in place full time MBA and an Executive MBA. for decades, ensures a high level of Apart from these programmes, EGP-UPBS has as its fundamental internationalisation of its activities. EGP-UPBS also offers a set of one- resource a faculty body with broad year postgraduate programmes, experience in teaching and research. EGP-UPBS also has the support short and medium length executive Most scholars come from the of a set of companies and other programmes, top management University of Porto (Faculties of top reference organisations with seminars, incompany training Economics, Engineering, Law and a decisive role in the management programmes and services to Educational Psychology and Sciences), bodies of the School (General Council, companies (selection and recruitment and team with other categories of Board and Executive Committee) that of qualified staff, and activities of teaching staff: mana- gers with ensure an effective link between the applied research and counsultancy). academic training and a solid business School and the corporate world.
  4. 4. THEMAGELLAN MBAThe Magellan MBA is one of the The Magellan MBA was launched in Mellon University in the US, Sasinfew internationally accredited MBA 2008/09 but its roots can be directly School of Business in Thailand orProgrammes currently being offered traced to the University of Porto´s Fundação Dom Cabral in Brazil, just toin Portugal. As from 2008, the EGP MBA, launched in 1988 . Today, mention a few.Magellan MBA has obtained the widely this programme has an accumulatedrespected international accreditation alumni body of over 400 individuals, The Magellan MBA, fully taught inby the AMBA-Association of MBAs. many of whom currently hold top English, provides an internationalThis is the highest distinction of its positions in the most important vision of business to students, andkind to be given specifically to an organisations in Portugal and boasts a top quality teaching staffMBA Programme. Sinde 2011, The increasingly also abroad. of internationally trained teachersMagellan MBA has earned EPAS not only with high academicAccreditation, issued by EFMD, the The Magellan MBA benefits from credentials at the PhD level in allEuropean Foundation for Management the School’s strong links with well- areas of management, but who alsoDevelopment. For the past three known and respected international possess relevant direct experienceyears, this programme has the highest institutions like London Business in management as either managersrate of foreign students (60%) in School in the United Kingdom, IE or consultants to organisations of allPortugal. Business School in Spain, Carnegie- sizes and geographies.
  5. 5. As a result, The Magellan MBA offers (in all areas of knowledge), GMAT- selected for the programme. As the to the organisations recruiting oura unique blend of scientifically sound Graduate Management Admission Director of The Magellan MBA, I feel graduates. I thus trust that yourcontents as well as a hands-on Test scores, personal interviews with extremely confident that the quality organisation will find in this book anapproach to business management, the admissions committee, analysis of our MBAs is in general difficult to interesting set of talented graduateswhere managerial techniques go of recommendation letters, written match by similar programmes either and that it may wish to examine thesehand in hand with the development of essays and English proficiency, and in Portugal or abroad, be it in the for existing or future recruiting needs.personal skills which are becoming a the requirement of at least three management training received during Many organisations have used thisfundamental requirement for success years of professional experience. In the programme or in their motivation, resource in the past and I have allin an increasingly more complex and practice, most students have four or working skills or team interaction the reasons to believe that their highglobal business context . more years of professional activity capabilities. expectations have more often than before joining the Programme. not been surpassed.To access The Magellan MBA, As it is also difficult to match thecandidates are subjected to a The aim of this screening process strong network of MBA alumni that Jorge Bento Farinha, PhD, MBAthorough and detailed screening in is to ensure that only the best and has in the past been consistentlyterms of past academic achievements most motivated candidates are recognized as a value-adding factor Director, The Magellan MBA
  6. 6. TALENTBOOK’S AIM CONTACTIn October a new group of MBA This book contains a brief summary PAULA RODRIGUESgraduates will become available to the of the Magellan MBA programme and Career Servicesjob market. the curriculum vitae of our students. Therein each student describesThe aim of this book is to contribute his/her most notable professional +351 226 153 270to the presentation of our students. and academic accomplishmentsThese students have made a in a short timeline, an illustratedconscious decision to undertake bio and summarized biography.a career change or boost their Further, their talents and skills cancareer progression. The decision to also be seen from the perspectivebe included in this book is of their of Strenghtsfinder® tags, as wellown responsibility and the vast as their wishes, expertises andmajority of them have no binding the projects in which they havework commitments at present. We participated.hope that your organization may findamongst our students the necessary This year we have decided to presentprofiles to sustain your continued this book to you in a digital format, ingrowth, internationalization and order to explore new features, like theincreased competitiveness. We firmly links to the Profiles of eachbelieve that you will quickly recognize student and facilitate our interaction.the potential of our MBA graduates.
  7. 7. STUDENT’SPROFILE STRUCTURE STUDENT’S CONTACTS: Active links to student’s Email, Linkedin and STUDENT’S NAME TIMELINE Academic and professional relevantmarks of each student. STRENGHTSFINDER® TAGS: Top five talents generated by Gallup’s online assessment. ILLUSTRATED BIO The life story of the LIKES: student represented Hobbies and in a visual way. personal interests. WISHES Professional aspirations. EXPERTISE Relevant Skills. STUDENTS’ PHOTO PROJECTS Projects in which they have participated. FAVORITE QUOTE BIOGRAPHY: Short text notice of the student bio.
  8. 8. MAGELLAN MBA STUDENTS’ PROFILE NATIONALITIES 17% 44% 50% 50% 11% 38% 20-24 25-29 M F Antiguan Health Management & Sciences Economics Canadian ACADEMIC BACKGROUND 6% AGE GENDER Chinese Sciences 27%Engineering 6% Commerce 39% Estonian 6% 6% 30-35 Information Natural Systems Resources German Indian 73% 23% 11% 39% 44% 56% No 3 Portuguese Foreigners Yes 2 Mauritian Portuguese INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE STUDENTS EXPERIENCE MASTERY ORIGIN (No. of Languages) Ukranian 50% Zimbabwean >=4
  10. 10. Aala Al-Pachachi * +351 905 783 0119 CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE CLIENT/ADVISOR RELATIONS SPECIALISTTIMELINE TD Bank, Mississauga, ON, Apr 2006 - Sep 2007 Mackenzie Financial, Toronto, ON, Jan-Dec 2010 (CONT)PROMOTIONAL SALES SPECIALIST RESEARCH CONTRACTOR/OFFICE MANAGER B. A. POLITICAL ECONOMYMosaic, Mississauga/Brampton, GTA, Abu-Dhabi, UAE, Feb 2008-Dec 2009 Athabasca University, 2005-2010Jan-Dec 2005 STRENGTHSFINDER® TAGS . . INCLUDER IDEATION ADAPTABILITY INTELLECTION LEARNER LIKES Travelling, reading, writing, manga, anime, cycling, dancing, singing. WISHES To be a Product Manager, Project Manager, Logistics Expert, Marketing Director. EGP-UPBS THE MAGELLAN MBA BIOGRAPHY EXPERTISE I’ve lived quite a fulfilling life. I was born in Abu Dhabi and raised in Canada and Motivator, Communicator, I have worked in each country. Canada offered me with the advantage of living Relationship Manager, Adviser. in a multicultural environment and allowed me to be culturally tolerant which prepared me for my experience in Abu Dhabi. Prior to working in Abu Dhabi I had to take courses at night and through correspondence while holding a full PROJECTS time job in order to pay for my education. I have always admired Asian countries, specifically China, Japan and India for their discipline and worth ethic, and strive to emulate such behaviour. I have had the privilege of working in a variety of . . CoHiTeC Established Middle East-Asia-Relations Built a different industries which include: customer service, marketing and research. business plan for a technology . Each opportunity allowed me to gain the knowledge needed to excel in my“Change starts with an open mind, based start-up company professional and personal, and most importantly, the will Marketing and operationsto follow through with your actions. ” simulations.Unknown
  11. 11. Ana Rita * +351 914 659 486 TRAINEE IN RESEARCH PROJECT TRAINEE IN RESEARCH PROJECTTIMELINE Fraunhofer Portugal, Portugal, 2010 MedMat Innovation, Portugal, 2010 (CONT)MASTER IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCHER THE MAGELLAN MBAFaculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Centro Interdipartimentale di EGP-UPBS, Portugal, 2011Portugal, 2006 Ricerca “E. Piaggio”, Italy, 2010 STRENGTHSFINDER® TAGS INCLUDER WOO. . COMMUNICATION POSITIVITY ACTIVATOR LIKES I like to be an explorer, especially regarding travelling to other countries, knowing different cultures, and being close to nature. I also like photography and recording all moments with my family and friends. WISHES To be able to work on a project that has direct positive influence on other people’s lives. EGP-UPBS THE MAGELLAN MBA BIOGRAPHY EXPERTISE Planning, working in diverse My name is Ana Rita and I was born in Porto in 1988. I’ve always practiced sports, teams, keeping things simple and but the one that I liked most was acrobatic gymnastics, I competed at high level understandable. for 8 years. I don’t like to stop, and since I was a child I’ve had my agenda full with learning, sports and travel experiences. I am an explorer, I always carry my camera PROJECTS with me, and I like new challenges. I studied biomedical engineering because it combined two of my passions: medicine and engineering. I used my time in faculty Before MBA: Design of a myoelectric to learn, join academic groups, go on student exchange programme, present robotized elbow that was presented my work internationally, and do internships in companies related to my area of in an international conference; expertise. But I didn’t want my adventure to stop here. I joined the MBA, where I’m Development of synthetic bone learning new things and sharing experiences with people from around the world. matrices associated with stem cells“Start by doing what’s necessary; then I also had a hands-on experience with COHiTEC project, which allows using my for bone regeneration. During MBA:do what’s possible; and suddenly you expertise to turn technology into a product. Now, I’m expecting to continue the Turning a technology of a 100%are doing the impossible.” journey of my life in a job that allows me to grow professionally, challenge myself, natural dyeing process into a productFrancis of Assisi work in team and do something that makes life better. (COHiTEC).
  12. 12. Carmen Dehmel * Portugal: +351 912879352 Germany: +49 1726429286 INTERNSHIPS INTERNSHIP PRODUCT AND SALES PLANNING Mercedes Benz, Germany: Logistics, Sales, Mercedes Benz South Africa, Mercedes Benz Stuttgart, Germany,TIMELINE Development, 2006-2008 Pretoria, South Africa, 2008 2008-2011 (CONT)BSC HONS IN BUSINESS ENGINEERING EXCHANGE SEMESTER DIPLOMA THESIS THE MAGELLAN MBA CANDIDATEUniversity of Cooperative Education University of Bolton, Bolton, PURCHASING DEPARTMENT EGP-UPBS, Porto, Portugal, 2011-2012Stuttgart/Horb, Germany, 2005-2008 United Kingdom, 2007-2008 Mercedes Benz Sindelfingen, Germany, 2008 STRENGTHSFINDER® TAGS ACHIEVER . . INDIVIDUALIZATION EMPATHY RESPONSIBILITY RELATOR LIKES All kind of sports and new adventures, i.e. Tae Bo, Alpine Skiing, Surfing, Zumba; Enjoying good food; Travelling and experiencing new cultures. WISHES To contribute to the success of a dynamic company with an international focus which allows EGP-UPBS BIOGRAPHY me to take the responsibility for THE MAGELLAN MBA challenging projects while taking advantage of my widely-spread expertise. I was born in the area of the Black Forest, in the South of Germany. Since I was a young girl I remember to be open to every new challenge, from ballet to horseback riding and ping pong and I’ve always loved the adventure of travelling to foreign EXPERTISE countries. I studied Business Engineering at the University of Cooperative Education, in a very practice-oriented degree programme where I had the opportunity to Intercultural Experience, Capacity train at Mercedes-Benz. During this time I was responsible for several projects, Planning, Effective Communication. ranging from Logistics through Development to Purchasing. I also had an exchange semester in the United Kingdom and a practical internship in South Africa, two PROJECTS experiences which definitely enhanced my open-minded personality and my ability“Do not dwell in the past, do not to adapt quickly to new environments. After my degree I worked for three years in Internship at the European Aseandream of the future, concentrate Sales Planning for Mercedes-Benz. Finally, I’ve decided to take the challenge of an Business Centre (EABC) in Bangkok,the mind on the present moment.” international MBA in Portugal in order to get both a deeper insight into the expertise Thailand. of management and collect new ideas for a future career.Buddha
  13. 13. Catarina Freitas * ERASMUS Faculty of Business and Economics ofTIMELINE the University of Turin, 2005-2006 (CONT)B.A. ECONOMICS SENIOR AUDITORUniversity of Porto, 2002-2007 Deloitte, 2007 STRENGTHSFINDER® TAGS . INCLUDER ARRANGER . COMMUNICATION HARMONY INDIVIDUALIZATION LIKES Fashion, Flamenco, Sevillanas, Cars, Renaissance Art and Music. WISHES To lead a company, become CEO! EGP-UPBS THE MAGELLAN MBA BIOGRAPHY EXPERTISE My name is Catarina and I was born in Porto in 1984. When I was a kid I dreamed Finance. to become a doctor but suddenly my passion for Maths and Management started growing and I decided to take a degree in Economics at the University of Porto. Since my first year at the University that I wanted to study abroad, so when my fourth year arrived I went to Torino, Italy, and had one of the biggest experiences PROJECTS of my life. Erasmus is a big opportunity for us to develop our skills, especially soft skills because of all our adaptation process in what concerns to relate to different International auditing projects cultures. When I finished this period, I returned to Porto to complete my degree in Angola; Marketing plan for a and started looking for a job. My first opportunity came and I joined one of the British School; and Marketing Plan biggest auditing companies - Deloitte, where I worked in the Financial Services“I’m a great believer in luck, Auditor area, in Lisbon. So, I moved to a new city for a new experience that last for a Parking facility in Antigua,and I find the harder I work four years until I decided to take an MBA at EGP – UPBS, returning again to my Carabean Islands.the more I have of it.” home town, Porto.Thomas Jefferson
  14. 14. Eneken Napa AUDIT ASSISTANT Ernst&Young Audit and Assurance * +372 50 58 176 AUDIT MANAGER SENIOR MANAGERTIMELINE Services department 2004-2005 Ernst&Young 2008-2011 Ernst&Young 2011-To date (CONT)ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS STUDIES SENIOR ASSISTANT THE MAGELLAN MBAStockholm School of Economics in Riga Ernst&Young 2005-2008 University of Porto Business2001-2004 School 2011-2012 STRENGTHSFINDER® TAGS . . LEARNER ACTIVATOR RELATOR HARMONY DISCIPLINE LIKES Freestyle dance, Travelling, Photography, Bollywood movies, Asian food and “vinho verde” wines. WISHES Interested in Finance or Internal Audit opportunities in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. EXPERTISE Audit and Accounting, Financial Analysis and Reporting, Project EGP-UPBS THE MAGELLAN MBA BIOGRAPHY Coordination, Presentation Skills, Report Writing. Over the past 8 years I have built a career at Ernst & Young as a financial auditor. PROJECTS Auditors, in general, are perceived as boring and predictable; however, owing to my natural appetite for new experiences and knowledge, I tend to break this Within Ernst&Young, I have conducted dogma once in a while. Although I prefer to establish a sense of direction and several trainings on accounting and purpose (my MBA colleagues believe this trait is a natural inheritance from the auditing matters, both on EMEIA and local level and to internal and Soviet era when everything was done according to a 5-year plan), once in a while external clients. Also served as audit I like to spice up the routine! This probably explains why I obtained my Bachelor methodology and IFRS specialist in degree in Riga, Latvia; went on a secondment to lively and historic Prague, in the Ernst&Young Estonian office. During Czech Republic; and ended up as an MBA student in the wine capital of Portugal - my MBA studies, I represented the Porto. As for my philosophy towards life, I give my best in all my endeavours, while school at the largest case study“It’s better to regret something acknowledging that things do not always go the way I envision. However, I believe competition in the world – John Molsonyou did than to regret that everything happens for a reason - and if things do not turn out as planned it MBA International Case Competitionsomething you didn’t do.” is because something better is coming along the way! landing the 12th position among 36Unknown participating schools.
  15. 15. Filipe Portela * +351 962 765 603 POST GRADUATION - AESTHETICAL POST-GRADUATION FOUNDING PARTNER PHYSIOTHERAPY CONSULTANT online store Neurology, Aesthetics and Medical - PSYCHOGERONTOLOGY at inSerralves, Addict,TIMELINE 2003 – current Informatics, 2008-2011 University of Porto, Porto 2010-2011 UPTec, 2011 – current (CONT)DEGREE IN PHISIOTHERAPY MASTER’S DEGREE - MEDICAL RESEARCHER, PHYSIOTHERAPIST THE MAGELLAN MBA CONSULTANTISAVE, Póvoa de Lanhoso 2000-2006 INFORMATICS Neurology, Aesthetics 2011-2012 COHiTEC Programme, University of Porto, Porto 2007-2011 and Medical Informatics, 2008 - 2011 2012 – current STRENGTHSFINDER® TAGS IDEATION INPUT. DELIBERATIVE COMPETITION ACTIVATOR. LIKES Science-Fiction; Sports; Travel; Ducati; Health, Management, Technology; Gadgets; Start-Ups. WISHES My greatest satisfaction is to create value and develop people. EGP-UPBS THE MAGELLAN MBA BIOGRAPHY EXPERTISE Since the beginning I had three lovers: Management, Technology and Health. So, Health; Technology; Business in the pursuit of that I went to Physiotherapy course, did the Masters in Health Development; R&D; Innovation. Informatics and The Magellan MBA at EGP-UPBS. But, since I don’t like to stay still for long, between my courses I’ve always tried to be as entrepreneur as possible, promoting events, workshops and seminars. PROJECTS I also participated in getting off the ground some start-up companies and was involved in some other that didn’t get off the ground… My career and life anchors Startup Pirates @ SJM; COHITEC; are attached to work something for a greater cause, to have a positive impact Startups Consulting; Followers in the world and in the people that surround me. I hope to achieve that, either (Sonae); Business Plan Competition with new technologies and new businesses or by improving existing ones. Either (Algarve);Business Idea“Try not to become a man of throught Social Responsibility or Innovation. Competition, Cascais (two ideas:success, but rather try to become I look to work in Business Development, Innovation or R&D while matching my Health and Social Responsability);a man of value.” intense work habits with family and friends life. Junior University.Albert Einstein
  16. 16. José Rico Sofia * STRUCTURAL CIVIL ENGINEER +351 965 846 869 THE MAGELLAN MBA STUDENTTIMELINE EPOCA, Apr 2007 - Apr 2009 EGP-UPBS, Sep 2011 STRUCTURAL CIVIL ENGINEER (CONT)DEG. CIVIL ENGINEERINGUniversity of Porto, 2001-2006 SE2P, May 2009 - Jul 2011 STRENGTHSFINDER® TAGS . . INDIVIDUALIZATION RELATOR ANALYTICAL DELIBERATIVE RESPONSIBILITY LIKES Traveling, dining out, going to the beach, playing football, chess, following capital markets and staying in touch with worldwide news. WISHES Develop and support a firm’s corporate strategy, actively contributing to the success of the firm while having the privilege of managing a team of talented people. EXPERTISE Problem solver, strategic planning, foreseeing possible obstacles, EGP-UPBS THE MAGELLAN MBA BIOGRAPHY implementing plans. PROJECTS Hi, my name is José, born in Portugal in 1980 and I’m looking for a challenge in A student exchange programme with my life. Having a previous educational background and professional experience SASIN, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, in Structural Civil Engineering, my mind has been mainly focused in searching Thailand, a business school established in reasons and finding solutions. By attending The Magellan MBA, I feel that my partnership with Kellogg and Wharton BS; previous skills were fundamental in leveraging other strengths while getting - An internship at EABC (Euro-Asean thoroughly acquainted with most of business functional areas’, dynamics, roles Business Centre), Bangkok, Thailand; and duties. Learning and perform accordingly was always a concern, I developed a - The Magellan MBA’s Followers programme, great interest in Corporate Governance, Consultancy, Marketing, Operations and interacting with PricewaterhouseCoopers; also Finance. Today I believe that I can make a difference, through commitment, - Developing a Marketing Plan for a integrity and perseverance, in delivering great solutions and results. Portuguese Port Wine in Canada;“Before everything else, getting - Simulating a business project for financial purposes;ready is the secret of success.” - Developing a financial statement analysisHenry Ford on an international company.
  17. 17. Lingjuan Yang * +351 937 108 284 THE MAGELLAN MBATIMELINE EGP-UPBS , 2011-2012 (CONT)BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN ECONOMICS ACCOUNTING MASTERNanjing University 2006-2010 Nanjing University, 2011-2013 STRENGTHSFINDER® TAGS .. IDEATION ADAPTABILITY COMMAND INTELLECTION COMPETITION LIKES Writing, travelling, meeting new friends, playing badminton. WISHES EGP-UPBS THE MAGELLAN MBA BIOGRAPHY To become a professional manager in the next 10 years. My name is Lingjuan and I was born in a small town in China in 1989. I used to study International Economics and Trade in Nanjing University as my bachelor’s degree and after that I took Accounting for my master degree. EXPERTISE I started my international experience 3 years ago when I went to summer school in Hong Kong, where I met excellent students from all over the world. Then I took one semester of exchange in Taiwan and I felt it was a special experience because of our shared historic Economics, finance, accounting. roots. After that I went to a Kibbutz in Israel as a volunteer and I was charmed by that country. Now I am doing The Magellan MBA at the University of Porto, hoping it can increase my abilities. I like to try new things such as traveling in different countries. It makes me brave and able to take challenges. I also like painting and writing because it PROJECTS“It always seems impossible gives me inspiration and it is a relax after work. In the future I hope I can be a successful business woman.until it’s done. ” Cost management for ChinaNelson Mandela Mobile Company.
  18. 18. Rosália Rodrigues * +351 912 943 336 THE MAGELLAN MBA - EGP-UPBS full-time international programme DEGREE IN FOREST ENGINEERING OPERATIONAL SUPERVISOR accredited by the Association of MBA’s by UTAD (Universidade de Trás-os-Montes at Ecorede SA (EF Group), Jan (AMBA) and by EPAS/EFMD,TIMELINE e Alto Douro), Dec 2007 2010 - Jul 2010 Sep 2011 - Nov 2012 (CONT)VOLUNTEER; FOREST FOUNDER/MANAGER HEALTH AND SAFETY ATFIRES PREVENTION Biogflag Consulting, Lda, Feb WORK LEVEL 5 DIPLOMAAlvão Natural Park, 2007 - Sep 2011 at CENATEX, May 2010Summer 2005 STRENGTHSFINDER® TAGS ACTIVATOR . . INDIVIDUALIZATION LEARNER FUTURISTIC RESPONSIBILITY LIKES Dogs and horses, An exquisite meal in an amazing restaurant, Learn to do something new. WISHES I see myself in a challenging working environment that allows me to use my problem solving and BIOGRAPHY EGP-UPBS networking skills. THE MAGELLAN MBA EXPERTISE Hello! My name is Rosália. Since very early I decided that I wanted to work with Forest in some way. Communication and networking, entrepreneurship, project While attending the degree in Forest Engineering I found out that the job position management, GIS. that I thought I wanted wasn’t available in the job market. So I decided to create it and founded the Bioflag Consulting, which was a consultancy company in GIS PROJECTS for land management. While working at Bioflag I could also perform in other positions and other fields of expertise in other companies. Training and managing During the course of the MBA I was projects were the most important tasks. Years went by and I found out that, even though I am very passionate about forestry and sustainability, it wasn’t the specially involved in:“The purpose of life, after all, is to live technical work that moved me. Problem solving, managing people and projects is Marketing Simulation Winning Teamit, to taste experience to the utmost, to what moves me. This was the moment to develop other skills and this is why I’m Cohitec;reach out eagerly and without fear for attending the The Magellan MBA. Setting a start-up in Mozambique;newer and richer experiences.” Project on E-commerce atEleanor Roosevelt Sonae MC.
  19. 19. Mykel Samuel B.SC. BANKING AND FINANCE * +351 937 108 287 CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE The University of the West FirstCaribbean International Bank Limited FirstCaribbean International Bank LimitedTIMELINE Indies, Barbados, 2007 - 2010 (Antigua), June - Aug. 2009 (Antigua), June 2010 to August 2011 (CONT)CSR AND TREASURY CLERK TRANSACTION PROCESSING OFFICER CONSUMER LENDING ASSISTANT MAGELLAN MBARBTT Bank Caribbean Limited FirstCaribbean International Bank RBTT Bank Caribbean Limited EGP-University of Porto Business School,(Antigua), Nov. 2007 to April Limited (Antigua), May and June 2008 (Antigua), Dec. 2009 to Jan. 2010 Porto, Portugal, Sept 2011 - current2008 STRENGTHSFINDER® TAGS . DELIBERATIVE HARMONY. ANALYTICAL COMPETITION INTELLECTION LIKES I enjoy playing tennis, virtual sports games and the piano, listening music and watching movies. WISHES I wish to return to the Caribbean and use the knowledge gained in my international business career as a University Professor and a EGP-UPBS Technocrat.  THE MAGELLAN MBA BIOGRAPHY EXPERTISE Hello, my name is Mykel G. Samuel, a Magellan MBA from the islands of Antigua Finance and Strategy. and Barbuda. Moving to Portugal to pursue my MBA was the biggest and most important decision I have made thus far, and I am sure its positive impact will PROJECTS play in fundamental role in shaping the course of my life. I developed an interest in Macro-Economics and Financial Policy during my time at junior college, and During my MBA, I undertook this was the basis for choosing my first degree in Banking and Finance, and now creating a Marketing Plan for a my MBA. I have three years of working experience in Commercial Banking in British Private School in Porto. Antigua, serving in various departments including Customer Service, Transaction To complete my Bachelors Degree Processing and Consumer Lending. I intend to capitalise on my international in Finance, I carried out a study“Life isn’t about finding yourself; MBA to begin a professional global career. I am always up for a challenge, and comparing the effects of the 2008it is about creating yourself.” thoroughly enjoy the feeling of personal satisfaction one gets after successfully economic crisis on Commercial completing a difficult task. Banking in Antigua and BarbudaGeorge Bernard Shaw and Barbados.
  20. 20. Mykola Tymoshenko * +351 968 508 634 JOURNALIST Department “Journalistic VOLUNTEER, TEACHER OF COMPUTER SCIENCE Investigations” Business magazine Shree Jana Jyoti Higher Secondary SchoolTIMELINE “Kontrakty”, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2008 Pragatinagar, Nepal, 2011 (CONT)JOURNALIST JOURNALIST AND EDITORKomsomolskaya Pravda newspaper Business magazine “Excise”, 2009Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, 2006 STRENGTHSFINDER® TAGS . . . ENTREPRENEUR ENTHUSIAST DREAMER HARD-WORKER IMAGINATIVE CREATIVE LIKES I like travelling, driving biking, surfing and Portuguese wine. WISHES To work with challenging and innovative projects, that requires determination and creativity. BIOGRAPHY EGP-UPBS THE MAGELLAN MBA EXPERTISE Hello! I am Mykola Tymoshenko, I was born in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, the I’ve mastered a few subjects: main center of rocket manufacturing in the ex-USSR. In 2008 I took a Masters Technology management; degree in Computer Integrated Technologies. But when I started working as Developing markets. a programmer I’ve understood that I cannot sit in the office all the time, I like adventures and tasks that require creativity. Hence I gave up programming and became journalist in a newspaper in which I created my own section. In 2009, I’ve moved to Kyiv where I worked for business magazines as journalist-investigator. PROJECTS Later I specialized on vodka industry and marketing of alcohol industry. Marketing plan for FC Porto.“Imagination is moreimportant than knowledge.”Albert Einstein
  21. 21. Rita Pinto DENTIST * +351 912 722 387 DENTIST & MANAGER ADVANCED MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME FOR DENTISTSTIMELINE City Dental, Dec 2007 – June 2008 ORA, Aug. 2008 – Feb. 2011 Mar 2010 - Dec 2010 (CONT)DENTAL MEDICINE DENTIST ECONOMIC BASIC STUDIES DENTISTUniversity of Porto, Jul 2007 Clinicas Dental Care, University of Coimbra, Set Malo Clinic, 2011 Jun 2008 – Jun 2010 2009 a Feb 2010 STRENGTHSFINDER® TAGS IDEATION WOO. RESPONSIBILITY . CONNECTEDNESS BELIEF LIKES Travelling, learn new things, dancing, cooking, share and enjoying life. WISHES To shift from a technical position to management. EGP-UPBS THE MAGELLAN MBA BIOGRAPHY EXPERTISE Contact with the public. I’m Rita, born in Portugal, 1982. In the last 12 years I lived in 7 cities, in 3 different countries, working directly with more than 15 different nationalities. Dealing with such diversity, and working with patients improved my communication skills and allowed me to learn how to gain the control over stressful situations. Doing more PROJECTS with less pushed me into management, which led up to The Magellan MBA. During the course of my MBA I was . specially involved in: Doing a business plan for a high“Try again. Fail again.Fail better. ” . tech company. Optimizing and synchronizing the operations of a dental clinicsSamuel Beckett network.
  22. 22. Rohan Narula * +351 968 508 802 ISSO - WEALTH MANAGEMENT GLOBAL CONTROL & PLANNING ANALYST Standard Chartered Bank, Internal Control, Citi Private Bank, New York, ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENTTIMELINE Mumbai, 2006-2007 2007-2008 HSBC, Mumbai, 2010-2011 (CONT)BA (ECONOMICS) CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT TEAM LEADER MBAUniversity of Mumbai, University of Cambridge (International Examinations), Premier Banking, Barclays University of Porto BusinessIndia, 2003-2006 New York City, USA, 2007-2008 Bank, Mumbai, 2008-2010 School, Portugal, 2011-2012 STRENGTHSFINDER® TAGS . MAXIMIZER STRATEGIC ADAPTABILITY . COMPETITION INTELLECTION LIKES Travelling, Photography, Cricket, Nightlife, English Literature, Music and Cinema. WISHES Keen to start my own company focusing on a revolutionary luxury tourism concept – information regarding this project is still classified! EGP-UPBS THE MAGELLAN MBA BIOGRAPHY EXPERTISE I was never one to play by the rules … I wanted to study the works of T.S. Eliot and James Investment Management, Business Joyce. My father preferred Nash and Walrasian equilibrium theories. He prevailed and off I went to the University of Mumbai to study Economics. I managed to have my way & Social Networking, Creative (somewhat) through the publication of my poetry book, Chaos, during this period. After Writing, Photography. graduating, I upheld my family legacy and joined Standard Chartered Bank. A year later, I applied for and was selected as a Mountbatten scholar – which sent me packing off PROJECTS to NYC to spend a year working at the Citi Private Bank. My time in New York sparked several new, diverse interests such as business networking and photography. I returned MBA Business Plan based on an to India and promptly hopped back on to the banking bus – Barclays this time! I earned eco-golf venture in Goa, India. three promotions within a short time period; was rewarded with my first ever pay raise; and my supervisors displayed unconditional faith in my abilities. However, all good things This project will aim to attract“Every experience is a paradox in that it do come to an end, and after a great two and a half years I moved on to HSBC. I have wealthy travellers to Goa withmeans to be absolute, and yet is relative; in lived in 3 foreign countries, traveled to almost 30, worked for 4 multinationals, studied in a strategic view on sustainable,that it somehow always goes beyond itselfand yet never escapes itself. ” India and the US, snapped over 12,000 photographs, and made over a 1,000 new friends environmentally friendly tourism in in the past 7 years. Off to another new adventure then – The Magellan MBA in Portugal! the state.T.S. Eliot
  23. 23. Rudorwashe Moyo * +351 937 120 644 CREDIT RISK ASSOCIATE PERSONAL ASSISTANT TO PEER SUPPORT LEADER National Australia Bank, OPERATIONS MANAGER BOOK KEEPER Deakin University, Australia, Melbourne, Australia, Aug Mashonaland Eagles Cricket Club ASSISTANTTIMELINE Feb 2004 - Jul 2006 2007 - May 2009 (Zimbabwe Cricket), Sep - Nov 2010 May 2011 ASSISTANT OPERATIONS MANAGER ENTREPRENEUR (CONT)BACHELOR OF COMMERCE FRONT HOUSE MANAGER(Major in Finance and Commercial Law), Arab Restaurant, Lorne, PCCM Investments (Horticulture and REM Investments, Nov 2010 - Apr 2011Jul 2003 - Dec 2006 Australia, Jul 2004 - May 2005 Poultry Farming), Jun 2009 - Aug 2010 STRENGTHSFINDER® TAGS CONSISTENSY CONNECTEDNESS . RELATOR RESTORATIVE HARMONY LIKES Travelling, wine, dining out, fishing, reading. WISHES I wish I could be involved in implementing a new marketing EGP-UPBS THE MAGELLAN MBA BIOGRAPHY strategy to position a new brand on the market. I was born in Zimbabwe and always dreamed of seeing the world beyond our borders. I have always known my future did not lie in Zimbabwe and the first opportunity to leave my country arose when a chance meeting with a university EXPERTISE recruiter came about. This resulted in my 5 year love affair and stay in Australia, whereby I managed to complete my University Degree, experience my first Motivator, personal change leadership roles, and fall in love with customer service whether it was in the management. banking or hospitality industry where I had gained work experience. Unfortunately my journey came to an end, and I travelled back home to see my family. With no job prospects whatsoever on the market, I decided to create my own opportunities, PROJECTS I dabbled into new areas and adventures and worked in the farming and sporting industry before moving on to working for myself. This final decision led me to South“I am the master of my fate; I The Magellan MBA Followers Africa, where I fell in love with a new venture of self employment and acquiredam the captain of my soul.” new skills. Regrettably, I knew I needed more experience; education and work to Programme - RAR Group.William Earnest Henley become a success on my own and this led me to Portugal to complete my MBA.