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Presented by: Kevin Kelly, Manager Customer Service Operations , at the Serve You Right Conference, Melbourne, September 15-16, 2011. Mission : Deliver quality and responsive customer service throughout the Service SA face to face, call and on-line network and be recognised as a leader in service delivery.

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  • The Service Quality Standards and Evidence bring together the best practices from Service SA, other organisations and international benchmarks. The Standards describe what we think a quality service experience looks like to our customers and provides evidence against which we can assess our activities to meet those standards.
  • Service SA

    1. 1. Presented by:<br />Kevin Kelly, Manager Customer Service Operations<br />
    2. 2. About Service SA<br />Service SA comprises<br />316.27 FTEs in frontline and support roles<br />20 Customer Service Centres & 14 virtual contact centres co-located in CSCs<br />65 seat contact centre for government services<br />9 rural agents delivering a bespoke service suite in regional communities<br />Service agents in the APY Lands in remote Indigenous communities<br />Government’s single entry point<br />Manages services and systems that collect $1.6 billion p.a. up from $200 million in 2006 <br />Annual activity includes 8.8 million transactions, 5.6 over the counter transactions, 1.3 million calls/ faxes/ emails and 4.2 million web page views<br />
    3. 3. Changes since last year<br />Service SA merged with another division<br />Lands, Registration and Service SA Division<br />Service delivery and registration / licensing policy in one division<br />Director to become one of three Deputy Registrars<br />Registration reform program well underway<br />Elimination of labels – Geoff Wooldridge<br />Abolition of 6 and 9 month renewals<br />Opening of Marion Customer Service Centre<br />Service Quality Framework implemented & reward/recognition embedded<br />Responded to outcomes of Mystery Shopping exercise <br />
    4. 4.
    5. 5.
    6. 6. What our customers are saying <br />300 exit interviews, Still to come - 600 hys & focus groups <br />97% wanted “first contact resolution” and & multi-skilled staff<br />91% were aware of Ezyreg however, <br />Out of 127 customers that thought their transactions could not be done online, approximately 50% were mistaken<br />7 out of 8 were aware of other channels in SSA<br />85% customer said the CRO “assisted” their service, 86% CRO provided “guidance” **Note approx 12% customers served here**<br />75% expected to wait >10min, 68% waited less than expected<br />Contact with SSA CSC’s to complete a transaction/enquiry<br />84% once<br />13% twice<br />3% three times<br />Note-Metro area alone serves approx 25,000 customers per week<br />
    7. 7. What our customers are saying - continued<br />Service experience – perception scores of >7<br />93% were treated fairly<br />92% Info relevant<br />96% staff knowledgeable<br />97% staff helpful in getting what I needed<br />81% accessibility or products & service<br />81% waiting time was acceptable<br />94% got what they needed<br />92% happy with overall quality of service <br />Contact centre Feb 11 overall Satisfaction 89%<br />600 HYS to be finalised<br />Internal customer satisfaction to be commenced<br />
    8. 8. Strategic initiatives 2011/12<br />SERVICE SA<br />Mission : Deliver quality and responsive customer service throughout the Service SA face to face, call and on-line network and be recognised as a leader in service delivery<br />11/07/2011<br />
    9. 9. Service Quality Framework<br />
    10. 10. Key Initiatives for 2011-12<br />Implementation of Service Quality Strategy <br />One Workforce<br />CSC/Virtual CC integration and job rotation<br />Decentralised leadership of VCC<br />Skills passport for effective SRP deployment<br />Staff movements to balance leadership & skills throughout the network<br />Improving<br />Enhanced Q-breaking capacity<br />Lean thinking applied to COG process improvement<br />New customer reception units for improved customer experience<br />New intranet site for effective communications with blogging capability<br />Balanced scorecard implementation<br />Targeted Leadership development and staff “Pep” programs<br />Customer satisfaction<br />Effective communication of channel options (active waiting and POS)<br />Roll out of estimated wait times via queuing system<br />Customer experience surveys<br />
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Key Initiatives for 2011-12<br />Counter consolidation <br />Project with Office for Consumer & Business Affairs <br />Details of deal <br />Walk in<br />No capital<br />Use Service SA systems and management structure <br />Differs from previous drop services into Service SA model<br />Intention is to leverage expertise <br />Assist OCBA to identify and transition high cost services to lower cost channels<br />Challenges<br />Tranmere – CSC & VCC commissioning<br />