Northern Territory Business Centres


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Paper presented by Chris Hoffman, Department of Business and Employment (Northern Territory), at the Serve You Right Conference, Melbourne, September 15-16, 2011.

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  • Customer Service CharterIn doing this we willRespect customer privacy and confidentiality. Serve you promptly at the time of your arrival. Be friendly, helpful and sensitive to your individual needs. Provide clear, accurate and relevant information about business and licence related services. You can help us byProviding us with all relevant information and supplying documents so you can lodge a complete application. Providing full and detailed constructive comments on our service delivery. Telling us if you have specific needs. Treating our staff with courtesy.
  • 2010_2011 was another record year with 158,110 services provided through the four centres. Over 200% increase in services over the last 10 years. 20% increase in services from last financial year. Counter 62688 Phone 31501 Mail/Fax 58756 Online 5165 Although we do not have key performance indicators feedback from Minister’s office and through the dept is positive.A yearly survey is carried out for the whole department.Our aim is to increase online capability and ‘Improve service quality to clients and enhance efficiency of the Northern Territory government, by means of client focused, integrated, accessible and cost effective e-Services made available through a choice of delivery methods which complement traditional service channels.’TBcs also has a tracking system which enables our Customer Service Officers to track incoming licence applications and it provides status information during the application process, including approval process, awaiting criminal history checks etc. Other agencies have read access to follow up receipting and/or lodgement enquiries.As yet this system does not report 360o on performance.
  • In 2008 the NT Government took up an opportunity offered by the Federal Government to use the concept of Smartforms for e-Government Services.Currently 30 forms online. Other Departments are approaching the TBC for assistance to improve e-services to their clients including Teacher Registration Renewals (easy access for teachers working in remote communities) (Great success 60% take up in the first year). Fisheries Dept have just come on board with Fish Retail Licences and Fishing Tour Operator Daily Log. It is this Department we hope to trial data integration to the backend system and to TRIM.The NT recently purchased a software product called Adobe Composer and trained 12 people across Government to build Smartforms. This gives us the flexibility to build and maintain our forms. it It is a low cost solution. The TBC remains the lead agency to provide support and assistance to Departments. Drivers Authorisation Shotfirer Gas Fitter Dangerous Goods Business Licence Convey Dangerous Goods Licence High Risk Licence Replacement High Risk and Dangerous Goods Licence Business Name Application Business Name Renewal,Change in Particulars and CessationVisa Sponsorship ApplicationCommercial Marine Services Precinct Survey Invest NTInformation For Investment Opportunity Listing Investor Registration Investment Facilitation Unique Identifier EcoBiz NT Application OBM Sponsorship Expression of InterestOBM Event Partner Upskills Event Evaluation TBC Buisness Kiosk Project ProposalRadiation LicencePoisons LicenceBarber Shop LicenceRetail, Manufacturer and Wholesaler LicenceBoarding HousePest Control OperatorFood Registration and RenewalTeachers Registration Renewal
  • October Business Month is in its 17th year and its popularity is rising. A record 87 events will be held this year.Launched July 2011 – Information on events business workshops, guest speakers.!/OBM_NT
  • The NT aims to:leverage from, and align with, the National COAG approved initiatives of; Business On-line Services (BOS), to deliver online registrations enabling business to register for both their ABN and business name in one transaction, and a National Licensing System (NLS) for occupational licences. Working collectively with the Commonwealth Government and other Jurisdictions to migrate all our licensing data (current BLIS) into the national ABLIS. Expected go-live is now June 2012.Establish the governance arrangements across stakeholder agencies to implement the eBusiness strategyDevelop an on-line portal for business customers to make eBusiness the business as usual channel.Rationalise business processes across agencies around business centric on-line integrated end to end service delivery. What we have achieved:Electronic Invoice Management System (EIMS), all agencies invoices are scanned and managed through the payment process electronically. Once the business client is registered with NTG the electronic scanned systemallows payments to be made on time. The previous manual system was very cumbersome resulting in many complaints about delayed payment to business.Stage 1, involved invoice scanning and optical character recognition to provide automated data capture, has been completed.Stage 2 involved electronic workflow of invoice coding and approval by agencies along with improved tracking of invoices and payments are made on time. Electronic purchase requisition workflow for Tier 1 (less than $15 000) purchases.To be rolled out across government end of this year. Provides an automated requisition to purchase order workflow module.  National Licensing SystemNTG Cabinet have approved the engaging of a national online business and occupational licensing service between 2012 and 2014, and to endorse a ‘road map’ for an NTG online business and occupational licensing service to NT business over the next 3-5 years to which all NTG Agencies are committed.
  • The NT is currently into the planning stage to improve services to business clients by developing e-Services for licensing, payments and procurement. Some e-Services have already been implemented E-Invoice Management and e-Procurement is in development and to be completed 2012.Whole of Government ‘business centric; modelNSW Government Licensing System (GLS)National Online Service (NOLS)Business Online Service (BOS)Single point of entry for businessDedicated website for businessSingle and consistent information source for staff Seamless service deliveryOnline transactions and information accessIntegrate systems and processesManagement actions changed through use of informationNational initiative participationE-business cultureHigh online service adoptionTell me once by business‘end to end’ online service‘Single source of truth’ for staff
  • Northern Territory Business Centres

    1. 1. Territory Business Centres<br />Presented by: Chris Hoffman<br />DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS AND EMPLOYMENT<br />
    2. 2. We have 4 Service Centres<br />Darwin<br />Katherine<br />Tennant Creek<br />Alice Springs<br />
    3. 3. What do we do?<br />The initial contact and referral point for:<br /><ul><li>Gateway to NT Government Business Services,
    4. 4. Starting or growing a business,
    5. 5. Business and licence information service (BLIS),
    6. 6. Lodgement of over 200 NT Government licences,
    7. 7. Business planning assistance and
    8. 8. Links to departmental assistance programs.</li></li></ul><li>Customer Service Charter<br />Our commitment<br /><ul><li>To provide accessible services delivery options to customers seeking business information and licensing.
    9. 9. The delivery of our services will meet the reasonable expectations of the customers.
    10. 10. We will endeavour to continually review and improve our service deliver. </li></ul>We aim to provide<br /><ul><li>A professional, courteous and friendly service.
    11. 11. Impartial and equal treatment of all customers. </li></li></ul><li>How are we doing?<br />
    12. 12. Improving our e-services<br />Current Services<br /><ul><li>Smartforms – currently 30 forms online
    13. 13. Payment Gateway
    14. 14. Authentication using Vanguard</li></ul>New projects<br /><ul><li>Increasing the amount of Smartforms online
    15. 15. Integration into backend systems including TRIM
    16. 16. Workflow management</li></li></ul><li>Calendar of Events now available<br />The October Business Month (OBM) calendar of events has now been launched. Go online to discover what exciting events are happening in your region. <br />Nationally and internationally recognised keynote speakers for OBM 2011 include Johanna Griggs, Lisa Curry-Kenny, Jon Dee, Steve Davis and Ross Clennett. <br />Come and see these speakers and many more great events! <br />View the calendar<br />Follow us onFacebookandTwitterfor the latest OBM news!<br />October Business Month 2011 <br />
    17. 17. Where are we going?<br />E-Business Pathway for Business Customers and the NT Government<br />
    18. 18. E-Business Pathway for the NTG<br />(Under development)<br />a<br />Common infrastructure , business portal, service directory, CRM contact centres, smart forms, SMS etc..<br />
    19. 19. Governance<br /> Representation from Agencies impacted by COAG reform, DBE, DCM and NTT<br />E-Business Steering Committee <br />NOLS Working Group<br />NTG Business Licenses and occupations Reference group<br />BOS Working Group<br />DBE<br />DOJ<br />DLP<br />DBE<br />DOJ<br />DLP<br />Other Agencies as Required<br />Licensing Boards<br />
    20. 20. E-Business Road Map<br />Business Value<br />2013 e-business culture<br />Where is NTG currently at, and where does it want to be?<br />2012 Online transactions and information access<br />2012 Single point of entry for business<br />2011 Whole-of-Government, “business centric” model<br />Disparate Un-coordinated Approach<br />2010<br />
    21. 21. Questions and Contact<br />Chris Hoffman <br />Manager Territory Business Centres 76 The Esplanade, Darwin<br />Ph: 8982 1700<br />Mobile: 0401 110 061<br />Email:<br />