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Business Victoria Online: A case for further innovation
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Business Victoria Online: A case for further innovation


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Presentation by the Business Victoria Online Unit, Department of State Development, Business and Innovation, 31 July 2013

Presentation by the Business Victoria Online Unit, Department of State Development, Business and Innovation, 31 July 2013

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Adverse to riskTell them everything, then tell them againNot in line with the way the internet was evolving Why did we change?Major Problems: version no longer supportedNot SEO friendlyBuggy (couldn’t find assets, needed to handcode workarounds)Also:End users and content owners didn’t like the design. Put people off reading and wasn’t flexible enough
  • Change from how we did it before – round up small business offering Promoting BV the main game – get more people to consume our data Improved CLR
  • Blue- direct traffic Yellow- referral traffic Green- SEO Dark grey- paid search Light grey – email
  • Transcript

    • 1. A case for digital innovation further
    • 2. Introduction 3 Sections by 3 Speakers 3 experts Interactive
    • 3. • Choose your platform wisely • Evidence is your best friend • The end is the beginning Opportunity for change
    • 4. Our replatforming mascots
    • 5. Business Victoria 1996
    • 6. The audience – who are they? • 529,690 SMEs in Victoria • SMEs represents 96% of all businesses in the State – 95% of SMEs are connected to the internet – 90% of SMEs use internet for research – 70% of SME’s will have a Smartphone or tablet by 12/2012 SME count based on ABS Data June 2012 Use of the Internet based on Sensis E Business Report 2011
    • 7. The stakeholders
    • 8. Business Victoria - 2012
    • 9. The process
    • 10. • Do a prototype • Move as fast as you can but anticipate procurement delays • Training and early access is important Advice for others
    • 11. Business Victoria - now
    • 12. More design flexibility
    • 13. Was it a success? Since launch the website gained 300 new fans - 78% increase from prior months
    • 14. Mobile
    • 15. • What needs are we trying to meet – what do business want? • The content evolution- building it. • Getting it out there – do they come? Meeting business needs
    • 16. What are we offering The online link between business and the Victorian Government Easier compliance with regulation Help to solve problems Improve skills to enable growth
    • 17. Integrated offering Social media E-UpdateFollow up packs Partners Business Victoria Mobile
    • 18. Our users are: • Busy running and starting their businesses • Suffer from information overload Our challenge is to ensure that our content is : • Timely and relevant • That we are a trusted source What we know about our users
    • 19. The migration process enabled us to see the content with fresh eyes. It was clear that this was the beginning of our journey and not the end. • Review of content criteria • Upskilling of staff – focus on best practice (UX) • Refresh of approach to developing content • Introduction of subject matter experts as part of the content development process • Distributed authoring • Improved use of analytics The content evolution- building it
    • 20. Content criteria Business Victoria content must meet one of the 3 objectives • Compliance • Skills • Solving problems
    • 21. Content criteria Business Victoria will add value to our users in one of the following ways. the source of the information. providing the context to the information along w/related links, but it’s owned by someone else. providing an overview of the process in which the information belongs.
    • 22. User Experience and SEO training Training 1• User Experience Fundamentals •SEO Fundamentals Training 2 Content for the Web Workshop Training 3 User Experience fundamentals (advanced) Training 4 :User Journeys and Personas Training 5 :Web metrics fundamentals Upskilling Staff
    • 23. Introduction of subject matter experts • Put together the a content development advisory panel. • Gave us structured and quick access to – Freelance writers – Subject matter experts • BV identified the need and played the role of the web publisher. Result was we could get new content up quicker and focus on the operational side of the website.
    • 24. Distributed authoring
    • 25. New ways to present content and seek feedback
    • 26. Improved use of analytics KPIs Shares & referrals Analytics Internal & external feedback
    • 27. Distribution framework
    • 28. Before Did they come? After
    • 29. SEO/SEM
    • 30. E-Update • Open rate July 2013 48.4% • Introduced segmenting • Made more mobile friendly
    • 31. • overall results for 2012-13 • what we've learned • next steps No rest for the wicked
    • 32. Overall results so far KPI Target Result Business Interactions (BP3) 495,000 736,000 Online Subscribers (BP3) 70,000 70,000 Visits 1.4 million 2.92 million Mobile website visits 130,000 500,000 Customer satisfaction BV users are more satisfied with Victorian Government support then non-users (61% vs 38%
    • 33. • Skilling staff makes a difference eg. through SEO training SEO moved from 28% in August 2012 to 40% in October 2012. • Importance of mobile - target 130,000 to actual 500,000. • Everyone needs to know how to do online eg. moving print to online still an education role. • Never over – continuous. What we've learned
    • 34. • Mobile insight research. • Responsive design. • Improved integration with others across Government. Next Steps
    • 35. Contact details Vendors Mark Armstrong Managing Director First Click Consulting Fiona Meighan Business Director HeathWallace Business Victoria Online Emma Cameron Senior Content Manager Megan Vassarotti Online Editor | Stacey Kaye Customer Experience Manager