Better Health Channel Mobile - health information anytime, anywhere


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Paper presented to the Victorian Online Seminar series on Mobile Government, Friday 18 May 2012, by David Haubenschild and Simon Blankenstein

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Better Health Channel Mobile - health information anytime, anywhere

  1. 1. Better Health Channel Mobilehealth information anytime, anywhere18 May 2012David Haubenschild, Manager – Better Health ChannelSimon Blankenstein, Manager – Digital Media
  2. 2. Agenda • Better Health Channel • Strategic context • Digital by default • Better Health Channel mobile • V1 app success • V2 app & mobile web • Key learnings • Questions
  3. 3. Better Health Channel Victorian Department of Health
  4. 4. The rise of the connected health consumerAUS - Unique audience (000’s) Source : Nielsen NetView October 2010 Source: Nielsen online consumer report 2012
  5. 5. Digital by default Source: Nielsen online consumer report 2012Source: Nielsen online consumer report 2012 Source: Nielsen state of the market report – Australia, Jan 2012
  6. 6. Better Health Channel mobile V1 Victorian Department of Health
  7. 7. Ministerial launch - 20 Sept 2011Left to Right: Brian Price,President - Board of Directors, Inner South Community Health ServiceRobbi Chaplin – CEO, Inner South Community Health ServiceDavid Davis - Minister for Haelth and Ageing
  8. 8. Promotional activity – BHC & Health websites
  9. 9. Promotional activity – Vic Gov websitesBanner ads featured on:•••••••
  10. 10. Promotional activity – health newsletters
  11. 11. Promotional activity – media
  12. 12. Social media buzz - twitter
  13. 13. Social media buzz - facebook
  14. 14. Apple app store
  15. 15. BHC consumer feedback==== Your Health Channel - Suggested Site Improvement received on02/10/2011 08:20:46 PM ====please convince your nsw health counterparts to develop a nsw version oreven an australia wide version of this site....including the iphone/ipadapps. this is the best health website i have come across...easy andrelevent info at hand. i am asking you to talk to them because our systemis hopeless and this msg will never be seen. with thanks.... steve fromsydney.
  16. 16. Better Health Channel mobile V2 Victorian Department of Health
  17. 17. Better Health Channel mobile web
  18. 18. Key learnings• Clearly define problems, use cases and opportunities• Optimise for location based services and hardware capability• Do your homework – market analysis (customer, competitors, platforms etc)• Plan for processes, inc Procurement, Legal, data sources and Apple App store• Start small, iterate early and iterate often• Adhere to proven methodologies – UCD, UX, SDL• Partner well and utilise in-house experts (comms, policy, dev, design)• Leverage VicGov expertise and channels• Promote, promote, promote• Native, web, hybrid - know the benefits, limitations and relevance• Evidence generating – launch and learn
  19. 19. Questions?