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Nic 2012 statereport_newmexico

  1. 1. NEW MEXICO INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012INSIDEPayment Processing.. .......... 2Web Stats.......................... 3Marketing Awards.............. 4Executive Summary NMI and the New Mexico Taxation N in making the New Mexico Taxation and ew Mexico Interactive’s mission is to assist and Revenue Department –Revenue Department (TRD) and Motor Vehicle A Winning CombinationDivision (MVD) more accessible and responsive Nto the citizens and businesses of the state of New ew Mexico Interactive (NMI), the New Mexico Taxation and RevenueMexico. Providing streamlined online services Department (TRD), and the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) built upon theincreases customer satisfaction and improves successes of the past three years in 2012 through the deployment of newgovernment efficiency. Through eGovernment, online services, as well as ongoing enhancement and maintenance of existing services.New Mexico citizens, businesses, and government NMI has continued to work with TRD, providing consulting, project management,partners can interact with TRD and MVD any business process redesign, application development, and hosting and maintenance oftime and from any location. secure, reliable, and innovative applications that assist in modernizing MVD processes, In May 2009, through competitive bid, the generating revenue, and augmenting the agency’s customer service efforts. NMI,TRD entered into a public-private partnership TRD, and MVD have collaborated to build more than 30 high-impact online serviceswith NICUSA, doing business in the state of that have generated additional revenue for the agency and improved communicationNew Mexico as New Mexico Interactive, LLC, between the agency and its customers. NMI has worked closely with the TRD andto provide eGovernment services, website MVD to support the agencies’ customer service efforts by launching services such ashosting, and secure dissemination of MVD Feedback and Contact Us utilities, a field office appointment-setting service, smalldata to approved users. Through TRD’s business driver monitoring, and a service that allows individuals to request theirleadership and alliance, in just three years the personal driver history records. Additionally, NMI, the TRD, and MVD workedagency has received national recognition for its together to redesign their websites, which incorporate many new features and Web 2.0achievements and has deployed more than 30 functionalities. The MVD website gained the agency recognition in 2010, winning ahigh-impact online services. n | continued on page 4 |
  2. 2. Payment Community InvolvementProcessing T he NMI team as a whole expressed a strong interest in personal wellnessNMI won an invitation to bid for New Mexico’s statewide priceagreement for online debit/credit card payment as well as activities that will help the local community. Six members of the NMI team participated in the 2012 Ideal Weight Challenge, and the same group is participating in 2013. This year, the group will also have lunchprocessing. This enables any government together and go for a walk once a to use NMI for payment processing NMI volunteered at a local Santa Fe charity, Theservices without having to go through an Food Depot, during the holiday season, and plansRFP process. As most of the state’s databases to volunteer on at least a quarterly basis throughoutand infrastructure are residing on antiquated 2013. We selected The Food Depot because of its reachmainframe systems, New Mexico has very few and its efficiency as a nonprofit. The Food Depotoptions for paying for government services serves tens of thousands of people in need throughonline. NMI’s inclusion on the statewide price 120 nonprofit partner agencies in nine Northernagreement enables agencies to make services New Mexico counties. Each month, they distributesuch as the purchase of hunting and fishing an average of 300,000 pounds of food and householdlicenses, environmental permits, child support products. In 2009, the food distributed was enough topayments, etc., available online for the first provide nearly 4 million meals.time ever. Because the need is so great and resources are We have met with several government always so scarce, The Food Depot is committed to operating as productivelyentities to provide the above-mentioned and efficiently as possible, and minimizing the money spent on administrativeservices, and are currently finalizing the overhead. Ninety-five cents of every dollar goes to feeding people in need.contract with the Child Services Enforcement Another important source of productivity is the labor its hundreds of volunteersDivision of the Health Services Department provide. Last year, the more than 4,000 hours of service volunteers contributedto provide online debit/credit card and saved more than $75,000 in labor costs, enough to provide 300,000 meals. For everyeCheck payment processing for child dollar donated to The Food Depot, it is able to return $5 in food to the payments. n Mandi’s Profile “n addition to handling approximately I M service manager since September 2010. She is an andi Mendoza has been NMI’s office and customer 200 customer inquiries a week, Mandi exemplary member of the NMI team, and her warm, friendly attitude and professional behavior make her a favorite among has become an invaluable resource for agencies and customers alike. Mandi continually documents the staff of NMI.” and implements numerous processes and procedures to make sure all aspects of managing NMI’s customers and billing Her favorite part of her job at NMI is planning events, run smoothly each month. In addition to handling which she does with great success. She has coordinated approximately 200 customer inquiries a week, Mandi has events ranging from staff retreats to a GM Conference. Her become an invaluable resource for the staff of NMI. She’s also most visible and successful event to date was the 2011 GM contributing to the list of Frequently Asked Questions Conference, which was held in Santa Fe. Her leadership role for the VRS application, and continually contributes to in planning and customer satisfaction has been a uniquely management efforts to improve processes for NMI. outstanding aspect of her career with NMI.2 | NEW MEXICO INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012
  3. 3. Web Stats MVD 2011 vs. 2012 Visits 2011 Page Views 2011NMI  optimized all online  applications and theTRD and MVD websites for mobile Visits 2012 Page Views 2012devices in 2012. The number of visits theMVD received from mobile devices more 0 1 mil. 1.5 mil 2 mil. 2.5 mil 3 mil. 3.5 mil 4 mil. 4.5 mil. 5 mil 5.5 mil. 6 mil.than doubled from 2011, increasingfrom approximately 58,000 to more % new visits: 2011 - 59.37% vs. 2012 - 58.13%than 134,000 in 2012. The MVD websitealso had an increase of approximately400,000 visitors in 2012 – 58 percentwere new visits – and page viewsincreased by more than 700,000.Narrative will not be provided forthe TRD website as Google Analyticsdidn’t track the TRD website fromMarch 14 through April 8, 2012. TRD 2011 vs. 2012 Visits 2011 Page Views 2011 Visits 2012 Page Views 2012 2 mil. 2.5 mil 0 1 mil. 1.5 mil 3 mil. 3.5 mil 4 mil. 4.5 mil. 5 mil 5.5 mil. 6 mil. 6.5 mil.% new visits: 2011 - 45.54% vs. 2012 - 44.86% NEW MEXICO INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012 | 3
  4. 4. Marketing AwardsT he New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) and Taxation and RevenueDepartment (TRD) have won several awards 1221 Flagman Way, Suite B4since NMI completely redesigned both Santa Fe, NM 87505agencies’ websites. The redesigns included (877) 660-3468the addition of several new online customer mvd.newmexico.govservice options that had not previously beenoffered, resulting in a 54 percent increase invisitors to the MVD site in the first six months.As the number of website visitors increased,the number of customers using the onlinecustomer support option also increased.TRD won a Horizon Bronze Award in 2011.MVD won a DGAA in 2010, an AAMVACustomer Service Award in 2011 for the site’snew online customer support options, andHorizon Silver Awards in 2010 and 2011. n © 2013 Trozzolo.comA Winning Combination| continued from page 1 | enforcement and emergency management a modern system for generating temporaryCenter for Digital Government Achievement personnel statewide and nationwide, registration permits for vehicles. VRS hasAward; again in 2012, winning a Horizon executing more than 1 million transactions improved the safety of law enforcementInteractive Award; and, together with the each month. NMI is tasked with providing officers, reduced fraud and the use ofMVD, won the AAMVA International these permits to transport stolen vehicles,Customer Service Award in 2012 for Online generated additional revenue for the agency,Customer Service. NMI provides a service to governmentalentities that monitors New Mexico drivingrecords. NMI has been designated as a hubfor Motor Vehicle and Driver-related datathat is securely and reliably disseminated to similar access to online services to more and provided the agency with an improvedcommercial entities such as approved data than 150 eligible governmental entities tracking and reporting structure. This serviceaggregators, insurance companies, and across the state of New Mexico, including has reliably and accurately issued moresmall businesses with stringent audit and many municipalities, the New Mexico than 500,000 temporary registration andcompliance controls in place. Additionally, Courts, the Human Services Department demonstration permits and has been praisedNMI and the TRD provide Motor Vehicle (HSD), Department of Transportation, the by both industry associations and the DPSand Driver data to appropriate governmental Department of Health, HSD’s Child Sup- Cabinet Secretary.entities both within and outside of the state port Enforcement Division, Santa Fe NMI looks forward to building upon theof New Mexico at no charge. NMI provides County, the City of Santa Fe, and New Mexico successes of 2012 and continuing to supportthe New Mexico Department of Public State University. the New Mexico TRD, MVD, and the busin-Safety (DPS) with all Motor Vehicle and NMI and MVD have also teamed up to esses and citizens of New Mexico in theDriver-related data, which is viewed by law provide the Vehicle Registration Suite (VRS), coming year. n