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Nic 2012 statereport_miss

  1. 1. m ovMISSISSIPPI’S OFFICIAL STATE WEBSITE Mississippi INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012 INSIDE Agency Spotlight................ 2 Message From the General Manager............... 3 MSI Gives Back.................. 4 Focused On Mobile – From 0 to 60 In One Year I Mississippi Department of n 2012, the state of Mississippi and MSI collaborated on a significant undertaking: Public Safety Launches to redesign the state’s website for the first time in more than 10 years. The result,, was a landmark eGovernment accomplishment for Mississippi in greatly Successful Mobile Applications improving online service delivery to citizens and businesses. T his year Mississippi Interactive (MSI) The refreshed appearance modernizes with citizen-submitted imagery expanded the state’s mobile presence by that highlights Mississippi’s unique heritage. However, is more than just an partnering with the Department of Public Safety eye-catching site. A sample of’s new functionality includes an interactive (DPS) to release a Driver’s Practice Test mobile services directory, GeoIP mash-up mapping, search optimization, customized live application. A first of its kind for Mississippi, the chat, and extensive social media integration. mobile Driver ’s Practice Test is an interactive The redesigned was accomplished at no cost to the state or citizens using a application featuring graphics, pictures, and road self-funded model with Mississippi’s eGovernment partner, Mississippi Interactive signs to test users’ knowledge of the road. (MSI). Though is hosted in Mississippi’s robust State Data Center, MSI covers The Driver’s Practice Test has been downloaded all operational expenses, valued at more than $345,000 thus far, such as the hardware, more than 4,700 times and has been featured in content management system, third-party tools, and customer support as well as the local newscasts, radio programs, and various social design, development, and ongoing enhancements. media channels. Citizen response to the mobile The design’s unveiling was announced during Governor Phil Bryant’s inaugural application has been very positive. One reviewer “State of the State” address in January. In addition to the initial extensive coverage of the app said, “With two kids who will be taking via press releases and local media outlets, has been recognized as an award- this test in the next two years, this app will see a winning national leader by seven organizations, including a 5th place win in the Center lot of use. Very well done!” Another citizen for Digital Government’s prestigious Best of the Web Contest. Cathilea Robinett, commented on the usefulness of the app for all executive vice president for the center, described the redesign as going from | continued on page 4 | “0 to 60” in one year. n
  2. 2. Agency Spotlight State of Mississippi’sMississippi Department ofWildlife, Fisheries & Parks Official Payment Processor I n December 2010, Mississippi Interactive (MSI) was selected as theI n partnership with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks (MDWFP), MSIhas implemented several key new services and state’s partner of electronic government (eGovernment) services following a competitive bid process. The contract between Information Technology Services (ITS), the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA),solutions to support the agency’s commitment to and Mississippi Interactive allows any Mississippi state agency, locality, board, orproviding value to its constituents. commission to partner with MSI to provide self-funded eGovernment services to In early 2012, the partnership launched over-the- their constituent base. Additionally, under this eGov contract, MSI was named ascounter payments for Quail Hollow Golf Course. the state’s official payment processor.For the first time, MDWFP clerks were able to accept Streamlining Mississippi’s official government payments through one solutioncredit card payments for tee times and pro shop has created efficiencies for integrating state solutions and provided a trusted,merchandise. The solution has generated more branded interface to citizens. Today more than 34 official Mississippi entities usethan $230,000 in revenue for the Department. the MSI payment processor to securely process self-funded online, point-of-sale, After the launch of the over-the-counter solution, and mobile payments.MDWFP met with MSI to work on the launch of an At the heart of MSI’s comprehensive payment processing approach is the NICiPhone application to appeal to Mississippi’s Payment Engine (TPE), a fully hosted, Web-based, enterprise-class paymentmobile-ready outdoor enthusiasts. The application, processing solution that exceeds all processing requirements outlined by the statelaunched in July 2012, contains fun, innovative, and of Mississippi. TPE was specifically designed for use by state governments anduseful features such as online license purchasing, has been seamlesslystate park GPS mapping, and social media integrated withintegration. To date, the mobile app has been Mississippi’s Statewidedownloaded 5,400 times. To accompany the mobile Automated Accountingapplication, MSI worked with the department to System (SAAS).redesign its online hunting, fishing, and boating Future integrationlicensing system, updating the interface and with MAGIC will beensuring the service was mobile-optimized. MSI completed in 2013.was able to create one seamless dynamic system By using NIC’sfor users to purchase a license or a boating renewal payment solution,from their computer, smartphone, or tablet by using the state is relievedresponsive design. The responsive design present in of most of the burdensthe application changes to the user’s own browser and costs of PCIand device orientation automatically. compliance. NIC’s Curtis Thornhill, MDWFP chief information corporate and portalsystems officer, said of the services and relationships security teamsMDWFP has developed with MSI, “MSI created continuously monitor 2012 Mississippi payment processing highlightsa new customized portal for the sale of hunting online applications andand fishing licenses as well as renewal of boat systems to detect vulnerabilities, and adhere to the highest levels of payment cardregistrations. The new portal application requires less industry (PCI) compliance. Yet, even with most of the risk outsourced, partnerstime for a customer to make a purchase and complete still need to be aware that 100 percent of the risk cannot be outsourced.the payment process. The MSI staff has been very As the state’s official payment processor, MSI looks forward to assistingdedicated to the projects initiated by MDWFP agencies and localities with online, over-the-counter, and mobile paymentand strives to provide a quality service for the state of solutions. Our technical integration options, security practices, robust reporting,Mississippi and to the citizens using our services.” n and customer service set us apart from our competitors. n2 | Mississippi INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012
  3. 3. Looking Local Message From the General Manager I n 2012 MSI began working with the Mississippi State Extension Services’ e-BEAT to establish a local government initiative focused on building Web presences for Mississippi communities. The initiative’s first goal was the construction of an attractive and flexible website template that would enable localities to highlight their unique branding and O ne person with passion is better than 40 people merely interested.” E. M. Forster’s quote hints at the obstacles that can heritage while allowing for rapid deployment. This approach, which utilizes be overcome and the vast possibilities that can the content management software SharePoint, also allows cities and counties be accomplished by garnering the power of to easily manage content specific to their citizens. In December 2012, the city enthusiastic, inspired, and driven individuals. of Leakesville, MS, launched its first website using this model generating an Over the past two years, as general manager outpouring of citizen support and appreciation. Through organization with of Mississippi Interactive (MSI), I’ve had the e-BEAT coordinators there are currently 14 municipalities across the state the privilege to witness the role passion has who are interested in a similar website solution. played in the state’s eGovernment program’s In addition to local websites, a number of municipalities have expressed success. With Mississippi’s leaders embracing a need to offer online payments to their citizens. From utility payments to innovation and agency partners seeking the parking fees, MSI is working to provide a payment solution that can be latest technical solutions, the partnership quickly implemented and easily maintained by city and county staff between the state and MSI has achieved members. Like the online solutions developed for state agencies, the local remarkable milestones: payment solution will use a self-funded model and will require no monies • edesigned the nationally recognized, R from the municipality’s budgets. award-winning With the successful launch of local websites, anticipated release of • reated’s first social C payment services, and continued support from the e-BEAT coordinators, media presences the list of cities and counties, regardless of population size or budget, with • aunched six websites, 19 applications, L attractive Web presences and efficient online services will spread throughout and seven mobile services the entire state of Mississippi. • Drafted 11 press releases • Earned seven awards • rovided enterprise, secure and reliable PEmbracing Innovation payment processing for more than 35 state entitiesState of Mississippi Establishes Mobile Presence The MSI team thrives off the state’s excitement for efficient, digital solutions. Every day, I hear their brainstorming and collaboration as they strive to deliver new services utilizing pioneering technologies to propel Mississippi’s eGovernment. On behalf of MSI, I want to thank the state of Mississippi for embracing the same passion we do for innovation. Sharing this vision, I look forward to celebrating many more “first in the state – and nation” achievements in the years ahead. Deanna Gronlie MSI General ManagerCitizens are on the go and so is Mississippi! Mississippi INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012 | 3
  4. 4. m ovMISSISSIPPI’S OFFICIAL STATE WEBSITE200 S. Lamar St., Suite 800Jackson, MS 39201(877)© 2013 Trozzolo.comMSI Gives BackT he staff of Mississippi Interactive Additionally, our 13-person staff pooled understands the importance of resources to donate more than $10,000 investing in one’s community. As worth of clothing and goods to the Salvationresidents of Mississippi, giving back to our Army, more than $500 in food to the Stewpotstate not only enriches the lives of others, Community Services Food Pantry, and binsbut also our own. In 2012, the MSI team full of toys for a holiday toy drive benefitingcreated a “12 Months of Giving”campaign the special needs students of the Little Lightfocused on philanthropic efforts throughout House. In all, the MSI team made donationsthe state. valued at more than $25,000 and more than The staff served breakfast to the homeless 100 hours to our outreach efforts.each week during the summer, donated school MSI is excited to give back to Mississippi insupplies to the fourth-graders of Davis 2013, and has already kicked-off the secondElementary, participated in the Susan G. Komen annual “12 Months of Giving” campaign withRace for the Cure 5K, as well as sponsored the a supply drive for a local no-kill animal shelter, The MSI staff spreads some holiday joy at theLittle Light House’s “Milestone Challenge” 5K. ARF (Animal Rescue Fund). n Little Lighthouse in Jackson, Miss.Focused On Mobile| continued from page 1 | our partners have access to the latest technologies for providingage groups by saying, “This app is great for new drivers and for drivers electronic services. We are constantly reviewing, testing, andwho have been driving for many years, like myself.” developing for these innovative new technologies. Additionally, MSI’s accomplishments with the Driver’s Practice Test are just one NIC’s mobile expertise allows our portals to work together to shareexample of NIC’s expertise in providing electronic government services the code so that other apps can be quickly created.for all types of devices. NIC is the largest provider of official government With the welcome reception of mobile apps such as the DPS Driver’smobile apps in the United States with the launch of more than Practice Test, MSI is eager to partner with other state agencies to further100 government mobile applications. NIC is focused on ensuring that increase Mississippi’s mobile footprint. n