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English nanobilet investitsionnayaprezentatsiya2
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English nanobilet investitsionnayaprezentatsiya2


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Published in: Business, Technology

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    • 1. Investment presentation
    • 2. contents product market review business review offer
    • 3. what is Nanobilet all about? Nanobilet makes buying and selling tickets smooth and efficient We are proud to intriduce 5 of our favorite features: • Launch sales from your website with our nanowidget • Event promotion using our toolbar: partner networks, promocodes, Email and SMS mailing • Realtime promo channels analytics • Effortless ticket checking at the event • Automated paperwork
    • 4. introduction Positioning We are building Amadeus for event market So far 11 months from the start and we have served more than 100 event organizers and transactions worth over 8 500 000 rubles Team 8 dedicated guys – experienced event industry pros and super tech savy specialists Mission Our unique market proposition Our business model Constantly setting highest standard of quality for our partners and their clients We are focused on buildings a single system for event tickets booking We charge 7-15% commission from each transaction
    • 5. customer issues Existing purchasing mechanics are outdated Customer issues Currents solution Inconvenient purchasing procedure Customers spend a lot of time on ordering, calls and getting tickets Purchase in a few clicks Limited purchasing opportunity for regional customers Customers travel to other cities to get tickets or buy them at the event for a higher price Purchase available from anywhere in the world Tickets get lost Lost ticket can not be restored E-ticket is always available at customers personal account Complicated returns procedure Customer has to come to ticket operator’s office and submit a request Return procedure is automated and can be done remotely Today there is no solution for this problem Our team is building a single system for event tickets booking It’s hard to find particular tickets due to the fact that different ticket operators have different quotes Nanobilet’s solution
    • 6. organizers issiues Current solution is not effective Organizers’ issues Current solutions Nanobilet’s solution Instant launch of automated sales process Small and middle sized organizers have a hard time setting up tickets issuing and sales Manual issuing and sales Selling to regional customers Price discounts for regional customers Purchase available from anywhere in the world Estimating promo chanells efficiency is complicated Sales analytics with traditional operators is a black box Realtime sales analytics and management Advertising budget allocation Budgets are optimized using iterative approach Launching sales from organizer’s website Lower sales due to lack of single system for event tickets booking Developing own system of ticket control and payment processing Manual allocation of quotes between ticket operators Realtime promo analytics allow optimize budget straight away Widget placement takes less then 5 minutes Our team is building a single system for event tickets booking
    • 7. extra advantages Implemented: • Tools for viral marketing: automated promotion via discount promocodes • Design kit for creating vecor scheme of event halls • Adaptive design for smartphones and tablets • Digitalized paperwork • Tools for starting organizer’s own promo campaign • Billing Scheduled: • Ticket sales via social networks • Mobile apps for customers and partners(iOS and Android) • Interfaces for Email and SMS marketing using customer database • Further development of API • Referal system and gamification • Further development of viral promotion tools • Single system for event tickets booking
    • 8. contents product market review business review offer
    • 9. ticket market Our target markets for today are Russia and CIS 1 bln usd concerts and parties* 1 bln usd cinema (450 000 shows per year)* 1 bln usd other events* 1 bln usd sports* In 2010 cultural and entertainment events in Russia were attented by more then 155 mln people** Annual growth of ticket sales market is 11% Ticket market value in Russia is already worth 5 bln usd Only 5% of this volume is contributed by online sales Rocket growth of e-tickets expected Global market is estimated to be worth 155 bln usd 1.5 bln usd theatre* * According to research company «Express-Obzor» ** According to the marketing department of the company «Euroset»
    • 10. ticket market in Russia Moscow Information contributes by RMA 4500 concert organizers; 10000 venues that hold events (50% are museums); One of te largest organizers is state runned Moscow State Philharmonic; Stable growth for the last ten years Moscow venues picture* Regions S.-Petersburg 200 cinemas - average check 820 rub 300 theatres - average check 2610 rub 350 clubs - average check 3410 rub 1200 sports sites average check 320 rub *Data provided by PayOnline 2013
    • 11. competition Online players Mobile website /app Seated tickets Promo analytics Tickets check app Viral promo tools Discount promocodes
    • 12. competition Offline players Mobile website /app Seated tickets Promo analytics Tickets check app Viral promo tools Discount promocodes
    • 13. success stories Foreign players - 4.1 mln tickets sold, 26 000 events, 37 mln usd investments within 4 years, last year revenue growth 57% – 115+ mln tickets sold (1 mln tickets weekly sales) , investments - $140 mln. - 120 mln tickets sold last year, 8+ bln usd turnover. run operations in 20 countries. over 11 000 clients and 3 000 employers
    • 14. contents product market review business review offer
    • 15. operation scheme Our sales dep. engage new clients to use Nanobilet’s platform Organizer logs in via our website, fills in the info about his event and company details and sends event for moderation Our manager checks event and company details and prepares an agency contract (in case when public offer cant be used) pattern of interaction with the organizers Manager teaches functional service, monitors placement of widgets and makes recommendations to advance through partners Organizer or our employee meet visitors at the entrance and check the tickets After the event is finished organizer applies for fund withdrawal via his personal account. Nanobilet transfers revenue from ticket sales minus 715% comission
    • 16. monetization DIY EVENT MANAGEMENT SaaS with comission from sales volume Transactional • 7-15% comission from sales volume 7-15% Service(Potential) • Monthly subscription for extra features • Fixed comission for every ticket
    • 17. what we have achieved First eleven months turnover exceeded 8.5 mln rub Average ticket price= 1265 rub. Average check= 2083 rub. ARPPU = 84 rub. 150 clients 696 events Period December, January, February March, April, May June, July, August September, October, November Total Tickets Revenue Visiotors 1160 1884 1816 1910 6770 1 797 227 2 125 997 2 822 185 1 815 977 8 561 386 61657 52263 67063 79182 260165 Conversion, % 1,9 3,6 2,7 2,4 2,6
    • 18. team CTO CEO Andrei Beletskiy Egor Egerev 10 years of creating and maintaining successful commercial Internet projects using modern back end and front end technologies, 5years of development in Python. 5 years of experience contracting with top russian ticket operators 7 years of experience holding musical events CFO Ekaterina Parhomenko 5 лет years as CFO and deputy CFO at QIWI , CIS. АССА diploma on IFRS CMO Designer Kate Mircha 7 years in marketing and PR. From 2009 till 2012 - head of PR at Arena Moscow and Stadium Live. From 2012 г. manages GYPSY’s PR campaign
    • 19. partners
    • 20. marketing Customer acquisition channels Partners acquisition: Customer acquisition: Sales dept. Exclusive ticket distribution Email newsletters with market analytics “Word of mouth” Holding events for potential clients on event organization topics Partner network Blogging “Word of mouth” Referal programms Event branding E-mail and SMS marketing SЕО PPC advertising
    • 21. strategy Our focus for today • Acquiring new clients • Extending partner network – fan clubs, social network groups, content websited • Communicating with existing clients in order to find unfulfilled needs • Developing tools for automated promotion in social networks • Prepayment for top clients
    • 22. Strategy The concept of development Organizer’s website Nanobilet integrates several groups of customers. Each group can benefit from the platform if all groups are connected to it. We believe that the crucial element in this ecosystem are event organizers. Social networks Product mechanics: • Event organizer add events to the platform • Event organizers manage discounts, promos and bonuses for ticket purchase • Event page on organizer’s website is modified automatically • Information is distributed between tested partners connected to the platform which have access to all tickets • New partners can propose their own terms to event organizers and vice versa • Customers see all empty seats regardless to where they buy the ticket • Each group of clients is deals with others on a single contract base Network of offices organization TO network CPA model Content resources interaction via API and partner interfaces * - ticket operators
    • 23. facts and forecast Market volume $5bln Operational revenues $500 mln Average market growth 11% Nanobilet’s IRR 35% turnover $3 242 000 tickets 75 000 шт operational revenue $324 200 turnover $86 500 tickets 2000 шт operational revenue $8650 turnover $10 800 000 tickets 250 000 шт operational revenue $1 080 000 turnover $35 000 000 tickets 830 000 operational revenue $3 600 000
    • 24. contents product market review business review offer
    • 25. why now? • E-tickets are expected to contribute 30% to total volume by 2014 (now 5%) (conservative forecasts) • Software demand • Event of top ticket operators has been developed 10+ years ago and no longer can fulfill market organizers tend to switch to e-tickets and more advanced platforms • Favorable research) • Premises macro situation - e-commerce expected to grow 30% YoY until 2015 (Morgan Stanley of favorable legal regulation changes
    • 26. investment offer We are looking for: $1,5М to be investment in company development. Terms: First tranche - $500К, KPIs fulfillment: second tranche - $1М Exit strategy: Strategy partner buy out IPO Conservative forecast of investments recoupment in 3 years Financial plan and detailed Road Map can be presented on demand.
    • 27. Ready to join the ticket platform of the future? Egor Egerev CEO +7 (903) 267-9-777