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4As Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies--Winner, Hippocampus' New Biz Pitch for Bulleit Bourbon
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4As Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies--Winner, Hippocampus' New Biz Pitch for Bulleit Bourbon


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I was a participant of the 2009 4As Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies. Essentially, the program takes young people in NY in advertising (with experience of 2-3 years or less), breaks them up …

I was a participant of the 2009 4As Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies. Essentially, the program takes young people in NY in advertising (with experience of 2-3 years or less), breaks them up into teams (mini agencies), and then have them battle it out against the other agencies in a new business pitch scenario. It's a mock process, but involving a real client--this year's client was Bulleit Bourbon. Teams are required to come up with the strategy, creative executions, media plan, etc. This was a great experience. My team (Hippocampus) was chosen by the client as well as a panel of judges to be the winner. This was our final deck. Happy to explain/clarify anything. Also would appreciate feedback if you have any. Thanks!

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Bulleit Bourbon may 12, 2009 hippocampus
  • 2. create lasting experiences between you & your consumer make your brand a memorable one hippocampus
  • 3. today’s agenda - category analysis - strategic framework - the big idea - integrated media & creative hippocampus
  • 4. the assignment - drive awareness and trial of Bulleit Bourbon - incremental case growth of 23,000 - convert 310,000 consumers to “adopter” - bring the world of the distinguished outlaw to life hippocampus
  • 5. the situation - overall category is at - premium whiskey up 19% - Bulleit is up 60%! source: tns stradegy 2009 hippocampus
  • 6. challenges become opportunities david and goliath become a challenger category clutter take unique POV selective distribution leverage exclusivity economic pressure spirits are high Bulleit can rede ne bourbon and what it means to be a bourbon drinker hippocampus
  • 7. the category competitive overview hippocampus
  • 8. competitive market share hippocampus
  • 9. competitive landscape premium conformist outlaw common hippocampus
  • 10. competitive creative “american standard” hippocampus
  • 11. consumers agree - “there’s nothing special about it” - “it de nitely has an old-fashioned vibe to it” - “pretty much the same as all the others” - “i can’t tell the di erence between this and Maker’s” Source: Agency Conducted Research hippocampus
  • 12. competitive landscape premium conformist outlaw common hippocampus
  • 13. our competitive vision special “american “change standard” agent” mass hippocampus
  • 14. Bulleit is beyond your average bourbon hippocampus
  • 15. strategic framework product target the big idea culture hippocampus
  • 16. product hippocampus
  • 17. bolder and spicier hippocampus
  • 18. palette preferences bourbon a bourbon b opinionated personalities prefer boldness hippocampus
  • 19. you’ll either appreciate us or you won’t hippocampus
  • 20. target hippocampus
  • 21. the anti-target hippocampus
  • 22. they t in, but never blend in hippocampus
  • 23. the distinguished outlaw gatekeepers consumers key niche opinion leaders leaders of their pack 208 - consider myself to be an in uential person/friends often 186 - consider myself a connoisseur of liquors/spirits look to me for advice 175 - seeks out opportunities to try new things 205 - obtain news/current events from the internet 169 - interested in emerging media 205 - spend a lot time at bars/lounges 162 - often visit/write on blogs and download podcasts hippocampus
  • 24. it’s in their DNA to be di erent hippocampus
  • 25. not everybody is born with it distinguished outlaw hippocampus
  • 26. you’ve either got it or you don’t hippocampus
  • 27. culture hippocampus
  • 28. what we’re tapping into hippocampus
  • 29. walk with me hippocampus
  • 30. hippocampus
  • 31. hippocampus
  • 32. hippocampus
  • 33. hippocampus
  • 34. hippocampus
  • 35. hippocampus
  • 36. hippocampus
  • 37. why is this signi cant? home sweet home hippocampus
  • 38. you’re either in or you’re out hippocampus
  • 39. strategic summary product truth you’ll either appreciate us or you won’t target truth you’ve either got it or you don’t cultural truth you’re either in or you’re out Bulleit is the opinionated bourbon for deserving individuals hippocampus
  • 40. the big idea hippocampus
  • 41. Bulleit Bourbon few are Bulleit-worthy hippocampus
  • 42. integrated media & creative hippocampus
  • 43. our pov: word of whisper® communications hippocampus
  • 44. 3 key markets 25% of western residents are bourbon drinkers 43% of the western population regularly drink hard liquor/spirits drinkers 78% consider themselves heavy consumers of media portland san francisco seattle # of bourbon/ whiskey drinkers 2.8MM 390M 265M within target parameters consumption of spirits is heavy 220 205 200 (index) hippocampus
  • 45. the size of the Bulleit-worthy opportunity 3.2MM 1.3MM distinguished outlaws potential conversions 1.9MM people with similar mindset 3.5MM bourbon/whiskey drinkers Source: IMS MRI Study hippocampus
  • 46. campaign rollout pre-launch launch sustaining activity generate curiosity engagement induce trial hippocampus
  • 47. 3 creative platforms hippocampus
  • 48. platform 1 hippocampus
  • 49. followers we live in a world of sheep yet the distinguished outlaw follows no man he thrives on his separation from the ock Bulleit exists to help him break away
  • 50. guerilla
  • 51. on-premise/viral
  • 52. guerilla
  • 53. pr
  • 54. print
  • 55. print gatekeeper-oriented publications
  • 56. ooh
  • 57. guerilla/mobile
  • 58. online
  • 59. online media
  • 60. pop
  • 61. campaign summary positions Bulleit outside yet superior to the rest of the bourbon category. Bulleit is seen as the independently-minded bourbon. this is the campaign that sets Bulleit apart from the pack.
  • 62. platform 2 hippocampus
  • 63. natural selection ”in the struggle for survival, the ttest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment" - Charles Darwin Bulleit is a more evolved bourbon for a more evolved man
  • 64. pr
  • 65. social media
  • 66. print
  • 67. print
  • 68. print
  • 69. mobile
  • 70. online
  • 71. on-premise
  • 72. on-premise
  • 73. sponsorship
  • 74. events “survival of the ttest” parties
  • 75. campaign summary inspired by target insight de ning the distinguished outlaw as fundamentally, even genetically, di erent from others around him. looks entirely di erent than any bourbon/alcohol advertising - highly di erentiating aesthetic. while your competitors are stuck in the past, we can position Bulleit in the present and push it into the future.
  • 76. platform 3 hippocampus
  • 77. Augustus a unique and distinctive recipe. a mysterious and fragmented story. what if all the pieces came back together? Tom has resurrected the recipe; now it’s time to nd the man.
  • 78. the journal
  • 79. pr
  • 80. on-premise
  • 81. on-premise
  • 82. microsite/social media
  • 83. events/promotions
  • 84. online banners
  • 85. print
  • 86. ooh
  • 87. ooh
  • 88. campaign summary utilizes mystique surrounding Augustus Bulleit - his story, his disappearance. creates insider community. for those outside community, we create curiosity and desire to be part.
  • 89. Q3’09 – Q4’10 media plan hippocampus
  • 90. campaign goals and metrics campaign e ectiveness: - site tra c - measurable PR brand mentions (magazines, television, digital) - sales increase within the campaign period - distribution increase (availability in bars and liquor stores) hippocampus
  • 91. expected outcome distinguished outlaw 3.2MM potential conversion within 3 key markets + (gatekeeper/consumer) targeting strategy $1MM 75K Bulleit consumer conversions 5K incremental case sales growth 3+ reach of 5% $1.5MM 200K Bulleit consumer conversions 10K incremental case sales growth 3+ reach of 15% $2MM 310K Bulleit consumer conversions 23K incremental case sales growth 3+ reach of 25% hippocampus
  • 92. Bulleit Bourbon few are Bulleit-worthy but we are, and we’d love a shot. hippocampus
  • 93. q&a hippocampus
  • 94. appendix hippocampus
  • 95. it’s time to graduate hippocampus
  • 96. viral
  • 97. viral The Mystery of Augustus Bulleit