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Research presentation

  1. 1. ResearchPresentationEdward Marshall
  2. 2. Conventions of Trailers• Low angle and High angle shots are used to show dominanceThis is important to tell who is the main characters in thefilm and to show the characters that are venerable.• Release DateThe majority of trailers have a release date when they arerelease but some also say coming soon. This is so that theaudience will know when the film it coming out.• Sound EffectsSound effects are used to make the trailer more excitingteen comedies use more fast paced music where horrorsuse tense music.• Voice OverA voice over from the characters usually tells thebackground story to the trailer.• Show who the main characters areTrailers normally show who the main characters are throughthe various shots throughout the trailer.
  3. 3. Conventions of HorrorFrom the analysis of horror trailers I have picked out a few conventions that couldbe used when I produce my trailer:• Low Key LightingThe Low Key Lighting helps create a dark atmosphere which helps adds to thetension.• Isolated SettingThe Isolated setting shows that the characters are alone and helpless making,which creates more tension when the events start.• Always starts with the characters happy and having a good timeBy using this It help emphasise how bad the ending is compared to the beginning.• Handheld cameras are used to give a realistic effectThis is an important aspect of the horror genre as the more real the trailer seemsthe more scared the audience will be.• PropsProps are used to set the sense for example an axe would be used in a horror film.• Fast paced editingThis is usually used towards the end of the trailer when the events start to happenand this creates an atmosphere of the unknown as the audience cant see whatshappening due to the fast pace.
  4. 4. Conventions I will use• Low Key LightingI will use low key lighting to give the atmosphere of the trailer more effectand this will give of the fear effect and make the audience realise that it isa horror• Sound effects – MusicI will use tense music to increase the suspense of the horror trailer, the useof effects like a recurring theme tune and the sound effect of heartbeats.• Handheld CamerasI will film using a handheld camera to increase the realistic effect of thefilm and therefore increasing how scary the film will seem.• Release Date and TitlesTo show when the movie is coming out and the name of the movie, this isusually at the end of the trailer. This is so that the name and date sticks inthe audiences head.
  5. 5. Conventions of Ancillary• Posters always show release dateThis is to make the audience aware of the date that the film is out sothey can come and see it if they take an interest.• Magazines usually have the main character/s of the film on the front coverThis is so that the magazine is displaying the main characters and thiscreates a brand identity the main characters are usually on the posterand DVD case.• The magazines masthead usually has their logo on sometimes in relation to the colour scheme of the film.The magazines mast head is always has the same logo but sometimesit changes depending on the film for example the hulk film the logomay have changes to the colour green.
  6. 6. Conventions of Horror Ancillary• The colours of the poster are usually dull and dark to empathise the scary aspectThis is because the dull darkness makes the poster feel unknown and asense of not knowing.• The tag line of the film is usually on the posterThis is another thing to link all of the product together as it creates a brandidentity• The typeface of the poster always links into the brand identityThis is another great way to link products for example film posters andstandees for advertisement in cinemas.• The poster usually doesnt give much away about the film only little details.This is a great way film makers can play with the posters and give awaydetails about the film that cant be noticed
  7. 7. Conventions that I will use• Bleak coloursThis will empathise the effect of the scary theme to the movie.• TaglineI will create a tagline that will be used in the poster and the magazine.• Little details about the filmI wont give away many details of the film as then it will make peoplenot want to see it.• Release dateThe release date will be shown at the bottom of the trailer.• Create a brand identityThis will be great to use as it will link all my products together• Use Main charactersThe main character I will think about using if they poster looks goodwith it on but I will use them on the magazine.
  8. 8. Target Audience• The target audience that I am aiming for with this film is older teen age group 16 and over, this is because a lot of this age group watch these type of films which has shown in my research. I have researched my target market by using survey monkey and wall wisher I then spread it via facebook and twitter.
  9. 9. Result Analysis• 90% of my results came from the age group of my target market so therefore these results will be really effective when I make my trailer if I use the feedback I have received. For example the low key lighting, 90% of people said that they thought that it made the trailer seem scarier and also that the trailer should only be 1.5 - 2 mins long. More people liked the thriller type of horror and the apocalypse horror theme which we have looked at doing was low popularity. But only 36% of people chose horror as their favourite so these results were not as good as they could have been but it still gives me a better idea of what to think about planning.• From the results of the wall wisher I have found out that people like dramatic pauses which will work well in a horror trailer, this could be used toward the end of the trailer.
  10. 10. What I plan to use• Low Key Lighting• Tense music• Isolated location• Brand identity through typeface and logo• Dramatic paused and some fast paced editing• Trailer length about 2 minutes long• Show little details of the film• Bleak Colours• Handheld camera• Fast action shots