Great Communication 2009


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What it takes to do a great communication in 2009?
Everything starts from our point of view.

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Great Communication 2009

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  2. 2. All the time we think about change-disruption-transformation-shift from A to B affecting our clients brands. What if change-disruption-transformation-shift from A to B affecting our point of view is the 1st step to answer big questions?
  3. 3. Great COMMUNICATIONS in 2009 The initial meaning of communication is to share How to create experience, which is worth sharing? Shift in our point of view No more 3600 shooting at our target Living with audience 365 days a year, instead* Start a conversation with audience, instead of bombarding it with information. Understand, what inspires people to talk about our brand. Encourage them to speak. * TBWA planted 360vs365 idea into my head during GoldenDrums adfest in Slovenia last fall.
  4. 4. Great communications in 2009 We saw the New Year 2009 in with the word CRISIS in our lips. Does crisis ruin our industry? Shift in our point of view When written in Chinese the word crisis is composed of 2 characters. One represents danger, and the other represents opportunity*. Consider our shrinking budgets as a way to purify communications. It ll lead us to more efficient and unexpected solutions. * John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  5. 5. GREAT communications in 2009 What limits the great ? Shift in our point of view Good is the enemy of great * Reinvent ourselves, never stop at the level of “good”, shift our points of view all the time, learn, learn, learn. * The phrase engraved on the pavement in front of Miami Ad School
  6. 6. my path 2007-2009 2009 2007 2005-2007 1992 1985 Miami Ad Account planner & Graduate Account planner & Start Discover School account executive Vilnius University, account executive the violin Boot Camp @McCann Erickson Faculty of @TBWAVILNIUS for Account Lithuania Economics, Lithuania Planners Lithuania
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