How to Deliver Maximum Citrix Performance and User Satisfaction


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Join Citrix and eG Innovations performance experts in this webinar and learn how to deliver the highest levels of user satisfaction and productivity in virtualized Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop environments:
• Get the most of your existing Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop investments
• Gain complete performance visibility of all IT domains impacting user experience
• Preemptively detect and resolve issues before users are affected
• Accelerate issue resolution and rapidly restore service levels
• Optimize current infrastructure usage

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  • Unmatched performance visibility & auto-correlation across all domains that impact user experience – from the desktop and applications to the virtualization layer and underlying infrastructure.
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  • How to Deliver Maximum Citrix Performance and User Satisfaction

    1. 1. Presenters:Vasu T.N. (Citrix)Craig Ellrod (Citrix)Bala Vaidhinathan (eG Innovations)How to DeliverMaximum CitrixPerformance and UserSatisfaction
    2. 2. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comPerformance AssuranceMade Easy eG Innovations revolutionizes how companies diagnose, fix andprevent performance issues in complex, virtualized ITenvironments - faster, easier and more automated than anytraditional performance monitoring tool. Only eG Innovations award-winning root-cause diagnosistechnology can automatically pinpoint performance issues byauto-correlating the user’s service experience from the desktop tothe underlying infrastructure and application components Deliver exceptional performance, user productivity, and ROIWorldwideLocationsNew York, New Jersey, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin,Singapore, London, ChennaiCustomers Over 1,000 customers worldwideSample Awards& RecognitionAbout eG Innovations
    3. 3. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comCustomer Success
    4. 4. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comDeliver Desktop Transformation Successwith Intelligent Performance ManagementStakeholders BenefitsUsers  Deliver great performance Keep users happyBusiness Owners  Increase adoption rates forXenApp, XenDesktop Demonstrate ROI for desktoptransformationManagers  Get more out of your Citrixinvestments Do more with less
    5. 5. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comA Familiar Scenario
    6. 6. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comA Familiar Scenario
    7. 7. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comPinpointing the Root-Cause Diagnosisfor Virtual Desktop Slowness:A Real-World Example of HoweG Enterprise Helps
    8. 8. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comThe eG Citrix Service ManagerIdentify & resolveproblems preemptively,before users call!Profile Manager? Citrix?Application?VMware?EMC?Active Directory?The eG Enterprise Service Manager is a General Practitionerfor your Citrix infrastructure.eG Enterprise ManagerCitrix Service Manager
    9. 9. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comeG EnterprisePerformance Assurance Made Easy
    10. 10. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comUserUserPerspective“I start my device,log on, andexpect the sameexperience I hadwith my physicaldesktopenvironment.”The User Perspective
    11. 11. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comClientWebActive Directory SQLCitrixXenAppCitrixZDCLicense Server Profile ServerEnterpriseAppsNetworkBecause of the inter-application dependencies, a problem in one tier(e.g. profile server) can impact all the other tiers.XenApp on Physical Servers
    12. 12. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comNetworkWeb onVMware ESXActive Directory SQLXenApp onVMware ESXZDC onVMware ESXLicense ServerProfile ServerEnterpriseAppsvCenterOracleClientSANSwitchVirtualization adds additional infrastructure tiers, possible failure points!XenApp Virtual Infrastructures
    13. 13. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comvCenterSANProfile ServerNetworkUserVirtual Desktopson XenServerXenDesktopDC on XenServerActiveDirectoryon ESXOracleLicense Serveron XenServerProvisioningServer on XenServerSwitchEnterpriseApps on ESXHypervisor, Virtual Desktops, Connection Broker, SAN, … a problem in anyof these components can impact the user experience.Virtual Desktops
    14. 14. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comNetwork Web onESXActive DirectorySQLXenApp onVMware ESXZDC onVMware ESXLicense ServerProfile ServerEnterpriseAppsvCenterOracleClientSANSwitchWhat is the root cause of the service problem?Network? VMware? AD? SQL? Storage? Profile Server?Where is the Root-Cause?
    15. 15. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comNetwork Web onXenServerActive DirectorySQLXenApp onVMware ESXZDC onVMware ESXLicense ServerProfile ServerEnterpriseAppsvCenterOracleClientSANSwitch EdgeSight is focused onthe Citrix tiers Provides deep visibilityinto HDX channels, end-points and hosted apps eG Enterprisecomplements EdgeSight,providing visibility to thenon-Citrix tiers thatimpact desktop servicedeliveryZDCXenAppLicense ServerWhat Citrix EdgeSight Shows
    16. 16. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comNetwork Web onXenServerActive DirectorySQLXenApp onVMware ESXZDC onVMware ESXLicense ServerProfile ServerEnterpriseAppsvCenterOracleClientHow eG Enterprise Adds ValueSANSwitch
    17. 17. Fragmented Silo Tools Can Have ChallengesCloudPrivate, Hybrid,PublicVirtualVMware, Citrix,Microsoft, IBM,Red Hat, SolarisPhysicalX86, SPARC,PARISC,RS6000Desktop Apps Storage Network Compute? ???????Traditional tools don’t deliver actionable performance insight -slow, fragmented, confusing.???????
    18. 18. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comThe Result? Finger Pointing …End UserLANAdminFirewalladminServer adminVirtualizationadminDomainadminERP Admin Sys admin ApplicationAdminThe serveris workingOKNo othercomplaintsAll lightsAre greenWe don’tsee anythingwrongDatabaseAdminVMs are lightlyloadedEverythingIs OKNot ourproblemLooksfine Not mineeitherTalk tothe otherguysIT ServiceManager“Myapplication isslow!”The result: Finger pointing while users are unproductiveand the business suffers.
    19. 19. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comIntroducing eG Enterprise
    20. 20. Unmatched Performance VisibilityCloudPrivate, Hybrid,PublicVirtualVMware, Citrix,Microsoft, IBM,Red Hat, SolarisPhysicalX86, SPARC,PARISC,RS6000Desktop Apps Storage Network Compute!Complete, correlated visibility beyond basic health.Actionable insight into service performance & dependencies.
    21. 21. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comNetwork Web onXenServerActive DirectorySQLXenApp onVMware ESXZDC onVMware ESXLicense ServerProfile ServerEnterpriseAppsvCenterOracleClientSANSwitchComplete visibility – every layer, every tier!How eG Enterprise Adds Value
    22. 22. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comAutomatedDiagnosisUserExperienceManagementRight-Sizing& CapacityPlanningPre-emptiveAlertingTotalPerformanceVisibilityEnd UserExperienceStorageConnectionBrokersProfile ServersNetworkApplicationsVirtualizationInfrastructure& App PerformanceServicePerformanceOnlineBankingAccountingTradingPatientrecords. . .eG EnterpriseThe eG Innovations Approach
    23. 23. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comeG Innovations Unique CapabilitiesComplete 360o Cross-Domain Performance VisibilityGet total performance visibility of all components and how they impactuser experience across desktop, application, virtualization, network,storage, server, etc.Automatic Root-Cause DiagnosisAutomate and accelerate the discovery, diagnosis and resolution ofperformance issues in complex environments – so your highly skilled staffcan be more productive.Pre-Emptive Problem Detection & AlertingPre-emptively monitor, detect and resolve performance issues – beforeusers are affected. Prevent downtime, ensure exceptional performanceand user satisfaction.Capacity & Performance AnalyticsRight-size your virtualized IT infrastructure, maximize resource utilizationand reduce hardware/software cost.
    25. 25. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comeG EnterpriseAddresses the Unique Requirements ofVirtual Desktop Monitoring
    26. 26. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comServerVirtualizationDesktopVirtualizationCitrix XenApp“Only eG provides completeperformance visibility andautomated diagnosis across alltiers of the infrastructure.There is no other performancemanagement solution for thisscenario in the market.”Citrix XenServerMicrosoft Hyper-VWhere eG Adds Unique Value for VDI
    27. 27. © eG Innovations, Inc |• The Outside view shows the portion of physicalresources used by each VM (CPU, disk, memory)• Provided by the virtualization hypervisor• Useful for capacity planning and identifying certain VM issues• Does NOT show why a VM is consuming resourcesResourcesofthePhysicalMachine0100%VM1 15%VM2 25%VM3 20%VM432%0100%ResourcesofthePhysicalMachineVM1 15%60% 10%VM2 25%10%45%5%30%VM3 20%25% 60%VM4 32%12%20%40%Apps inside a VM• The Inside view shows the portion of resources allocated toa VM that are used by each application and each user of the VM• Provided by the guest OS (for Windows: WMI)• Useful for user load balancing, identifying guest OS issues,misbehaving applications, and unauthorized user activities• Does show why a VM is consuming resources, accelerates fixIn-N-Out Monitoring of Virtualization
    28. 28. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comDeep Dive into User DesktopsCPU usage inside avirtual desktop is high
    29. 29. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comDeep Dive into User DesktopsThe top CPU process isWindows Media Player.The user is watching amovie Accelerate problem resolutionby understanding why a VM is consuming resources.
    30. 30. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comMonitoring VDI Users, Not Just VMs Workload of the VM is user-dependent When a user complains, need to know whichphysical server and VM they are on Need to know who the top users are forcapacity planning User information required for billing, capacityplanningPoor user experience impacts VDI success.So focus on monitoring users, not just VMs!
    31. 31. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comMonitor Users, Not VMsKnow which ESX/Xen serverhe/she is logged on toWhen a user calls,search for the user
    32. 32. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comMonitor Users, Not VMsAlan’s virtual desktophas a problem!
    33. 33. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comeG EnterpriseHelps You Get More Out ofYour Citrix Investments
    34. 34. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comPlan Based on Usage Reports Top users, Top applicationsKnow usage patterns and trends for effective capacity planning.
    35. 35. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comGet More Out of Your Investment• Track user sessions on each serverA few of the serversare handling most ofthe sessions
    36. 36. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comeG EnterpriseEnsures ROI forDesktop Transformation
    37. 37. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comThe ROI of eG Innovations• Reduce downtime• Increase application availability• Boost user experienceBoostUser Satisfaction& Productivity• Simplify, automate & acceleratediagnosis & troubleshooting• Optimize staffing levels & reduce OPEXReduceIT SupportCost & Complexity• Increase hardware utilization• Leverage investment in software• Right-size & optimize environmentReduceInfrastructure Cost &Avoid Cost Overruns• Accelerate deployments & rollout• Reduce risk, deliver successful projects& peace of mindDeliver Projectson Time, on Budget,on Target
    38. 38. © eG Innovations, Inc |A single agent license for Microsoft, Linux,Sun Solaris, HPUX,IBM AIX, VMware, Tru64A single price, regardless of OS or serverconfiguration - 2, 4, 8 CPUsA single agent formonitoring any applicationAuto-upgradeableAgentless monitoring option100% web-based – HTTP/HTTPSSingle Agent ArchitectureDelivers maximum flexibility, ease of deployment and rapid ROI
    39. 39. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comPreemptive detection & alerting lets administratorssee and fix problems before users noticeAuto-Baseline Key Metrics Auto-compute time-of-day baselines Alert administrators when metrics violate baselines
    40. 40. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comAutomaticEnd-to-EndCorrelationAutomaticTop-to-BottomCorrelationVirtualization-Aware AutomaticRoot-Cause Diagnosis
    41. 41. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comeG-on-Tap Cloud-Based ServiceTurn on within minutes, without significant investment
    42. 42. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comeG Enterprise Helps You Achieve YourDesktop Transformation GoalsStakeholders BenefitsUsers  Deliver great performance Keep them happyBusiness Owners  Increase adoption rates forXenApp, XenDesktop Demonstrate ROI for desktoptransformationManagers  Get more out of your Citrixinvestments Do more with less
    43. 43. © eG Innovations, Inc |
    44. 44. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comVisit eG InnovationsBooth 417Become aCitrixPerformanceHeroVisiteG InnovationsBooth 417
    45. 45. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comNext Steps:Try eG Innovations - Free 30 Day TrialFree 30 Day Product Detailswww.eginnovations.cominfo@eginnovations.comContact eG Innovations+1.732.794.1259 (US)
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