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11. Product Introduction for PUMP Mobile Middleware
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11. Product Introduction for PUMP Mobile Middleware


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MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) solution that supports common components for mobile office and Multi-OS

MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) solution that supports common components for mobile office and Multi-OS

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. -0-
  • 2. 01. Solution summaryPUMP™ Mobile Middleware (PMM) is a MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform)solution that supports common components for mobile office and Multi-OS.  Unified Mobile Platform supporting Mobile Server Framework, Security, Management, Push Provider, etc.  One Source Multi-use supporting Multi-OS environment including Android and iOS  Support Web language such as HTML/Java script to embody performance and functionality similar to Native App. Legacy system One Client Unified Source Code Platform  Native App  Webkit based Hybrid App -1-
  • 3. 02. Solution componentsPMM consists of 9 functional blocks. App 4 Security Server (SS) 5 Management Server (MS) 1 Runtime Data MDM Device User Service Application 통합인증 En/Decryption (Android/ iOS) Web UI WUI Framework 6 Push Provider (PP) 7 Doc Viewer (DV) App Runtime C2DM Keep Alive APN Android/ Doc to Img Android DRM 복호화 for Android for Android for iOS iOS Converting Web UI WUI Framework 9 Enterprise App Store (EAS) 8 Media Viewer (MV) App Runtime Android/ Progressive To MP4 Android/ 등록/배포/ 검색/설치/ iOS iOS 정책 업그레이드 iOS D/L Converting 2 IDE Network Provider Biz Logic Process Backend TCP/IP Integration Plugin #1 Service #1 Service #2 Service #n Adaptor HTTP Eclipse Plugin #2 Plugin #n 3 Mobile Application Server (MAS) (To be available) -2-
  • 4. 03. Component Details PMMTM App Runtime (1/2)PMMTM App Runtime for Multi-OS environment supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript based on embedded WebEngine in mobile device and uses Device API to control Device resources such as DB, Address book, GPS,Camera, etc, which shows performance and functionality similar to Native App. PMMTM App Runtime WUI Common Device API Framework Functions [Device API] Application Application User Settings Invokes Information • Language : HTML, CSS, JavaScript • Data encryption/decryption Persistence PIMS Messaging (Database) • Support basic UI Component • Authentication • Support various UI effect • Push Phone Comms Gallery Status History • Protocol Parsing • Network Camera Location System (GPS) Events Push Etc. -3-
  • 5. 03. Component Details PMMTM App Runtime (2/2) Just like as Client-Server structure, device has web based hybrid UI code and there is only data transaction between client and server (No image transaction like web app.) Web Hybrid PMM Native Server Server Server Server Data Data Data Data Script/HTML Script/HTML Application Application Application Light Native App Script/HTML UI PMM Runtime Browser Embedded Browser Native App (Native) Client Client Client Client -4-
  • 6. 03. Component Details PMMTM Mobile Application Server 2-Type Mobile Application Framework Transport Presentation Framework Biz. Logic Framework Integration Framework TCP/IP Listener Binary Protocol Mobile Application Middleware Backend Integration Adaptor Set TCP/IP Application Server Web Application Server • Staged Event-Driven Architecture (SEDA) for • 3’rd party free or commercial WAS Highly Concurrent Server Application Support • Out-of-box SSL, TLS • Interface-based JSON-RESTFull Service for • Multi Application Deployment RAD HTTP Listener HTTP Protocol • Hierarchical Class Loader Architecture • Synchronization over HTTP • Clustering • Provisioning & Template-based Mobile • State (Session) Replication Web Page Development • Hot Deploy • Server Configuration • Per Port Configuration • Pluggable Filter (Filter Chain) • Binary Protocol Definition (Configuration) • Synchronization (SyncML) over TCP/IP • Interface-based Development (Tcplet) • JMX Manageability JVM OS -5-
  • 7. 03. Component Details PMMTM Management Server (1/2)PUMPTM Management Server (PMS) provides unified management environment for service operator, whichabsolutely increase the efficiency of service operation as operator not need to look into the individual admin.web pages, and also PMS gives cost-saving effect as individual admin. functions not need to be developed. 서비스1 서비스n 관리 관리 PUMPTM Mgmt. Server 개별적 통합 관리 형태 관리 형태 서비스 1 서비스 n 서비스 1 서비스 n -6-
  • 8. 03. Component Details PMMTM Management Server (1/2) Unified Service Management Administration Unified Solution Management User PDV Device PMV PDM Service PUMPTM PPS Statistic Management Server PES Log Note) • PDV: PUMPTM Document Viewer Plug-in for Service Specific • PMV: PUMPTM Media Viewer • PDM: PUMPTM Device Management • PPS: PUMPTM Push Server • PES: PUMPTM Enterprise Store -7-
  • 9. BTB Solution Co., Ltd.8th Fl, Hansin IT Tower, 235, Guro-dong, Guro-ku, Seoul, Korea TEL : +82-2-6925-4100 Email : Homepage -8-