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October 2007 School Newsletter

  1. 1. A SPECIALIST SCIENCE COLLEGE  October 2007  Issue No. 1  EXAM SUCCESS FOR EGGAR‛S  Once  again  Eggar’s  pupils  have  achieved  results reflect the effort and  commitment they  outstanding  results  at  GCSE.    This  is  the  made to their studies.  fourth  consecutive  year  in  which  Year  on  year  now,  our  examination  approximately three quarters of the cohort or  achievements  are  excellent,  and  this  reflects  more,  have  achieved  5  or  more  high  grades  the strong work ethic of our students and also  th  passes.    Last  year  we  were  the  7  most  the  high  quality  teaching  they  receive.    The  improved  school  in  the      country  for  5  or  whole  team  at  Eggar’s  contributes  to  all  our  more  high  grades  with  English  and  successes:  students,  their  parents,  teaching  Mathematics,  and  English  and  Mathematics  and  support  staff  and  our  Governors  all  work  this year have sustained their success.  together  with  a  clear  focus,  enthusiasm  and  We  are  delighted.  This  year  group  were  dedication.  highly motivated and hard working and these  Congratulations to all our students!
  2. 2. Dear Parent  As  you  will  see  from  this  Newsletter  the  start  of  this  new  academic  year  has  been  full  of  interest  and  activity.    We  have  celebrated  our  academic  results  and  enjoyed  some  great  trips and special events.  We were delighted with the results of our last Year 11, and we have been pleased to see  several of our past students back in school already to tell us how they are doing and to talk  to  the  new  Year  11  about  how  to  do  well  in  their  GCSEs.    They  have  also  visited  to  talk  about their own new experiences of being College students.  It has been great to see them  again!  Our new Year 11 have already developed a strong team ethos.  The Prefects are doing a  great job.  With the Senior Prefects they have officiated at our major induction events this  term and we have received many very grateful and celebratory comments from our visitors  about  how  wonderful  our  pupils  are  as  ambassadors  for  their  school.    The  year  group  is  working well, very focused and determined to be successful.  Our new students in Year 7 have made a very good start.  They are settling in quickly and  seem  to  be  enjoying  their  early  experiences  of  secondary  school.    Bonding  Day  helped  them to get to know each other and learn problem solving and team building skills and has  provided a firm   foundation to this new phase of their education.  Last  term  we  were  identified  as  a  High  Performing  Secondary  School  and  gives  us  the  opportunity to apply to be a Training School.  We learned early this term that our application  was successful.  Being a Training School will mean that professional development activities  for  all  our  staff  will  be  of  an  even  higher  quality.    Also,  we  will  have  the  opportunity  to  develop higher professional skills not only in those individuals working in our school, but in  others.   We  are  now  able  to  share  our  expertise  with  other  schools  working  alongside  to  develop strengths in our own staff and that of others.  May I take this opportunity to thank parents for your continued support.  We know that when  our expectations are high and when we work well together we are able to achieve the best  for  every  individual  student.   Whilst  the  majority  of  our  pupils  are  very  smart,  recently  we  have been concerned that the standard of appearance of the uniform of some of our  pupils  has dropped.  We do our best to ensure that the school uniform is smart and comfortable,  and we would be grateful if parents would support us in ensuring that uniform standards are  kept high.  As a  reminder, details of uniform are to be found later in the Newsletter.  We are looking  forward to  the  next  half  of  term  when  we  will enjoy  more  exciting learning  experiences  and  of  course  at  this  time  of  year  many  seasonal  music  treats.    Before  that  though we are anticipating a well deserved half term break.  We all wish you a restful and  relaxing week.  Yours sincerely  Felicity Martin  Head Teacher
  3. 3. Wow  —  what  an  incredible  start  Year  7  have  made!  My first week at Eggar‛s I  cannot  quite  believe  how  easily  every  single  one  of  you  has  found  the  transfer  from  the  Well, what can I say? It‛s been many smaller primary schools to ‘big school’!  I  amazing! You get that sense of being know  how  much  fun  you’re  all  having  and  I  independent and well, ‘grown up‛. really  enjoy  chatting  to  all  of  you  about  what  At Primary school we didn‛t really use you’re  liking  so  much,  which  has  included  the  proper liquids in Science, whole  range  of  lessons  and  teachers,  as  well  the kind of things that as  meeting  new  people  and  making  new  friends.  we did were, ‘how fast The  merit  totals  you’ve  earned  already  are  will the water evaporate?‛ fantastic  and  I  am  looking  forward  to  seeing  and ‘which way will the which  Tutor  Group  will  have  the  most  merits  shadow be pointing at the for this first half term!  end of the day?‛ It just makes Keep  up  the  good  work  Year  7,  and  if  this  secondary school that much more continues  we  will  be  a  year  group  with  future  exciting, to know that you will be doing successes to celebrate!  Have a good half­term break.  something different and you will learn something new. The only thing that Mr Wordsworth  bugs me sometimes is that when your Year Leader, Year 7 first lesson ends there is no time to get to your second lesson, which in my case is normally the other end of the school, and then you have got to get there, My first week at Eggar’s was excellent I ‘pronto‛. Apart from that, everything is loved it. My favourite day was Bonding fine! The teachers have been so lovely Day and I made loads of new mates I didn’t know before. I really think it was and helpful. a good day. On my first few days at Eg­ At the end of the day when my Mum gar’s I got lost on my way to nearly every picks me up she does the very worst lesson but by the end of the week I knew thing possible, asks how my where most classes were. I tried to follow day was! And you know it my mates but I lost them easily. I love takes me from Eggar‛s to everything about Eggar’s, the teachers, the pupils and all my new mates. Mrs Selborne and then back to Martin is a lovely head teacher. I’m Newton Valence again for really glad I chose Eggar’s as my me to stop talking! Secondary School I’m going to love my Eggar‛s is a FANTASTIC next five years in Eggar’s. I’ve got to SCHOOL, and I will admit Eggar’s is the best school ever! recommend it to everyone I know! By Briah Wyness 7CMc By Amy Lucas 7KG
  4. 4. Following instructions…. Volunteering… go on, you first! Taking the plunge... Making new friends... Getting the hang of it... Reaching dizzy heights …. Team building... Laughter...
  5. 5. We have recently started a unit in I reflected on the journey so far. I was glad Geography on Hazards and, Year 9 were that we chose to go through the crust in the set the task of writing an epic ‘Journey to ocean because it is only 6km thick and according to scientists it‛s much thicker if you drill through the centre of the earth‛ and Bethany the earth‛s crust under the land. I really do Hamer 9NW wrote the following fantastic hope that we will get to the centre of the earth, story. I thought to myself as our capsule swam down Well done Bethany! through the hot, burning liquid. Mrs A Sutehall The inner core was worse though. This time the Geography Curriculum Leader inner core was made out of the same material, as the outer core was, but this time it was solid rock and hotter. Much hotter. Everyone was excited as we put on our It was driving us crazy! Then suddenly the seatbelts and waited for the count down…5…4… capsule stopped, dead. We all sat there silently 3…2…1…Blast off! It was just like a rocket as we waited, terrified of what might happen to launch but instead of going up, we were going us. We then realised that we were at the top of down, deep down into the thick rock. The metal the earth! We took samples with extended arms drill made the heat resistant capsule shake and of the capsule. We had made scientific history! shudder as we went down, even deeper towards (That was if we made it back.) We had 1260 km the mantle. We spent hours, maybe even days, of the inner core, 2220km of the outer core, I soon lost count as the crust of the earth was 2900km of the mantle, and 6km of the crust to so thick. I had read in books that it was go before we got back to the surface, plus the estimated to be 8-65km thick. I don‛t think it ocean too. We lost two today. Lee is though. I think it‛s much, much and Toby, they couldn‛t stand the thicker. heat, poor things. There are only The capsule suddenly shook three of us left now; Libby, David viciously. I sat up and jumped out of and me. my bunk, ran towards the front of “Thank you for handing in Doctor the capsule. I stopped dead in my Lara Holling‛s account of her journey. tracks. It was so beautiful. “I see It‛s a shame that she got shut off in we woke you” smiled the captain. a damaged part of the capsule and Sweat was dripping down his face. had to be cast adrift in the outer I touched my own forehead and it too was core, but lets not dwell on that. Her account will dripping with sweat. I turned to look at the be published in a book along with Libby‛s, Lee‛s thermometer and it was 250 degrees! It had and Toby‛s.” been getting hotter and hotter for days too, “Thank you Sir.” but I stopped thinking about that when I “No, thank you David. You are the first ever looked out the window again. human to travel to the centre of the earth and The rock was orange and had weird florescent live. Good job David. Good job.” glow to it. It was so beautiful. I stopped staring and got back into my bunk. We still had another 2863km to go before we hit the outer core. As we drilled through the heated orange By Bethany Hamer 9NW rock and into the liquidated iron and nickel which makes up the outer core.
  6. 6. School Calendar 2007/2008 ­  Dates for your diary  October  22 ­ 26  HALF­TERM  29  Return to school  30  Revision booklets issued to Y11  November  1  Y10 Curriculum & Work Experience Evening at 18:30  14  Y11 Drama Exams  15  Presentation Evening for GCSE Certificates  19  Y11 MFL Mock oral exams all week  Y11 GCSE Coursework catch­up afterschool sessions  21  Science Lecture Lovely Liquid Nitrogen for Y8/9 + Primary pupils  Community evening lecture in the Hall at 19:00  Y10/Y11 GCSE to Chichester Fesitval Theatre  28  Y11 Drama exams  29  Y11 Mock exams begin  30  Y10 Art trip to the British Museum  December  4  Rehearsal for Advent Carol Service at Holybourne Church  5  Advent Carol Service from 19:00­20:00 at Holybourne Church  7  Y10 Lille day visit  11  Senior Citizen Christmas Party from 13:30 — 16:30  13  Yuletide Concert in the hall from 19:00  14  Academic Review Day 1:1 reviews with pupils, tutors and parents  19  School closes for Christmas  Y11 pupils with overdue coursework to stay in school until 15;10  January  3  INSET DAY  4  INSET DAY  7  School term begins  SPRING TERM  Y11 receive their GCSE Mock results  10  Y9 GCSE and KS4 Information evening from 18:30 in the hall  17  Y9 Parents Evening from 16:00 in the hall  20  Y11 GCSE Geography Disneyland, Paris Trip cancelled  24  Y8 X­half to Natural History Museum  25  Y8 Y­half to Natural History Museum  February  1  Y9 Trip to National Portrait Gallery  4  Y8 Exam week  Y11 GCSE final Music performances in the hall  5  Y11 GCSE final Music performances in the hall  6  Y11 Reports to parents  7  Intermediate Maths Challenge in the hall  Y7/8 Valentines Disco from 19:00­21:00 in the hall  11  INSET DAY  12  Y11 pupils with incomplete coursework to attend after school sessions all  week  14  Y11 Parents Evening from 16:00 in the hall  15  Ski Trip departs for Austria  18 ­22  HALF ­ TERM  25  Return to school following half­term  March  5  Alton College Open Evening from 18:30  10  Y9 KS3 Mock SATs week  11  Date changed from 19.03.07 for Science Lecture  Enigma – from 19:00 in the  hall  20  Academic Review Day 1:1 reviews with pupils, tutors and parents  Bank Holiday  21  Good Friday ­ school closed  Bank Holiday  24  Good Monday ­ school closed
  7. 7. March  25  Y7 Exam week  26  Y8 Reports to parents  27  Rehearsals all day for Spring Concert  Spring Concert from 19:00 in the hall  31  Y11 Drama exams this week  April  2  Y11 Music Showcase  3  Y8 Parents Evening from 16:00 in the hall  7 ­ 18  Easter Holiday  SUMMER TERM  21  INSET DAY  21  Y10 GCSE Geography trip to Calshot departs  23  Y10 GCSE Geography trip returns from Calshot  28  Y10 Exam week  29  Y7 X­half Geography/Art trip to Kew Gardens  30  Y7 Y­half Geography/Art trip to Kew Gardens  May  1  Junior Maths Challenge  Bank Holiday  5  School closed  6  Y9 KS3 SATs begin  12  Y10 Work experience begins  14  GCSEs begin in the Hall with Richard Robinson lectures for:­  Ys 7/8 – Sense and sensibility  Y10 – Why the one you fancy never fancies you?  Community Lecture from 19:00 – Why toast always lands butter side down?  20  Y5 Wootey Primary pupils visit for the day  21  Y5 Andrews Endowed primary pupils visit for the day  Y7 reports to parents  22  Y5 Bentley primary pupils visit for the day  26 ­30  HALF­TERM  June  2  Return to school  5  Y7 Parents Evening from 16:00 in the hall  6  Y10 Drama exams  9  Y9 Field studies all week  Y10 L&T visit to Guildford Spectrum and Y10 H&SC visit to Treloars College this  week  10  Y7 Art experience  11  Y7 Art experience  16  Y9 Field Studies  Y9 Non core exam week  18  Y10 Reports to parents  19  Y6 Induction Evening  20  Y10 Drama exams  21  Eggar’s School Fete  24  Y3­5 Open morning from 09:15 ­ 12:00  25  Y3­5 Open morning from 09:15 ­ 12:00  26  Y10 Parents Evening from 16:00 in the hall  27  Evening with the Big Band  30  Y10 Modular Science exams  July  1  Y10 Repeat Modular Science exams  2  Sports Day  3  Y11 Leaver’s Dinner at The Grange  4  Y6 Induction Day  8  Y7 X­half Geography/History trip to Winchester  9  Y7 Y­half Geography/History trip to Winchester  10  Awards Evening from 18:30 in the hall  11  Y9 History trip to Belgium  Reserve Sports Day  16  Music Challenge in the hall 19:00  22  Y9 Reports to parents  23  Last Day of Term
  8. 8. On Friday 30th November our Year 10 students, taught by Mrs Kinteh, will be making the same journey as our Year 11 Art students recently, and visiting the British Museum. If you have not received a letter and There are currently after wish to attend, please collect one school Art Clubs taking from the school office, places are given on a first come, first served place with Mr Colburn- basis. Jackson and Miss Masterman  Years 7, 8 & 9 every  Monday  Year 10 every  Wednesday  Year 11 every  evening for GCSE  coursework  YEAR 11 GCSE ART SESSIONS On Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th November, Mrs Kinteh will be available for Year 11 students in school to improve their coursework from 10am to 3pm.
  9. 9. Welcome to Year 11!  This  is  going  to  be  an  exciting,  challenging  time  for  Year  11.      It  is  surreal  to  think  that  there  are  only  a  couple  of  terms  left  before  you  take  study leave and GCSE exams! It feels like  only  yesterday  that  you    were  in  Year  7  and  entering  Eggar’s  with  awe­struck  faces, wondering if you would be able to  rise  to  the  challenges  ahead.  Well,  as  your  Year  Leader  I  have  to  say  that  it  has  been  a  very  successful  4  years.    I  know  this  year  will  be  a  successful  culmination  of  the  hard  work  that  Year  11 have put into their studies.  I  would  like  to  say  “well  done”  to  our  Head  Boy,  Richard  Hibbert,  Head  Girl  On Tuesday 2nd October our Year 11 Hayley  Ward,  Deputy  Head  Boy  Richard  Students visited the British Museum in Jarvis  and  Deputy  Head  Girl  Rosemary  Russell Square, London. Croft  for  this  half  term,  as  we  have  had  Open  Evenings  and  Curriculum  Evenings  where they represented the school in an  admirable  manner.  They  are  a  senior  team  that  I  and  the  rest  of  the  school  are very proud of!  An  important  date  for  this  coming  half  term  is  the  Year  11  mock  exams,  week  b e g i n n i n g   2 6 t h  November.  Revision  Guides  will  be  issued  to  the  students  and  The day was spent teachers  will  be  preparing  them  in  the  drawing and making relevant subject areas.  Students need to  notes in their sketch- be prepared and organised and teachers  will  be  very  happy  to  help  and  guide  in  pads for use towards any  way  that  they  can.  Tutors  will  also  their Art GCSE. Many be on hand to offer assistance.  of the students are studying for a GCSE in Enjoy the half term holiday and keep up  Ceramics this year and the good work!  so they are particularly Miss N Curtis  focused on looking at Year Leader, Year 11 the African, Islamic and ancient Greek pots. Mrs S Kinteh, Art Curriculum Leader 
  10. 10. Three Year 11 pupils, Rosie Croft of 11KMc The dishes were judged by a chef from the Louise Small of 11SKi and Toni-Louise National Trust and also by Tim Brock, Director Russell of 11SL were entered into the East of Hampshire Fare. Hampshire Local Produce Cookery The pupils were highly commended for their Competition. This menu and working practices and were put e x c i t i n g n ew through to the final held on the 15th October competition over a three between Eggar‛s and Bohunt. w eek per iod, was For the final, the pupils were given an amended organised by Hampshire Fare. set of ingredients including fresh trout, from a The competition started with visits to local local trout farm. Again team Eggar‛s performed farms to see where the produce originated. superbly under the glare of the paparrazi and Pupils from Eggar‛s, Bohunt, Mill Chase and produced a stunning menu of goats cheese Petersfield School visited Meadow Cottage soufflé, spiced seared trout on a bed of lemon dairy farm in Churt, where they learnt scented couscous and wilted spinach with about the highly complicated production of watercress crème fraiche, and a raspberry ice cream, and the many safety checks meringue roulade with raspberry coulis. Among involved. the judging panel was Carol Godsmark, revered and feared restaurant critic and journalist ,who is nicknamed the ‘Axe Lady‛, for her ability to condemn a restaurant with a bad review. The verdict, however, after deliberation which seemed like hours, was fantastic! Eggar‛s had produce excellent cuisine and were pronounced the ‘WINNERS!‛ They then visited the Durleighmarsh fruit and vegetable farm where they were filmed by Meridian News, looking at different crops. The visit to Rother Valley Organics abattoir and cutting room was unfortunately cancelled, as there was a suspected outbreak of foot and mouth in Rogate that particular week. Fortunately this was unfounded. The pupils were briefed about the competition and given a specific list of Eggar‛s competition winners Rosie Croft, ingredients to be used in the initial cook-off, Louise Small and Toni-Louise Russell being which was held in the new catering kitchens presented with the winner‛s trophy. at Mill Chase. Team Eggar‛s performed spectacularly in unfamiliar surroundings and under the spotlight, to produce a stunning Athene Roy three course menu in 50 minutes. Food Technology Department
  11. 11. ‘Drama Club’ One pupil was heard to say that Mum had given him strict instructions not to leave Thursday 3.30pm­4.30pm the theatre without obtaining an autograph! The relaunch of the Drama Club on As we were waiting for the play to start, a Thursdays after school was very well lone actor sat on stage actually mending attended and much enjoyed by all. It has shoes. He was in shadow, with boots and been open to all year groups and has been shoes hanging from above to give us the running for the last year or more under the impression that he was working in a leadership of Laura Dymock, an experi­ basement; a working class man. enced workshop leader with excellent Slowly the lights got brighter and credentials. eventually the ceiling lifted to reveal the Unfortunately for us, although fortunately shop above. It was a shop run by a for Laura, she will be taking a break for a middle class man and his three while in order to see to a small production of daughters, a shop catering for an upper her own and perhaps a possible future class clientele. student for Eggars! It was clear that Savident was excellently I would like to take this opportunity to thank cast as Henry Hobson, a Salford man Laura for all the work she has done with our scared of ‘uppity’ women like his three students, to wish her good luck and to daughters, and inspired to marry them express the wish to see her back in school off to avoid their dominance. Only the as soon as possible!!! eldest daughter, in his opinion too old, unattractive and useful in running the business, who was to avoid this fate. As we all know, such a plan in the world of drama is doomed to failure. Maggie, the eldest, decides on her own fate and marries, metaphorically in Hobson’s eyes, the man beneath her making shoes Visit to Hobson‛s Choice‛ at the in the basement. Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford Hobson is beside himself and tries Sixteen pupils looked after Mrs Walker as unsuccessfully to gain control of his she chortled away in her aisle seat (it other daughters as his business fails and seemed sensible in case of embarrassing his customers start shopping at behaviour that we could have her removed ‘Mossops’, the rival business set up by quickly). Although possibly feeble of mind, it Maggie. must be said that she was not, as some may Hobson is tricked into marrying off his have suspected, the oldest member of the other daughters to suitors of their own audience! choice and finally has to accept a Although the play was written some time partnership with Maggie’s husband ­ a ago, there were clear themes of parents man good enough to be his equal and trying to manage challenging offspring and with the sense to recognise and finally love conquering all, which have not lost receive the love and advice of a good their resonance for some members of woman. today’s society. Of course, there was also Hard work will reap rewards and we all the fact that John Savident, ‘Fred Elliott have the potential to succeed if given the from Coronation Street’, starred in the main support and respect to do so ­ I wonder if role. the playwright went to Eggars?
  12. 12. I am pleased to say for those wishing to Jan Lyon is the Principal of Stagecoach pursue their interest in Drama we are able Theatre Arts in Farnham, which earned the to offer the Eggar‛s Drama Academy. The Stagecoach Franchise Newcomer of the first ‘free session‛ will take place on Year Award in 2000. Jan has coached many Tuesday 30th October, please see flyer of her students to successful results at overleaf. We will need at least 15 pupils the London Academy of Music and Dramatic registering for the Academy to take place Arts and has directed her students in public on a regular basis. performances. Jan's students have also These sessions will be lead by James been represented in the Stagecoach Daniel and Jan Lyon. Theatre Arts Singing Ensemble. Jan's own theatre credits include Mdme De Tourvel in James Daniel is the Principal of the Liaisons Dangereuses, Annie in Table Stagecoach Theatre Arts in West Reading. Manners, Charlotte in The Real Thing and Prior to this he was Senior Schools company member in Barnham. Jan has also Manager of the Stagecoach Theatre Arts danced in performances at the Royal Albert for ten years. During that time he taught Hall. Before Stagecoach Jan spent ten dance, singing and drama. He also years in Los Angeles working for several produced many holiday workshops. He was independent film companies, both behind also the Principal of the Surbiton and in front of the camera. She has Stagecoac centre for seven years. James appeared as a stunt horse rider, and has trained in acting, dance, voice, directing given private tuition in horsemanship to and scriptwriting at the University of many Hollywood 'names'. Jan also performs California at Santa Cruz and at California as lead vocalist in a function band. State University, Long Beach, before spending several years in Hollywood, where he studied under one of the founding members of the world reknowned Actors If you are interested please contact Studio, Stella Adler. He is a co-founder of the school office and leave your name the New Medford Theatre Company in and a contact telephone number. Oregon and he has written, produced, directed and performed in many productions in the USA and England. His appearances here include the roles of PT Barnham in Barnham at the Wilde Theatre, Bracknell; Petruchio in Taming of the Shrew for the Chiltern Shakespeare Company and Baratone in CSC's touring We look forward to seeing you! production of The Hollow Crown. He also taught drama and music at a secondary Mrs S Walker school in Reading and currently teaches drama and music privately. Drama Curriculum Leader
  13. 13. Welcome back Year 8. Hope the Summer Goal! holidays treated you all well! Huge congratulations to Tom Markham-Sole Year 7 went fantastically well and high of 8AL. Tom currently plays in the Tyro standards of work, progress and behaviour League. Tom was one of fifteen players were set. So the challenge for Year 8 is to selected out of 90 to play in a tournament hit those standards again and to exceed in Holland next May — best of luck Tom and them. I have every confidence that the year let us know how you all get on. group can do this. Over the next couple of weeks, students should start to check their Canoeing Academic Review Day targets in preparation There are two up and coming canoeists in for the next Academic Review Day on 14th Year 8. Peter Harvey and Tom Jewell of December. 8JH successfully complete their Year 8 will need to consider what charity British Canoeing Union Stage 2 they want to support. It would be nice if this award. Remember Canoeing is an could be a local one. Tutor Charity Olympic Sport. 2012 is not far away! Representatives will also need to gather Mmmm….Chocolate! ideas for the Senior Citizen Christmas Party Ellen Reid, Natasha Ellens, Emily Lovelock on 11th December. It will soon come around and Chloe Millard made a sur- after the half term break. prise presentation to their 8AG RSPCA Fund Raising Tutor Group about chocolate! Well done to Naomi Hide, Amy They covered the history of chocolate and Thornley and Amy Hudson of 8CG. its importance. There were free samples as They raised £70 for the RSPCA well….. but where‛s mine? through a sponsored silence. New Students ‘Wind In The Willows‛ Year 8 has been joined by some new faces Next stop the West End!! Aimee Mackenzie this year. Eggar‛s welcomes Alex Gasson of 8JH has just finished per- 8AG, Hai Long 8JH, Kayley Smith 8CG, forming ‘Wind In the Willows‛ at David Whopples 8PCJ and Bill Farrington Petersfield Festival Hall. She 8OW. played the part of ‘Mole‛ with the Year 8 Sports Petersfield Youth Theatre. Well done Aimee. It has been great to see so many Year 8 Konnie Fisher will be looking over her students committed to Eggar‛s Sports. The shoulder! boys‛ rugby team had a fantastic match Mountain Biking against Amery, with plenty of enthusiasm, Well done to Matthew Goode of 8CG. passion and potential. Girls‛ football is on Matthew‛s hobby is mountain the up again and they just recently took biking. Just recently, Matthew part in a tournament and they performed participated in a race, and he brilliantly. It would be great by the end of came 35 out of 360 — what an Year 8 if every student has taken part in a achievement! sports club. Mr A Wheeler, Year Leader, Year 8
  14. 14. At 1:30am armed with  Lucozade, Mrs Eost,  Our brains still buzzing as we climbed wea­  Mr Carter, Mrs Miles and 30 Year 9 students  rily  into  our  beds  and  woke  next  morning  set  off  to  Provence.  We  got  to  Gatwick  and  refreshed and ready for more work.  checked  in  without  any  major  incidents.  In  We  went  bowling  on  Sunday  night,  it  was  customs  some  people  got  stopped  including  really  fun  but,  when  we  Mrs  Eost  for  looking  suspicious!  Then  we  arrived  back  at  the  centre  got  to  Duty  Free  where  we  all  bought  Max realised  he still  had his  refreshments.  We  then  got  on  the  plane  and  bowling  shoes  on!  A  day  it  was  Jess  and  Shannen’s  first    time  flying  before  we  were  coming  and they were both excited.  home  we  went  back  to  the  bowling alley to get Max’s shoes and return  the  bowling  shoes  but  it  was  closed!  (so  poor  Max  still  has  the  shoes  and  not  his  own and I am  not sure  he has confessed to  his Mum yet?)  Also  we  went  to  the  c i n e m a   t o   w a t c h  Ratatouille  in  French.  It  was really good and most  were able to   understand  it  despite  being  tired,  which  was  because  ‘Mrs  Eost  worked  us  so  hard’.  Not  mentioning  any  Loubatas Centre names  Helena,  Ashleigh,  Amy and Camilla!  When  we  arrived  in  France  we  drove  Overall,  we  had  a  great  week  and  left  straight  to  the  Loubatas  Centre  where  we  feeling  a  sense  of  achievement,  having  talked  to  the  first  Year  9  group  about  their  completed  coursework  and  practised  our  stay. Our  first  meal was couscous which  we  speaking  and  listening  weren’t  very  familiar  with!  We  soon  discovered that all the food was healthy and  skills. It was a week of new  nearly all contained courgettes!  experiences  and  we  learnt  We  were  introduced  to  Carole  who  took  us  some        important  lessons  orienteering  and  showed  us  around  the  about  protecting  the  earth,  centre and  how it worked. The centre  is run  eating  healthily,  and  on  renewable  resources  only,  so  we  had  to  sharing responsibility for jobs in the centre.  use the power with care. Whilst orienteering  We also learnt a lot of French!  we  saw  many  things  including  beautiful  views  and  strange  animals  (moof)!  But  the  Tres Bien!  next  day  we  settled  down  to  work  after  an  early start.  MFL Department 
  15. 15. We  would  like  to  remind  all parents and guardians  of  our  automated  Absence Telephone Line.  I  would  like  to  thank  those  parents  who  If  your  son/daughter  is  took  the  time  to  complete and  return  the  not  going  to  be  in  school  Lunchtime Eating       Questionnaire at the  due  to  illness,  then  end of last term.  There  does  appear  to  be  some  confusion  as  to  how  please  ring  the  absence  the  school  canteen  operates.    We  are  fully  compliant  line  on  their  first  day  of  illness,  where  with the Government guidelines published in the latest  possible  before  9:00am,  and  on  your  child’s  White Paper, Eggar’s adopted a Healthy Eating Policy  return  to  school  please  ensure  they  have  a  sometime before Jamie Oliver’s initiative.  note in their Student Planner to their Tutor.  We do not sell chips or any other fried food nor do we  This system helps us to know whether a child  sell  over  fatty  or  sugary  snacks  i.e  doughnuts,  and  should  be  in  school,  or  if  something  may  haven’t done so for several years.  On  the  question  of  value  for  money,  a  student  can  have happened on the journey to school.  purchase a lunch consisting of, main course, potatoes/  Should a pupil need to leave school part way  rice/pasta  and vegetable  and  dessert  for  £1.80.   Our  through  the  school  day  for  a  medical  tariff  is  on  display  in  the  servery  and,  all  parents  appointment,  please  write  a  note  to  this  would  be  very  welcome  should  they  wish  to  see  our  effect in their Student Planner, as we are not  food at service time or peruse the price list.  Our main  able  to  allow  students  off  site  without  meals  are  all  prepared  on  the  premises  from  fresh  parental consent.  ingredients.  Menus are on a 4­week cycle and these  are displayed on the Eggar’s website (content subject  to availability).  I do hope this has gone some way towards clarifying  any queries you may have had.  Linda Varney  Catering Manager  Pabulum Catering We are very fortunate to have many after school activities and clubs. However, please can all parents and pupils ensure they make arrangements as to how/when/ Come and join the ‘new’ Eggar’s where they will be collected from school. Breakfast Club each week day We do have a pay phone in the reception morning from foyer for the purpose of children 08:00am to 08:30am contacting Parents. It can be useful for pupils to carry small change only (20p) to In the Small Hall use for this purpose . We can only allow children to use the school office telephone All very welcome! in an emergency. 
  16. 16. We  would  like  to  remind  everyone  of  the  Eggar’s  school  uniform  requirements,  a  detailed list is  included  at  the  front  of  the  Student Planner.  Uniform  can  be    purchased  through  our  supplier  ‘1st  Grade’  with  order  forms  available  from  the  school  reception.    On  completion  of  orders  please  return  to  the  school  with  payment  by  cheque  payable  to ‘1st Grade’. The orders are collected by  1st  Grade  each  Friday  and,  if  in  stock,  items are delivered to school for collection  the following Friday.  All  students  should  wear  a  school  blazer  and  school  tie.    Both  boys  and  girls  can  wear black school trousers, but not jeans,  chinos  or  corduroy.    Currently,  girls  have  the  option  of  wearing  a  plain  black,  non  pleated, straight, knee­length skirt. Shoes  should be black, not boots or trainers and  girls  are  not  allowed  high  heels,  sling  backs,  flip­flops,  boots or  trainers.    Shirts  should  be  white  and  suitable  to  take  a  school tie at the neckline.  During  the  winter  months  we  would  ask  for  coats  to  be  of  a  plain  dark  material or  stone/cream  (not  denim  or  leather).  Jumpers  and  hoodies  are  not  permitted  beneath  school  blazers,    we  do  have  available unisex green v­necked jumpers.  No  make­up  may  be  worn  in  the  Lower  School  however light foundation make­up  may be worn by Senior girls.  In the interest of safety no jewellery (other  than a wristwatch) may be worn.  Hairstyles  should  be  appropriate  for  school  and  not  extreme  in  terms  of  lengths, style or colour. Nothing less than  a ‘grade 2’ is acceptable.  We  do  hope  this  has  clarified  our  school  uniform  policy  and  trust  you  will  support  us  in  maintaining  high  standards  at  Eggar’s.
  17. 17. Firstly, welcome to all new Year 7 students and a  second  half  of  each  term  requesting  payment,  in  big thank you to all of you who  continue to send  advance of the next term.  payments to school so promptly and efficiently.  Currently,  we  have  waiting  lists  in  operation,  and  We in the Finance Department would like to take  pupils  may  lose  their  place  if  payment  is  not  this  opportunity  to  outline  procedures  for  the  received  on  time.    All    cancellations  for  music  transfer of monies from home to school.  tuition  must  be  sent  to  the  Finance  Office  in  Unless  a  Standing  Order  is  in  operation,  please  writing or by email to finance@eggars.hants.sch.uk  could  you  ensure  that  all  payments  for  transport  and music tuition are made by cheque.  Likewise,  Transport Payments for  Grayshott,  all  payments  for  educational  visits  should  be  made by cheque and where the visit is being paid  Rowledge and Liss Coaches  in  instalments,  the  payment  should  be  Thank  you  to  all  those who  completed  a Standing  accompanied by the school payment card, as this  Order form for this academic year.  acts  as  a  receipt.    Cheques  should  be  made  This    facility  certainly  makes  our  payable  to  “Eggar’s  School”  and  should  have  the  administration  easier  and  child’s  name  on  the  reverse,      especially  if  hopefully  gives  you  the  peace  of  different  from  the  cheque  book  holder.    Cheque  mind  that      payment  has  been  payments should be sent using the regular policy  made  on  a  timely  basis.    For  of  enclosing    remittances  in  sealed  envelopes,  parents  who  pay  by  cheque,  clearly  labelled  with  the  child’s  name  and  tutor  please continue to ensure that payment is made, in  group,  for  whose  attention  the  envelope  is  full  (as  per    contract),  on  the  first  day  of  each  destined  and  for  which  trip  etc.    Separate  month/term,  depending  on  their  individual  payments  should  be  made  for  each  individual  arrangements.    This  would  facilitate  the  item e.g music lesson, trip, school bus etc.  administration  of  the  transport  accounts  and  For  parents  who  do  not  hold  a  cheque  book  consequently help keep the costs to parents down.  account, please continue to bring cash directly to  This  term  we  have  started  a  new  procedure  for  the  School  Reception,  where  a  receipt  will  be  children requiring a temporary bus pass.  If a child  issued. Please do not send large amounts of cash  is  entitled  to  travel  and  has forgotten  or  lost  their  to school with your child.  bus  pass  they  will  not  be  permitted  to  travel  without  a  temporary  pass.    A  temporary  pass  will  Music Tuition  be  given  free  of  charge  in  the  first  instance  for  a  It may be helpful for parents of children receiving  forgotten  pass,  thereafter  a  charge  of  £4.00  will  timetabled  music  tuition,  to  become  payable  for  a  replacement.    Likewise  be  reminded  of  the  number  should a child wish to travel home with a friend on  of  lessons  due  for  a  school  the school bus, they must check with  Reception at  year.    Children  receive  a  morning  break  to  ascertain  whether  any  seats  are  minimum of 30  lessons over  available.    If  seats  are  available  there  will  be  a  the  course  of  a  school  year  charge  of  £4.00  for  each  journey,  if  no  seats  are  (or a pro­rata of     approximately 10 lessons per  available  it  is  the  child’s  responsibility  to  make  term  for  children  commencing  during  the  alternative arrangements.  All temporary passes  academic  year).    As  there  are  39  weeks  in  the  must be handed to the driver of bus.  school  year,  this  therefore  makes  provision  to  Your  co­operation  in  these  matters  is  greatly  cover any hiatus, which might occur, when some  appreciated  and,  if  you  should  have  any  further  weeks a lesson cannot be provided.  Should there  queries please do not hesitate to contact us.  result in a shortfall to the amount of lessons due,  then  a      refund  will  be  made  at  the  end  of  the  academic year.  Due to the very high demand of pupils wishing to  The Finance Team receive  music  lessons,  we  politely  request  that  payment  is  sent  to  the  school  promptly,  upon  receipt of renewal letters, which are mailed in the 
  18. 18. Due  to  the  re­organisation  of  our  fixture  Netball  has  made  a  pleasing  calendar the range of extra­curricular  activities  start  to  the  season  this  year.  has  increased.  There  are  the  usual  sports  of  The Year 7s won their first ever  football, netball etc, but also  developing sports  Eggar’s    netball game against  such  as  girls  fitness,  badminton  and  lacrosse.  Amery  Hill  School.  Not  to  be  Participation  to  clubs  has  been  very  good  with  out done, the Year 10/11 team,  Wednesdays  being  very  popular  with  regular  after an  extremely close game,  participation nearing and sometime topping 100  also  managed  to  come  away  students. This is excellent news!  with  a  win  against  Amery  Hill.  The  Year  9  A  plea  from  the  PE  Department  –  please  can  team, despite coming up against some tough  students look  carefully at the extra­curricular  opposition from Amery managed to hold them  bulletin  each  week  as  events  change  from  to a draw.  week  to  week.    Please  can  we  ask  that  all  PE  Commitment to training this season has been  kits  are      labelled  with  pupils  names,  we  have  very good. The effort put in and     willingness  many  items  of  kit  in  lost  property  that  we  are  to  learn  from  all  the  girls  has  been  excellent,  unable to      return.  well done girls, keep it up!!  The PE Department  would like to welcome  Ms  Badminton has  been  really  successful.  Four  McCready  and  Mr  Michael  to  the  team,    they  Year 11 boys  entered a local  have  both  already  added  their  tournament  and  it  was  an  all  expertise  to  the  Department.  Eggar’s final, which obviously  Year  8  girls  r e p r e se n t e d  meant  that  we  won  the  tro­  Eggar’s  in  their  very  ever  first  phy.  Congratulations  to  Girls            football  fixture  on  the  Danny  Goodall,  Peter  Allen,  th  9  October.    The  7­a­side  tournament  Matthew  Cushing  and  Kieron  Riley.  The  girls  comprised  of  two  teams  from    Bohunt,  Perins,  tournament is next week and we wait to see if  Amery Hill and ourselves. Despite playing up a  they can match the boys!    Badminton is on a  year  against  Year  9    students  the  team  came  Wednesday  and  Thursday  for  all  Year  10  &  second,    drawing twice with the eventual win­  11 pupils.  ners  —  Bohunt  A.  The  team  consisted  of  Hockey is a growing sport at  Emma  Young,  Libby  Spong,  Lucy  Jeffs,  Eggar’s. We  are  now  able  to  Hannah  Steel,  Anna  Harris,  Jasmine  Weston,  field  Year  10  &  11  teams.  Lizzie Knight and Fleur Walker.  Commitment  to  training  has  The Year 7 boys football season has got off to  been  excellent  with  numbers  a  promising  start  and  the  boys  are  through  to  regularly  topping  30!  The  the quarter final of the Aldershot and    District  hockey  season  is  upon  us  cup  after  seeing  off  Cove  School  (AET)  and  and we are looking forward to  continuing the  Bohunt in the early rounds.  success of previous years.  Rugby  has  made  a  steady  start  Thank  you  to  the  enthusiasm  of  Mr Wheeler,  with  Eggar’s  now  able to  field  full  Mr  Jackson  &  Ms  Whiting  for  making  this  15’s from Year 7 – 11. This is an  possible.  excellent  achievement.  The  U16  Keep up the good work all Year groups, and I  squad  are  through  to  the  next  look  forward  to  reporting  on  our  future  round  of  the  Hampshire  Cup  and  sporting success.  we look forward to a good cup run.  Training  is  generally  well  attended,  but  this  is  Mr R Eost, PE Department an area we need to show more  commitment to  if we are to build   successful squads. 
  19. 19. Year 9 have had a very positive start to the year. I hope that everybody had a good summer In core lessons pupils are showing a break and that you were able to make use good understanding of what is of the ‘too few‛ hot summer days. It is required of them and how they can great to have the Year 10 pupils back and achieve their target levels. I am, and have been, popping into Year 9 looking refreshed for the year ahead. lessons and have been impressed This half term seems to have gone so with the level of work. The Key Stage quickly! The year group have settled really 3 tests may seem a long way off at well into their GCSE subjects. The group as the moment but will soon come a whole are pleasing teachers with their around. We have launched SAM Learning hard work, motivation and work ethic – and I am pleased to see that some which bodes well for the 18 months pupils have been accessing the site remaining at Eggar‛s. in and out of school. I hope over half I would like to take this opportunity to urge term all pupils log on to see the all Year 10s who are not presently taking wealth of materials available to part in the extensive extra curricular them. When Year 9 come back after half programmes offered to do so, as it is a term I would like all pupils to be great way to relax through the difficult thinking about the subjects they GCSE period. Having said that there are would like to consider studying next lots of Year 10‛s participating already – year. I know that some pupils are what a talented bunch they are! already studying GCSE subjects this year! The next decision for Year 10 will be On behalf of Year 9 I would like to their Work Experience choices for May thank Mr Cooper and Mrs Eost for 2008, these need to be applied for very organising a fantastic MFL trip to soon and the applications forms have Loubatas, France – the reports from already been sent home. There will be an the pupils on the trip have been very positive. opportunity at the Work Experience and Please can I ask that now the Curriculum Information Evening on 1st weather has turned cooler pupils are November to gather further information or wearing coats into school and not help with this matter. hoodies under blazers. School It is important that we share and celebrate jumpers are available to purchase success at Eggar‛s and with this in mind I and order forms can be obtained at the school office. would like to congratulate Jadie Dalton of Also I am concerned by the amount 10DW as she achieved an A* in GCSE of make­up that seems to be finding Spanish. I hope this is one of many for my it’s way to the girls’ eyes! Please can Year group. we enforce at home that no makeup Keep up the good work and have a good half is to be worn at school. I hope everyone has a lovely half term. term break. Mr R Eost, Year Leader , Year 10 Mrs L Ashover, Year Leader, Year 9