What Are The Local Effects Of Deforestation

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  • 1. What are the local effects of deforestation? Rainforest deforestation has many effects on the local area including: • Washing away of soil – the trees and there roots anchor the soil, without the trees in the rainy season the soil will get wash away. • Biodiversity – Rainforests have the highest number of different species including plants, trees and insects. The number of species is now being reduced at greater rate than ever before due to deforestation. • Without nutrients in the ground the soil is becoming infertile. This is then making it difficult to farm Rainforests of the World What are the effects of deforestation on the planet? Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and therefore reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. When a tree is destroyed the carbon is released into the atmosphere and reacts with the oxygen and becomes carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is one of the main concerns at the moment with global warming. The amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere is adding to the greenhouse gases and trapping more heat in the earth’s atmosphere and causing global warming. Trees also release oxygen into the atmosphere, the Amazon rainforest is the largest forest where oxygen is released. What are the causes of deforestation?
  • 2. Vast areas of forests are cleared by man to convert the land for alternative use, causes of deforestation include: • Agriculture and cattle • Logging • Mining • Road construction • Hydroelectric power stations Solutions to deforestation In some countries the governments have set up departments to maintain the forests and reduce deforestation. This includes planting new trees and trying to stabilise the existing forest area. Governments are also trying to reduce the amount of illegal logging. The government in Brazil are now trying to reduce deforestation by 70% as so much land has been cleared. Most of the deforestation has been caused by illegal clearing. There are things which we can do as individuals including reducing the amount of paper and wood that we use; purchasing second hand furniture, recycling wood and buying recycled paper.