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Vere tech grade 8 test 1

  1. 1. VERE TECHNICAL HIGHSCHOOLSocial StudiesThis test is to be attempted by Grade 8 (Form 2) students.Mr. D. Gooden8/6/2012
  2. 2. VERE TEC HN ICAL HIGH SC HOOL END OF YEAR EXAMINATION SOCIAL STUDIES GRADE: 8 1 Hour & 30 Minutes JUNE 2011Student’s Name: _____________________________Class: ___________________Date: ____/____/____Instructors: ____________________________ & Mr. Gooden Ms. Samuda, Mrs. MorganInstructions: • Please read the instructions carefully. • This paper consists of Four (4) sections A, B, C, and D. You are required to answer All question from each Section. • Each question in sections A and B, is valued 1 mark EACH; section C is valued 10 marks and each question in section D values 2 marks. Total possible mark is 100. • Cell phones and other communication devices should be turned off and MUST NOT be in the possession of students during the Exam. • Where appropriate, answer all questions in sentences.2 DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO ©Property of Vere Technical High School
  3. 3. SECTION A - Multiple-Choice and True and False Questions SECTION A – Part 1 Part 1 has 40 multiple-choice questions. Each question has four possible answers, . Select the correct option that you think best answers the question and shade it in on the answer template (sheet) provided 1. Jamaica is located in a group of islands (a) Slope called: (b) Hill (c) Plain (a) Greater Antilles (b) Bahamas (c) Cayman Islands (d) Lesser Antilles 2. The Caribbean region lies between these two continents. (a) Africa and Asia (b) Europe and Australia (c) North America and South America (d) North America and Africa (d) Plateau 3. A shaking of the ground caused by the movement along faults or as a result of volcanic activity. 8. The diagram above represents a simple mountain. Identify, in the correct order, the (a) Landslide parts labeled i – iv. (b) Flood (c) Earthquake (a) Level plain, gentle slope, steep slope, (d) Eruption peak (b) Gentle slope, steep slope, level plain, 4. Jamaica is located at ______ and _____. peak (c) Steep slope, gentle slope, level plain, (a) 20˚South latitude/77˚East longitude peak (b) 18˚North latitude/80˚West longitude (d) Peak, steep slope, gentle slope, level (c) 18˚North latitude/77˚West longitude plain (d) 17˚South latitude/80˚East longitude 9. What is the name of the mountain in St. 5. A _______ is a naturally raised area of Elizabeth? land lower than a mountain. (a) Blue Mountain (a) Hill (b) John Crow (b) Plain (c) Mocho (c) Valley (d) Santa Cruz (d) Depression 10. To say that the day is sunny, is referring to 6. ____________ rocks are those formed the : by the action of volcanoes. (a) Climate (a) Metamorphic (b) Weather (b) Igneous (c) Temperature (c) Limestone (d) Time (d) Sedimentary 11. Which of the following do Caribbean 7. A low lying area within a country. people fear most?3
  4. 4. (a) Tropical depressions (b) Hurricanes (a) R.A.D.A (c) Tsunami (b) O.D.P.E.M (d) Tropical storms (c) S.T.A.T.I.N 12. The natural disaster that will have the least (d) M.I.D.A effect on Jamaica. 20. The greatest asset of any country is (a) Hurricane its: (b) Drought (c) Flood (a) Natural resources (d) Volcano (b) Industrial growth 13. Which office in Jamaica records weather (c) Petroleum industry continuously? (d) Human resources (a) Geological Office 21. A country is said to be over-populated if (b) Meteorological Office the resources: (c) C.V.M Office (d) T.V.J Office (a) Outweigh the demand for them (b) Cannot maintain the population 14. One human activity that can cause (c) Are not exploited by the population flooding. (d) Are sufficient to maintain the population (a) Putting garbage in drains (b) Sweeping the yard 22. The term ‘population’ refers to the number (c) Planting trees of people: (d) Using the river often (a) Migrating from a country 15. Afternoon rainfall is also called: (b) In the labour force (c) Born in a particular year (a) Relief rainfall (d) In a geographical area (b) Convectional rainfall (c) Late rain Study the table below which shows birth rates, (d) Frontal rain death rates and natural increase for four different countries, then use the information in the table to 16. A terrible thing that can be caused by answer questions 23 to 26. the careless way in which man uses his environment. Country Birth rate Death rate Natural Increase (a) Natural disaster A 25 6 19 (b) Man-made product B 16 7 9 (c) Man-made disaster C 15 5 10 (d) Accident D 26 8 18 17. To conserve our forests and natural 23. The birth rate for country A is: vegetation means to: (a) 25 (a) Destroy it (b) 16 (b) Ignore it (c) 15 (c) Take care of it (d) 26 (d) Use it 24. The country with the lowest death rate is: 18. An instrument that is used to measure atmospheric pressure. (a) Country D (b) Country A (a) Rain gauge (c) Country B (b) Thermometer (d) Country C (c) Barometer (d) Meteorology 25. The country with the highest natural increase is: 19. Which Jamaican Organization prepares and warns the public of impending natural (a) Country C disasters? (b) Country D4
  5. 5. (c) Country A (b) Employee (d) Country B (c) Boss 26. The country with the highest birth rate is: (d) Servant (a) Country B 34. The task or duties for which one is (b) Country C accountable. (c) Country D (d) Country A (a) Rights (b) Responsibilities 27. The population density of a place is: (c) Rules (d) Regulations (a) The number of people who migrate (b) The number of people divided by its 35. To offer work only to persons willing to do area a fair day’s work exchange for a fair day’s (c) The number of people multiplied by its pay. This is one employer’s ____________. area (d) The number of people who are dense (a) Responsibilities (b) Rights 28. Things people think will be better in (c) Rule another place. (d) Regulations (a) Push factors 36. Moral and legal privileges that an (b) Public factors individual enjoys or is entitled to by law. (c) Pull factors (d) Private factors (a) Responsibilities (b) Rules 29. Another name for contraception or (c) Regulations preventing pregnancy is: (d) Rights (a) Birthrate 37. _____________ set out responsibilities and (b) Birth certificate rights and provide protection for employer (c) Birth control and employee at the work place. (d) Birth place (a) Constitutional laws 30. The moving from one place to another to (b) Labour laws live : (c) School rules (d) Industrial rules (a) Touring (b) Vacationing 38. Which of the following BEST explains (c) Migration what collective bargaining in? (d) Travelling (a) Working toward finding the most 31. People who are likely to move from rural satisfactory solution for employees and areas to urban areas: employers. (b) When industrial disputes are taken to (a) To attend primary schools court for settlement. (b) In search of jobs (c) Preventing a worker from joining a (c) To shop in supermarket trade union. (d) To obtain land for building house (d) Feeling good about the work that a group of employees did. 32. The difference between the number of people who immigrate and those who 39. An organization that represents the emigrate is known as: interests of workers by acting as a mediator between employers and employees. (a) Natural increase (b) Population explosion (a) Trade wind (c) Net migration (b) Free trade (d) Total migration (c) Trade union 33. Someone who works for someone or an (d) Credit union organization. (a) Employer5
  6. 6. 40. A worker can be dismissed for: (a) Dishonesty (b) Loyalty (c) Punctuality (d) Performing tasks required Total 40 marks SECTION A – Part 2Part 2 has 15 true and false questions. Read each question or statement carefully then shade “T” for true or “F” for false on the answer template (sheet) provided. 41. Four factors which affect the climate of Jamaica are distance from the sea, winds, relief and latitudinal position. 42. The hurricane season begins July 1 and ends November 30. 43. Oil spills, water pollution, solid waste pollution, air and noise pollution are man-made disasters. 44. The movement of people from rural areas to urban areas is referred to as urbanization. 45. The population of Country X is 1,350 and the area of Country X is 135 km2. The population density of Country X is therefore 25/km2 46. Workers who feel comfortable, safe and valued are less likely to work hard and increase production. 47. One of the main aims of family planning is to encourage women who are likely to have large families to have small families. 48. Demographers are scientists who study the population of a country. 49. The Black River is the only river in Jamaica which runs from east to west. 50. Slate, marble and gneiss are all examples of metamorphic rocks. 51. Jamaica’s exact location on a map is 18°N latitude and 77°W longitude. 52. The main lava source of a volcano is the main vent or pipe. 53. The islands of Montserrat, Martinique and St. Lucia are all volcanic islands. 54. Stalagmites are calcium carbonate formation that grows down from the roof of limestone caves while stalactites grow up from the cave floor. 55. The earth is made up of four hemispheres. Total 15 marks 6
  7. 7. SECTION B - Short-AnswerRead questions 56 – 71 carefully then write the correct term from the word box on the line next to its meaning below. Resources Census Mangroves Relief Rainfall Sandstone Geologist Returning Resident Industrial Action Earthquake Weather Climate Urbanization Work to Rule Purchase Rights Tropical marine Ghetto Limestone Minimum Wage Strike 56. The lowest wage that an employer is permitted to pay by law or union contract. __________________________ 57. Persons from the rural parts of Jamaica have a tendency to move from the country areas to the city of Kingston. This they normally do with the hope that they will find better jobs. __________________________ 58. A sudden, very violent shaking in the ground is called an ______________________ 59. The type of vegetation that grows along the coast in areas such as Black River and Negril is called ___________________. These are trees with tangled areal roots. 60. The official survey of the population of a country that is done every ten years in order to find out how many people live there and to obtain details of such things as peoples’ ages and jobs. _________________ 61. This is when workers join together to do something to show that they are unhappy with their pay or working conditions. ______________________________ 62. Employees work in order to be able to __________________ the material things they want. 63. The weather conditions of a particular place over a long period of time. ________________ 64. Jamaica experiences a _____________________________ type of climate because of the influence of the sea which surrounds the island. 65. A Jamaican who has lived abroad for many years and has returned home to live is called a _______________________________ 66. The area of a city where living conditions are very bad and where the houses are in poor conditions. __________________ 67. Rainfall that is caused by prevailing winds crossing mountains in their paths. _________________________ 68. Someone who studies the physical structure and processes of the earth. __________________ 69. These are components which fulfill man’s needs. They may also be man-made e.g. Labour, skills, finance, capital and technology. They may also be natural e.g. Ores, water, soil, natural vegetation or even climate. They can be renewable or non-renewable. _____________________ 70. A form of industrial action in which employees keep strictly to their employers’ rules, with the result of reducing the production rate. _______________________________. 7
  8. 8. 71. This is the most abundant igneous rock. It is hard and is used mainly in buildings and monuments. ______________________. Total 16 marks SECTION C - Diagram and Map workThe diagrams below show the different types of rainfall experienced in Jamaica. Identify eachtype of rainfall and briefly describe each in the space provided. Diagram showing rainfall types. 3 marks 3 marks 3 marks8
  9. 9. Total 9 marks Map of Jamaica Study the map of Jamaica below then answer the questions below. What direction is: is the direction of: What Write the names of the parishes for the capitals listed below. (i) May Pen from Port Maria (i) May Pen from Falmouth _______________ (i) Black River __________________ (ii) (ii) Falmouth from Spanish Town (ii) Lucea _______________________ ____________ (iii) Savanna-la-mar (iii) Black River from Mandeville __________________ ____________ (iv) Falmouth _____________________ (iv) St. Ann’ Bay from Savanna-la-mar ______________ (v) May Pen _____________________ Total 10 marks SECTION DWrite a letter of no more than 250 words to a relative of your choice, informing him or her about the trade union movement in Jamaica. In your letter, define the term trade union and describe the actions taken by trade unions to defend the rights of workers. This question is valued 10 marks Total 10 marks 9