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Population grade 8
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Population grade 8



Presentation specially prepared for grade 8 students

Presentation specially prepared for grade 8 students



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    Population grade 8 Population grade 8 Presentation Transcript

    • What would you like to be when you grow up?
    • Human ResourceWhat is a resource?A resource is anything natural or physicalwhich can be used to create wealth orimprove the standard of living of a people.
    • Categories of Resources Physical Resources Human ResourcesThese are those gifts of These are the people andnature made by God. the skills, talents, andThey include: abilities that they have. Land They include: Water  Doctors Mineral  Lawyers Forests  Farmers Animals  Teachers Sunlight  Fishermen
    • Categories of Physical ResourcesThere are two categories, namely renewableand non-renewable Renewable Resources Water Forests Land Animals Air
    • Categories of Physical ResourcesThere are two categories, namely renewableand non-renewable Non-Renewable Gold Diamonds BauxiteResources Natural Petroleum gas
    • JAMAICAS POPULATIONWhat do you understand by the word“population”?Population means “the total number ofpeople living in a specific areas orcountry”.
    • JAMAICAS POPULATIONJamaica’s population descended fromAfrica, India, China, Europe amongother places.The majority of the people are ofAfrican descent
    • Jamaica’s Population DistributionPopulation distribution refers to how people livethroughout the island Percentage 6% 3% Blacks Mixed 91% Unknown
    • 23% 48% Rural29% Towns Metropolitan
    • Population DensityWhat do you think population density is?Population density is the number of people in a placedivided by the area of the place.Formula: Pop. Density = population = number of people area square kilometres
    • Population DensityParish Population Area Pop. DensityHanover 67,037 406 km2 ? Pop. Density = Population = 67,037 = 165. Area 406km2
    • CLASS ACTIVITY PARISHES POPULATION AREA(Km2) POPULATION DENSITY KINGSTON 96,052 22 St. ANDREW 555,828 431 St. CATHERINE 482,308 1,192 CLARENDON 237,024 1,196 MANCHESTER 185,801 830 St. ELIZABETH 146,404 1,212WESTMORELAND 138,947 807 HANOVER 67,037 450 St. JAMES 175,127 595 TRELAWNY 73,066 875 St. ANN 166,762 1,213 St. MARY 111,466 611 PORTLAND 80,208 814 St. THOMAS 91,604 743