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Professional Portfolio 2001-2012

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  1. 1. Erich Tyrus Gerlach - portfolio - abridgedKøbenhavn address:Puggaardsgade 15 4 t.h. DK-1576 KøbenhavnTel: +45 28749904e-mail: getagged@gmail.combirth: 11.11.76, San Francisco, CAerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  2. 2. >cv matrix>etg curriculum vitae >professional >academic >2001-2011>ES-15099 Estonia: Tallinn Town Hall>SE-19045 Stockholm: Arlanda Airport Hotel>KZ-010000 Astana: National Presidential Library>NO-0710 Trondhiem: Brattora Hotell>NO-0551 Oslo: Mediahus Bygg >NL-5656 Eindhoven: Philips Center Housing>DK-2300 København: DR Konserthuset>CH-8610 Üster: Kantonschüle>UK-1860 Portsmouth: FC Pompey Football Stadium>FR-75015 Paris: Le Projet Triangle>NY-1001 New York: Amaridian Gallery>AU-5723 Outback: Barbed-Wire Urbanism>NY-14850 Ithaca: Cubical lessons>CA-95350 Modesto: GT-50 High School>NY-13664 Morristown: Aqueous processor>NY-14850 Ithaca: Culinary transport tailgater>NY-14850 Ithaca: Dwelling (2)>NY-14850 Ithaca: Constructserich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  3. 3. >professional experience2010-2011: (1 year, 3 months ) 2007: (freelance)Bjarke Ingels Group København, DK www.big.dk DIS Danish International Studies København, DKSenior Architect Visiting Critic Tallinn Town Hall City Administrative Conference Center – Tallinn, ES 36 000 sq. m. – PD University of Pennsylvania Pennsylavania, PA Visiting Critic with Professor Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss Arlanda Airport 250 room Conference Hotel – Stockholm, SE 23 000 sq. m. – DD 2006: (short-term) Astana National Presidential Library – Astana, Kazahkstan Lütjens Padmanabhan Architekten Zurich, CH 38 000 sq. m – CD/CA 2nd phase competition design charrette2009-2010: (1 year, 3 months) 2005-2006: (1 year, 2 months)Space Group Arkitekter Oslo, NO www.spacegroup.no EOA Architects New York, NY www.eoarch.comArchitect Associate Brattøra Clarion 400 room Conference Hotell – Trondheim, NO African Art showroom/ retail space – New York, NY 35 000 sq. m – DD 1 800 sq. ft – PD-CD/CA Completion is scheduled for 04.2012 Completed 2006 Nordisk Film Storm Group Mediahus- Oslo, NO 2 500 sq. m – DD/CD. 2004-2005: (1 year) Completion is scheduled for 10.2011 Asfour Guzy Architects New York, NY www.asfourguzy.com Associate Restaurant renovation – Yountville, CA2007-2009: (1 year, 6 months) 2 500 sq. ft. – DDAteliers Jean Nouvel København, DK www.jeannouvel.comArchitect 5 story penthouse renovation – New York, NY Danish Radio Symphony Concert Hall, DR Byen 2 500 sq. ft. – DD 4 studios: 1.800 seat symphony hall, 3 studios 22 000 sq. m – CD/CA Inaugurated 01.2009 2005 Spring & 2000 Spring: (short-term) Lewis-Tsurumaki-Lewis New York, NY www.ltlarchitects.com Volunteer2006-2007: (8 months)Herzog & de Meuron Basel, CH www.herzogdemeuron.comJunior Architect 2004 Summer: (3 months) Hotel office complex at Exposition grounds – Paris, France Cornell University Ithaca, NY www.aap.cornell.edu 62 000 sq. m – CP/DD Studio Assistant Professor Summer Career Explorations in Architecture Football stadium + residential complex – Portsmouth, England Assistant to architectural fabrication workshop 220 000 sq. m – CP/ Feasibilityerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  4. 4. >education1999-2004: 2001-Summer:Cornell University Modern-Primitive Summer ProgramIthaca, NY USA Cornell Summer ProgramMajor: Architecture Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, SpainBachelor Architecture Professional Degree A focused comparative analysis of modern and vernacular structures throughGraduated with honors: highest cumulative GPA: 3.35 analytical sketching, collage, writings and photography.2002-Fall: 1995-1998:Cornell-In Rome Program Santa Rosa Junior CollegePalazzo Lazzoroni, Rome, Italy Santa Rosa, CA USAAn intense study in Italian culture, history, art and architecture through historical AA/AS Degree with Awards of Applied Technology, Transfer (GPA: 3.31)research, analysis, photography, collage and design. >honors / awardsHighest cumulative GPA in major at Cornell, Dean’s List, Cornell Architecture studio work selected for archivingH. Roy Kelley Scholarship continuous recipient Fall 2004 Architectural Photography Competition 2003, Honourable mentionerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  5. 5. >Forms in Nature >Light sculpture >Hilden Diaz >60 cm and 120 cm lamp fixture Conceptual design to realization of prototype - 2012 >Within the creative initiation and collaboration of the partnership HildenDiaz, I contributed to the development of the sculpture Forms in Nature. The combination of 3d computer scripting and mesh modeling bridges the organic forms with 3d printing technology. By both the unique collaboration of a visual and perceptive process, the computer model intel- ligently uses component modeling and rhino python scripting to adapt the highly organic and relational geometries Full scope 3d designer and fabrication coordinatorerich gerlach_cv_2012.06.06 - email: getagged@gmail.com - tel: +4528749904
  6. 6. copyright HildenDiaz copyright HildenDiazcopyright HildenDiaz copyright HildenDiaz
  7. 7. >Tallinn Town Hall >Tallinn, Estonia >BIG / Bjarke Ingels Group - Allianss - Rambøll - Client: Tallinn City. >36 000 m2 - 13 department City Administration Center CP, PD expected completion 2014 >Within a small team during the preliminary design phase I translated the 650 room card brief into programmatic layouts for each department. Subsequently I provided full coordination of all 3D computer model building parts, parametric envelope and models from the engi- neer. Additionally I handled the full preliminary design specification, room area schedule and material catalogue as partial to the PD submission. Senior Architect: Project team membererich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  8. 8. >Tallinn Town Hall: section council tower town hall village L04 floor L03 floor L02 floor public ground floor L01 floorerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  9. 9. >Tallinn Town Hall: organization and L03+L04 office layouts Municipal Engineering Department Social Welfare and Helthcare Department City Enterprise Department Environmental Department City Property Department Municipal Engineering Department Urban Planning Department Cultural Heritage Department Cultural Heritage Department Transport Department Education Department Sport and Youth Department Council Hall Main Circulation Compact organization porous organization Differentiated program THE PUBLIC VILLAGE Compact organisation and efficient Hinged complex retains Programmic specifity transforms Specific organization of the Public layout at the expense of daylight compactness and efficiency while generic diagram ie. City Planning Village and views maximizing daylight and veiw Department and Cultural Heriatage Department L03 open office departmental floor L04 open office departmental floorerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  10. 10. >Astana National Library >Astana, Kazahkstan >BIG/ Bjarke Ingels Group (Copenhagen and Astana project office) - VK Group - Rambøll - Ashel Corporation - Client: Kazahkstan Presidential Affairs >36 000 m2 - Presidential Library CD, concluded >Within a large team, I performed detail design and construction administration/site review of primarily the landscape as well as the outer facade in consultation with the facade tender, Front of NYC. This involved extensive Rhino modelling as well as development of facade termination details to the ground. The drawing package was finalized with local architects in a 2 month on-site office in Kazahkstan. Внутренняя структура Внешняя структура В Однороднаtя поверхностьerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 Внешняя оболочка библиотеки Internal structure External structure превосходит традиционные
  11. 11. >Astana National Library: facade - landscape adaptation on -site 09.2010 entrance orientation from the adjacent park unrolled facades and ground control line structural retaining walls for elevator coreserich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  12. 12. >Astana National Library: facade base detailing section - axis 1 section - axis 2 primary axial sections 3d base details on-site progress of basement and level 01 structural slabs (+)(-) (+) (-) (+) (-) (+) (-) (+) interior (-) exterior 36 radial sections generate 5 types of primary radial beam connections to the structural slab erich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  13. 13. >Brattøra Clarion Hotell >Trondheim, Norway >Space Group Arkitekter - Skanska Norge - Rambøll - Client: Star Property ANS. >35 000 m2 - 400 room Hotel, 600 seat Conference Center - 2nd phase design development. PD, DD, expected completion 04.2012 >The largest business hotel in Norway is situated along Trondhiem’s waterfront and therefore accessible to views. By it’s relationship to the water, the rectangular block is split into 4 blocks radiating around a centre that is open to views. The mass situated above embodies a star-like appearance and contains sky bar, meeting room and executive suite facilities. >Through 3d modelling and computer modelling, I performed three-dimensional redesign of the ‘star’ complex between the hotel blocks as well as coordination of hotel floors as directed by the client. Architect, team membererich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  14. 14. >Brattøra Clarion Hotell: overviewrendering: Lucigoncopyright Space Grouperich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  15. 15. >Brattøra Clarion Hotell: ground level floor + main sectionerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  16. 16. >Mediahus Office Studios >Oslo, Norway >Space Group Arkitekter - Rambøll Norge - 3d Akustik - Client: Storm Group. >2 600 m2 - Offices, video and sound editing studios - Preliminary project to construction. DD, CD expected completion 10.2011 >The third and final segment in a campus of graphic design offices, an art gallery, and a kindergarten are post-production film studios and related office spaces. Within a historic brick structure will be an array of film studios, sound studios focused around an atrium filled with natural light from a large glass roof. I handled overview of and full design control of the project in coordi- nation for construction to be completed in October 2011. Project architecterich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  17. 17. >Mediahus Office Studios: F01, F02 plans + section B-B B-B attachment and reinforcing to existing roof structure construction of F04 mezzanine floorF01 sound studios+offices F03 open offices F02 open offices F01 edit studios F00 basement studiosF02 open offices erich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  18. 18. >Mediahus Office Studios: construction sequence 04.2011: overall site construction 11.2010: overall site constructionerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  19. 19. >Mediahus Office Studio: stair detailerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  20. 20. >Danish Radio Koncerthuset >København, Danemark >Ateliers Jean Nouvel - København project office - Project leader: Stefan Zopp - Nagata acoustics - Ducs scenography - Zumtobel lighting - Niras+Turell Int. - Client: DR >22 000 m2 - Segment 4 Symphony 1 800 seats Concert Hall - 3 studios - foyer - restaurant+bar CD,CA inaugurated 2009 >I performed construction administration/site review and coordination within primarily 1 800 seat concert hall specialising in three dimensional coordination, detailed lighting scenographic and acoustic design installations. This involved overseeing detail design to end-user handover of canopy for the main stage, acoustical curtain and balcony constructions. In addition to the concert hall areas the implementation of specific applications in the foyer area were carried out in the bar-restaurant facilities and lighting installations. Architect, team member, site supervisionerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  21. 21. >Danish Radio Koncerthusetphotography: Philippe Rualtcopyright Ateliers Jean Nouvelerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  22. 22. >Danish Radio Koncerthuset: lighting + acoustic specializations - restaurant completiionerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  23. 23. >le projet triangle. >Paris, France - January 2007 >Herzog.deMeuron.Architecten - Arup - Transsolar - Client Unibail-Rodamco. >28 000 m2 - Office + Hotel Tower 180 meters tall CP, expected completion 2014 >As an integral segment of the redevelopment of the outer ring of Paris along ‘Le Pher- ereique’ this development within the Porte des Versailles creates a link between the dis- jointed local site condition of an Exposition park while marking a refined urban gateway to the city. It aims to model for sustainable development within an office hotel complex. >I performed development for envelope studies of the building mass and implementa- tion of site plaza strategic for linking the city to the exposition grounds. Additionally I led proposals for combining public circulation and program. Junior Architect: team membererich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904
  24. 24. >le projet triangle: programmatic floor layout bar restaurant bureaux hotel rendering: Neutral A/S congres copyright Herzog de Meuronerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: getagged@gmail.com - tel. +4528749904