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Published in: Design

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  • 1. >’barbed-wire’ urbanism >Australian outback - Simpson Desert, Central Australia >Cornell University - Thesis advisors: Krystan Keck, Jim Williamson >Undergraduate architecture thesis >Deriving from a study of ‘time-sharing urbanism’- a net worked society within the outback of Australia, I propose a thesis argument for a series of outposts in the desert that physically support this infrastructure. The examination involves using and building the virtual space of flows thereby investing in milestones for zero-waste off grid communities focused on sustain- able developments within hostile environments. The paradox an invisible urban territory combined with the rich history of utopian settlements in the landscape connected physi- cally and virtually defines the thesis “barbed-wire urbanism.”erich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: - tel. +4528749904
  • 2. >’barbed-wire’ urbanism land-use analysisschool of air Royal Flying Doctors Service Communities Geothermal energy Geothermal energy Urban paradoxcontinential analysis - virtual continential analysis - physical continential analysis - infrastructure dune-scape fertile-scape flood-scape erich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: - tel. +4528749904
  • 3. >’barbed-wire’ urbanism outpost stationsdune-scape fertile-scape flood-scape erich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: - tel. +4528749904
  • 4. >assistant professor: student work. >Summer Career Explorations >Professors: Vincent Mulcahy, Henry Richardson Summer 2004. > I performed as a design studio critic for 14 prospective students exploring fundamentals of principle architectural concepts through drawing, model-making and collage. Beginning with a cube construct they generated tectonic relationships using a operative word as a device. From this relief fields are generated to reduce the language to landscape phenomena. The final study is an interpretation of the concepts into a dwelling for a hypothetical client .erich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: - tel. +4528749904
  • 5. >assistant professorship student workoperative cube exercisesoperative relief modelsdwellings on an inclined planeerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: - tel. +4528749904
  • 6. >academic: gt-50 modesto high school >Modesto, CA USA >Cornell University - Professor Val Warke >150 000 ft2 Suburban High School >The impetus for a high school in a banal suburban landscape is built upon the fetish and desires of social by-products; in this instance the automobile. According to popular culture, the car is commonly identified with coming-of-age experiences (tailgate parties, races, drive-ins) This study investigates the primary attachment of youth with the locker while serving as storage and an individualized entrance into school thereby arriving from car door to locker door to high school door. Upon ascension from the parking lot/locker level (an infrastructural floor) one arrives at the upper school-level carrying the perspectival conditions of apertures and blind-spots. All the program is meshed within a shell that floats above connected infrastructures.erich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: - tel. +4528749904
  • 7. >academic: gt-50 modesto high schoolerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: - tel. +4528749904
  • 8. >academic: aqueous processor >Morristown, NY USA. >Cornell University - Professor Lily Chi - Fall 2001. >5 600 m2 - INS border crossing station restaurant and hotel. >Examining the role borders participate spatially and phenomenally, this ferry-crossing immigration station combines the language of technologies inherent with an assembly setting to create a link between town and marina-urban and open. The combination of the INS passage and program held above a floor for movable hotel rooms are manifested within a series of spatial ‘liners’-the method of interventionerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: - tel. +4528749904
  • 9. >academic: aqueous processorerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: - tel. +4528749904
  • 10. >academic: culinary transport tailgater >1988 Volkswagen Golf/GTI 2 door >Cornell University - Professor Lily Chi - Fall 2001. >Car - dining facility >The intention of this group design/build project is to use an as-is engineered site to create a semi-formal dining/buffet environment. Given the constrains of the interior compart- ments, a series of constructions are attached, hung and cantilevered to facilitate and stage the event.erich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: - tel. +4528749904
  • 11. >academic: culinary transport tailgatererich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: - tel. +4528749904
  • 12. >academic: dwelling for a bather and surveyor >Ithaca, NY. USA. >Cornell University - Professor John Miller - Spring 2002. >1 200 ft2 -Dwelling >Using visual and spatial cues from the site, this dwelling places the user within a bridge-like structure to create a setting for study and contemplation in subtle extremes of the environ- ment. >academic: dwelling for meditator and artist >Lansing, NY. USA. >Cornell University - Professor Kimberly Ackert- Spring 2001. >900 ft2 -Dwelling >Based upon the nine square grid framework, this dwelling considers dual client roles, a ritualistic meditator and an artist both to function by natural light performance within the same rigid external frame. The division between these dual environments is comprised of a reflective and transparent mesh that generates unity within the complex.erich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: - tel. +4528749904
  • 13. >academic: dwelling for a bather and surveyorerich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: - tel. +4528749904
  • 14. >academic: dwelling for a meditator and artisterich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: - tel. +4528749904
  • 15. >professional and academic: fabrications> Fabrication of a slide viewer for faculty exhibition: wood + metal, viewer, clamp. Professor Felica Davis > Bronze and wood sculpture for coursework - Sculpture course - Professor: Mark Iwinski> Material archive containment system - Material Archive course - Professor: Andrea Simitcherich gerlach_cv_2011.09.01 - e-mail: - tel. +4528749904