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English teaching material

  2. 2. A.- VIDEOS AND DVDS. Videos: Pocahontas 2 Human Machine Canta con nosotros Nursery Rhymetime Canta con nosotros: Feliz Navidad Mickey descubre la Navidad Toy Story The showman DVDs: Top Songs Top Songs 2 Toy Story Winnie the Witch Muzzy The Gruffalo Charlie an Lola Seabiscuit Bear in the Big Blue House The Magic Key Heffalump en Halloween Fábulas de Disney 1, 2, 3 Inebi La Sirenita El libro de la selva National Geographic. Egipto Mr Men and Little Miss. High School Musical 1, 2 Los Increíbles Ice Age 2 Chicken Run Tarzán Hermano Oso Chicken Little La Vuelta al Mundo Become a Human Explorer Beethoven bosgarrena. Top songs 1, 2 Oxford
  3. 3. Christmas: Blizzard el reno mágico Miracle on the 34th Street La Navidad más marchosa The Last Polar Bears The Snowman and Father Christmas Laura´s Star Children´s Christmas Collection Mickey La Mejor Navidad (?) Mickey descubre la Navidad(?) La Navidad Mágica de Mickey (?) The First Snow of Winter (?) Pesadilla antes de Navidad (?) Mickey salva a Santa Claus (?)
  4. 4. B.- DICTIONARIES For kids: ENGLISH-SPANISH • Diccionario Inglés de Primaria Longman (6) • Diccionario Pocket Plus Longman (5/6) • Diccionario Inglés Compact Plus Collins (2) • Diccionario Collins Pocket Plus Collins • Diccionario Easy Learning Inglés Collins • Diccionario Vox Pocket Vox • Diccionario Manual Inglés-Español Vox ENGLISH-ENGLISH • Dictionary DK • The Usborne Book of everyday Words Usborne ENGLISH-BASQUE • Morris Pocket Morris (6/8) • Hiztegia zabalik Airtel PICTURE DICTIONARIES • First Picture Dictionary Ladybird • Longman Picture Dictionary Longman (8) • Oxford Picture Dictionary Oxford (8) • Big Book of Everything • Photo Dictionary • Picture dictionary Longman
  5. 5. For teachers: • Larousse Diccionario moderno Larousse • International Dictionary of Idioms Cambridge • Cobuild English Dictionary Collins • Cobuild Advanced Learner´s Collins • Cobuild English Usage Collins • Morris Student 80000 Morris (2) • Morris Student Plus Morris • Oxford Advanced Learners Oxford • Cambridge - CD Rom Cambridge • Picture Dictionary Longman • The Express Picture Dictionary (with Activity Book) Express • Children´s Picture Dictionary (with Teacher´s Resource Book) Longman • Words, Words, Words MacMillan
  6. 6. C.- FLASHCARDS • Photo cue cards for oral Language Practice (4) • MacMillan Primary Photo-flashcards (4) • COLORLIBRARY occupations • COLORLIBRARY home • COLORLIBRARY clothes • Colour Cards (2) • BIG RED BUS Heinemann 1&2 • School Signs Pack MacMillan (4) • First Words Pairs Usborne • One Green Chair • One Green Giraffe • What time is it? • Pearson Cards • Boomerang Flashcards • Telling the time Flashcards Usborne • My first touch and feel: First Words DK • My first touch and feel: Things that go DK • My first touch and feel: Farm DK • Christmas Stencil Cards Usborne
  7. 7. D.-REFERENCE BOOKS • The Usborne Book of World History Usborne • Rutas con encanto por España El País-Aguilar • Animal Hide and Seek DK • Great Artist DK • First Atlas DK • The Great History Search Usborne • The Picture Atlas of the World DK • The Kutxaspace of Science Kutxa • A Sheet Through Time DK • If the World Were a Village Black • Animated Children´s Encyclopedia Usborne • Peoples of the World (Internet-Linked) Usborne • Human Body (I-L) Usborne • First encyclopedia of animals Kingfisher • Children´s World Cookbook (I-L) Usborne • Fantastic book of 1001 lists DK • Picture Atlas Collins • People Around the World Kingfisher • Children´s Picture Encyclopedia DK • Encyclopedia DK • Strange Histories: the Romans Belitha Press • I Wonder Why-My tummy rumbles Kingfisher • The Cosmic Clock Oxford • Computer Dictionary • Ebele´s Favourite (African games) • Emeka´s Gift • A is for Africa • B is for Brazil • C is for China • Things People do Usborne • Pacal a Maya King Oxford • The Oxford Junior Atlas Oxford • Children Just Like Me-Celebration DK • A School like mine DK • The Great Games Book DK • Children Just Like Me DK (2) • A Journey Though Time DK • Children´s Atlas.com Twocan • Pets Footsteps • Experiments on Myself Oxford web • A History of the Flu Oxford web • Spots Oxford web
  8. 8. • Exploring Space Oxford web • Reach for the Stars Oxford web • The Vikings Oxford web • A body Dictionary Oxford web • Great Astronomers Oxford web • Theseus & The Minotaur Oxford web • Oxford 1st Encyclopedia My Body Oxford • Question time. Human Body Kingfisher • Time and clocks Kingfisher • It´s Science. Time Watts • It´s Science. Water Watts • Interfact Romans Twocan • Interfact Egyptians Twocan • Interfact Solar System Twocan • Science Fun Water DK • Changing Colour Watts • Errata: a book of historical errors Templar • The world around us Oxford • Weather & Climate Usborne • Toys at Playtime Watts • Rivers & Oceans Kingfisher • Oxford Reading Tree: Fact Finders Oxford → Houses & Home: All Kinds of Homes Houses around the world Changes at home The home of the future → Myself: Keeping Healthy (6) Playing safely (5) Our five senses (6) Clothes that protect us (5) Your amazing body (5) All kinds of toys (6) → People: Nelson Mandela (2) Growing up (2) People who help(2) Entertainers(2) Sports and hobbies(2) Famous children(2) → Clothes. Books and shoes Mind your clothes All kind of clothes Clothes around the world Clothes long ago Clothes for every season → Where people live:
  9. 9. A town at work Different jobs in different places Exploring where you live Amazing places to live All kind of places to live Discovering Bath → Our environment: Amazing environments Stop wasting the world Pollution Playground detectives Protecting our wildlife Caring for our environment → School: Who works at your school A day in the life of a teacher Schools around the world Special kinds of school Make a model of your school When grandad was at school → Families: I came to Britain from Jamaica When gran was a child Christian family festivals Getting ready for Eid → Food: Festival food Ice-cream Amazing food facts Where did your lunch come from? A day in the life of a school cook What should you eat?
  10. 10. E.-RESOURCES FOR TEACHERS Games: • Learning games Usborne • Bonanza Longman • Communication games Harraps • Elementary communications games Nelson • Bright ideas (dance & movement) Scholastic • Children´s games Heinemann (2) • Play games with English Heinemann • Word games with English 1,2 Heinemann (2) • Wonders of the ancient world British Museum • Puzzle it out 1,2,3,4,5 Bell&Hyman • Clickbook Grammar: • Essential Grammar in Use Cambridge • English Grammar Book Round-up 1 Longman • Spotlight on Grammmar MacMillan • The Grammar Lab Oxford • Picture Grammar for Children 3 MacMillan Oral Activities: • Jigsaw Songbook MGP • Top Songs. Activity book Oxford • Oranges and lemons Oxford • Let´s read together sounds and letters Ladybird • Jazzchants for Children Oxford (2) • Basics in Listening & teacher´s manual Lingual House (2) • Elementary Communication Games (Nerea) • Song & Rhymes Scholastic • The Otter´s Song Collection Alhambra • Songbirds phonics Oxford • 100 Irish Ballads Soodlurn • Holiday Jazzchants & cassette Oxford • TopSongs 2 Activity Book Oxford • Let´s chant, Let´s sing 2,3,4 Oxford
  11. 11. • Mother Goose Jazzchants Oxford • Round and round the garden (and CD) Oxford • Oranges and lemons (and CD) Oxford • English Nursery Rhymes Collins • Ride a cock horse Oxford • Pudding a pie Oxford Classroom techniques: • Children in Action (and copies) Prentice Hall • Young Learners (and copies) Oxford • Drama with Children Oxford • Classroom Routines Scholastic • Ealing with Primary Mixed Ability Groups EJ-GV (2) • Contando cuentos Heinemann • 1000 pictures for teachers to copy Collins • Very young learners Oxford Short stories´Activities: • Start Reading 1,4 Oxford • Do & understand Longman • Easy English Anaya • Courtesy Activities and Handicrafts: • The Magic Book DK • Growing and changing A&C Black • Think in English Oxford • Great Art Attack Stuff DK • 365 things to make and do Usborne • Handicrafts • Do you Doodle? Buster Books • Oxford JUNIOR Workbook 1-8 Oxford Video and computer: • Wordbird´s Wordland • Muzzy
  12. 12. • Our favourite Stories on Video 2 • Disney´s Magic English F.- READERS Third cycle: • Penguin Happy Families -Master Salt the sailor´s son -Master Money the millionaire -Miss Dase the doctor´s daughter -Mrs Wobble the waitress -Mrs Vole the vet -Ms Cliff the Climber -Mrs Lather´s Laundry -Miss Jump the jockey -Poppy and Max and the fashion show • MacMillan Readers Starter -Alissa -The umbrella (and 21 copies) -The Lost Ship (and 25 copies) -Ski Race (and 23 copies) -The Magic Barber (and 25 copies) -Sarah says No! (and 22 copies) • Longman Young Readers -The Magician -Pam and Rick -African adventure -Super Quiz Champion -The tree of life -The tunnel -The Apple dragon -The Sea Robots -Big Heart -The Crystal Balls -Children of the Sun -The four Robins • Mr Man and Little Miss -Mr Busy -Little Miss Greedy -Little Miss Scatterbrain -Mr Silly -Mr Impossible -Little Miss Quick -Little Miss Tidy
  13. 13. • Monza´s English holiday Longman (24) • Stories from Around the World Usborne • Dangerous weather MacMillan • Riverboat Bill MacMillan • What´s that noise? MacMillan • Around the world Teamconcepts • Rumplestiltskin Penguin • Dead Man´s River Penguin • Butterflies Ladybird • The Fireboy Penguin • Funnybones Penguin • Fruit Tree Island Oxford • Gulliver: Lilliput Heinemann • Aladdin Richmond • A Maori story Richmond • No garden for George Oxford • Amazon alert Oxford • The tough task Oxford • Marcel and the Monalisa Longman (2) • Letters from the dead Collins • Charles and Diana Collins • The bridge Collins • Macbeth Collins • Two Roman Stories Collins • Inspector Holt Collins • Cats in the dark Collins • The Wrestler Collins • The magic garden Collins • Tin Lizzie Collins • Muhammed Ali Collins • The Prince and the Poor Boy Collins • Four short stories Collins • Asimov Collins • The pathfinders Collins • The Mistery of Dr Fu Man Chu Collins • Dangerous Earth Collins • Meg the forgetful cat Collins • Gundrop at sea ap • Pride and Prejudice Longman • Gulliver´s Travels Longman • The five skeins Alhambra (3) • The battle of New Road Longman • In the beginning Longman • The Garden Heinemann • Winning and Losing Heinemann • The love of a king Oxford • Blue Fins Heinemann
  14. 14. • Eric´s talking ears Treetops • Bringing the rain MacMillan • The Way Back Home Harpercollins • What is a wall, after all? Walker • Mario´s Mayan Journey Bookshop • The Incredible Bookeating Boy Harpercollins • Wizzing and the Weather Machine Orchard (2) • The Sombrero Aliens Second cycle: • Oxford Reading Tree Stage 3 -A cat in the tree -On the sand (2) -The dolphin pot -By the stream -Nobody wanted to play -The rope swing (2) • I am reading and CD Kingfisher -The Giant Postman -Small Bad Wolf -Mrs Hippo Pizza Parlour -Mr Cool -No Nits • Handa´s surprise Walker • New Year´s Eve MacMillan (3) • The Ants Party MacMillan • April Fool´s Day MacMillan • The Picnic Oxford • Oxford Reading Tree Stage 4 Oxford -6 stories and Teaching notes • The Unhappy Giant MacMillan (6) • Blue Fins Heinemann • Six Dinner Sid Hodder • Doctor Dog RedFox • A Dose of Doctor Dog RedFox • Mummy laid an egg RedFox • Two of everything RedFox • Beautiful Bananas OUP • Each Peach Pear Plum Penguin • The Elephant and the Bad Baby Penguin • Long Live Princess Smartypants Penguin • Gorilla Walkerbooks • The Grandad Tree Walkerbooks • The cat who wanted to go home Elmont • The Night Pirates Elmont • Winnie books OUP -Winnie the Witch -Winnie in Winter
  15. 15. -Winnie flies again -Winnie at the seaside -Winnie´s new computer • How to save the world in a week (22) • Room on the broom MacMillan • Supersnake Collins ELT • The smartest Giant in Town MacMillan • The Gruffalo MacMillan • 1001 thins to spot in the town Usborne • 1001 pirate things to spot Usborne • Grimm Derrydale • The Farmer and his Sons ap • The Bear and the Travellers ap • The Fairy Dog ap • The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse OUP • The Gingerbread Man OUP • Key Words Reading Scheme Ladybird -We have fun -Busy town -Things we like -Everyday words -Look at this -Have a go • Read it yourself Ladybird -Town Mouse & Country Mouse -Little Red Hen -The Gingerbread Man -The Magic Podridge Pot (2) -Goldilocks -Amazing fish -Food -Lions • Mouse Tells The Time Pavilion • Tell me what the time is Bookhouse • The bad tempered ladybird Penguin • Clockwise Macdonald • How do you know what time it is? AW • Time Early Childhood • Rocket story book Richmond • The Drop Goes Play Wayland • Cambridge Reading Cambridge -Going to school -All by myself -The Raven and The Fox -The Chinese New Year • Puss in Boots StMichael • Tales from Littletown Usborne • The brave little tailor Ladybird
  16. 16. • The Golden Goose Ladybird • The Gingerbread Boy Ladybird • The Runaway Pancake Usborne • The Ugly Duckling Blackcat • Goodnight everyone Ibaizabal • I´m too big Ibaizabal • The Cat in the Hat Hapercollins • The Cat in the Hat Comes Back Harpercollins • Fox in socks Harpercollins • Oh Say Can You Say? Harpercollins • A Present for Ann Heinemann • The trouble with Gran Manmoth • In the Middle of the Puddle Collins • After the Storm Collins • Bobby Bug and the Insect Club Oxford • Is it because? Andersen Press • Boster´s off to see yhe world Puffin • Tom and the tinful of trouble Scholastic
  17. 17. Kindergarden and First Cycle: • My chunky book of colours Award • My chunky book of numbers Award • We´re going on a Bear Hunt Walker • Tab-tots Bedtime Tab-tots • Look out! Collins • Madrid Everest • That´s not my kitten Usborne (2) • That´s not my dinosaur Usborne • Fist Picture 1, 2, 3 Usborne • Songbirds Phonics Oxford -Back to bed -My cat -Stop chatting, Bill -The Red MAN & the Green Man -Ron Rabbit´s Big Day -Pen Pals -Where is the snail? -Tails -The Wishing Elf -Pirates -Tim´s Bad Mood -Teacher´s book • Do you want to be my friend? Puffin • Amazing colours DK • Daisy and Donald Disney • My first word DK • My mum / My dad Random • Chocolate Mouse for Greedy Goose Collins • Where is my baby? Collins • Hooray for fish Universal • Whole World Barefoot books
  18. 18. • Mother Goose Rhymes Puffin • The Large Family Collection Walker • Panda bear what do you see? Penguin • Gordon in the Garden Collins • Now that I´´ m six Hazard • Mummy never told me Red Fox • Crispin Corgi Books • The Bear in the cake Bloomsbury • On the Farm Usborne • Sweet dreams, Daisy Walker • The Pig in the Pond Walker • The Story of the Little Mole David Bennet • Little Red Riding Hood Puffin • Harold and the Purple Crayon Harpercollins • Who´s in the loo? Willis • Spot visits his grandparents Penguin • Spot stays overnight Penguin • Spot´s walk in the wood Penguin • Farmchase Penguin • My First ABC Ladybird • Knock, knock Ladybird • Three Goats Gruff Ladybird • Cinderella´s Party Night Ladybird • The Silly Emperor´s New Clothes Ladybird • All About Me DK • Mr Men and Little Miss Egmont • Jack and the beanstalk MacMillan • The three Little Pigs MacMillan • Little Red Riding Hood MacMillan • When I´m Big Walker • The cake in the tin Collins • Three Little Pigs Ladybird • Mary had a dinosaur Evans • Splish, splash, splosh Watts • Time to eat up DK • I don´t like fish Collins • A Goodnight kind of feeling Puffin • Sleeping Beauty Longman • Goldilocks and the three bears Penguin • Maisy´s Big Flap Book Walker • 1, 2, 3 to the zoo Penguin • My first Picture Book for Numbers Grandreams • Mr Seahorse Penguin • He´s my elephant Collins • Who are you, Stripy Horse Egmont • Giraffes can´t dance Orchard • The tiny seed Puffin
  19. 19. • Bob´s sporting team BBC • Prince´s bedtime Barefoot Books • Nursery Rhymes DK • Alice in Wonderland Award • Shopping Collins • The pop-up dear zoo Campbell • Dear Zoo Puffin • The weather Salvatella • The senses 1, 2 Salvatella • The days of the week Salvatella • At the beach Collins • Hiding Collins • Goldfish 3 BBC • The Little Mermaid Penguin • Going fishing Cambridge • The 3 Little Pigs (flip-flop) MacMillan • In the town Marshall • Three Billy Goats Oxford • The party Collins • Yum, yum Collins • Morning Collins • Ride with me Collins • The Lion and the Mouse Cambridge • Words with ABC ECP • Maisy goes to the library Walker • Inside outside Harpercollins • Where´s Sammy? Collins • Sam and the Saucepan Collins • Brown bear, brown bear Puffin • Meg´s collection -Meg up the creek -Meg´s castle -Meg and Mog -Meg on the Moon -Meg at the zoo -Meg´s eggs -Meg at sea BIG BOOKS: • 3 Billy Goats Oxford • What´s the time? Cambridge • Tortoise shell Nelson • Wayne´s book Cambridge • Sing a song of people • The train ride Walker • The Musicians of Bremen Longman
  20. 20. • Where´s my baby? Longman (2) • Does a whale eat ice-cream? Nelson • Elephant diary Oxford • Dinosaur Cambridge • Clockwise Macdonald • Funnybones Longman • Nana´s Hat Oxford • Hiccups! Oxford • Jasper´s beanstalk Hodder • Kipper´s birthday OUP • Camouflage Cambridge