Web 2.0 tools for math


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Web 2.0 tools for math

  1. 1.  Since Math is a requirement for allstudents in grades 6-8, it makes sense tomeet the needs of all students. As a way to meet the needs of allstudents, web 2.0 tools can helpteachers and students
  2. 2.  Digital Tools ranging online to tablets Tools that create or support a virtuallearning environment. Tools that support communication andcultivate relationships. Resources to support teaching andlearning. Tools enabling students to showcasework and take pride in their learning.
  3. 3.  Open lines of communication Provide collaboration opportunities Enhance the learning experience Showcase students’ work Differentiate & Meet all students’ needs Motivate students and teachers Make learning EASY!!!
  4. 4.  MathGoodies: a free math forum that providesinteractive lessons, worksheets, and homework help HoodaMath: assists students with problem solving skillsthrough interactive games National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: allowsstudents to practice order of operations, algebraicexpressions, geometry, and more with “virtually”changing manipulates Crickweb: online math resources, review games, andmath concepts for grades K-8. Great resource forstudents that struggle or need reinforcement ofearlier grade level concepts
  5. 5.  Algebasics: a tutorial website that canhelp reinforce concepts taught in classor help learn basic on an individual basis. AdaptedMind: a website that is used toteach math concepts, provide practiceand includes review games
  6. 6.  Archimy: helps draw graphs with inputted data Calc3D: Allows you to input data and can beused to showvectors, quadrants, coordinates, and muchmore (great graphing practice!) Phet : a math and science website that can beused to manipulate data Createagraph: a great site that teaches typesof graphs and what type of graph isappropriate for particular data ChartGizmo: online database for createdgraphs (great place to store graphs you wantto keep!)
  7. 7.  MathVids : online videos that helpreinforce math concepts VoiceThread : a great tool to usecommunicate math concepts withpictures and words Crickweb: online math resources, reviewgames, and math concepts for gradesK-8. Great resource for students thatstruggle or need reinforcement of earliergrade level concepts
  8. 8.  MathSnacks Math6Testing Prep Area of Rectangles Test Review Pre-Algebra Middle School MathHD Animoto ScootPad Prezi Tactillis Proportion Solver Freddy Fraction Show Me Number Line Motion Math Middle School MathPro Virtual Manipulativesfor iPad
  9. 9. When it comes to deciding which Web 2.0tools to use, just keep in mind they aremeant to enhance the learningexperience and be student –centered, not take away from thelearning!!
  10. 10. In addition to all the resources mentioned,there are even more found in the followinglinks:http://www.protopage.com/egaunce#Untitled/Bookmarkshttps://delicious.com/#eringaunce2