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Capability Scotland, a Scottish charity dedicated to disabled people around Scotland commissioned us, in partnership with the University of Dundee, to identify ways in which volunteering could be made sustainable. My team and I were associated with an area that we thought was fundamental to the successful running of the charity, Assessment Volunteers.

Assessment Volunteers in relation to Capability Scotland would be defined as a person who is disabled or has a relationship with someone who is disabled. They have various means of Assessment, a 1 in 4 Poll and most importantly, the MIND panel. These allow the voice of the disabled, the clientèle of Capability Scotland to have their say. The MIND panel helps to decide policies for Capability Scotland for internal use and also to lead legislation change in Scotland.

We employed classic ethnographic techniques to acquire the information pertinent to the success of the project such as face-to-face and phone interviews, attending and scribing at the \'Access to Justice\' conference in Edinburgh, November 2009 and the use of observation when applicable. With the information gained from these field excursions we were able to provide Capability Scotland with actionable insights they could apply to their charity.

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Sustainable Volunteering

  1. 1. Assessment Volunteers Daniel, Mark, Himanshu, Caoimhe Daniel, Caoimhe, Mark, Himanshu
  2. 2. ‘nothing about us without us’ International Disability Movement Why are Assessment Volunteers important to you?
  3. 3. “Gives me a voice” “CS is a caring Organisation” Why are you important to Assessment Volunteers?
  4. 4. Induction Enhance Recruitment Opportunities Rejuvenation Embracing New Media Incorporation of Skilled Volunteers Actionable Insights
  5. 5. MIND Panel Members 1 in 4 Poll Members Mystery Shoppers MIND Panel Observation Access to Justice Conference Capability Scotland Research & Policy Team 1 in 4 Poll Manager (Scotinform) What We Did, Who We Talked To
  6. 6. Who Are Your Assessment Volunteers?
  7. 7. Charlie - Volunteering allowed him to use his postgraduate education. - Volunteering helped grow experience and confidence. - Moved into a paid role within Capability Scotland. - Interest in MIND panel, can’t always attend as short on time. - Enjoys his work with Capability Scotland and being able to make a difference.
  8. 8. Hazel - Approached Capability Scotland through contact. - Specific project in mind. - Became involved with Capability Scotland as a volunteer. - Brings skills, would like to learn new ones and grow in experience. - If more people knew what Capability Scotland do, they would be more interested in volunteering. “CS should change the perception of volunteering that you have to stand in a shop”
  9. 9. Gregory - Contacted Capability Scotland to learn about managing his disability and became a service user. - Involved for around 15 years. - Enjoys diverse experiences and being able to contribute. - Was active member of MIND panel and 1 in 4 poll. - Personal issues – health , finance and organisational changes. “I started volunteering because I wanted to give back”
  10. 10. Teenagers Young Adults (under 30) Parents & Carers Who could be your assessment volunteers?
  11. 11. Themes
  12. 12. Recruit Reach Awareness Recognition Employment Purpose Voice Methods Contact Paths Clarity Induction Training
  13. 13. Changes Difficulty Resources Expenses Staff Travel Retain Communicate Networking Feedback Voice Mentality Pooling Withdrawal Constraints Situation
  14. 14. Inclusion Value Contribution Self Esteem In the Loop Attention Empowerment Activism
  15. 15. Induction Enhance Recruitment Opportunities Rejuvenation Embracing New Media Incorporation of Skilled Volunteers Actionable Insights
  16. 16. Induction - Should be a structured process to enter Capability Scotland. - Volunteers should have a clear understanding of their roles. 11/19/09
  17. 17. Recruitment - Opportunities Induction - Should target specific groups (such as young disabled people). - Should make volunteering opportunities more prominent (on website/at conferences). 11/19/09
  18. 18. Rejuvenation - Induction - MIND Panel should be tailored for specific skills and interests. - Younger volunteers and Parents/Carers should be included in MIND Panel and 1 in 4 Poll. 11/19/09
  19. 19. Embrace New Media - Induction - Tools should be used to connect to new and existing volunteers (Facebook/Twitter/etc). - Should speak directly to volunteers to allow a more personal approach (Blogging/Podcasts/Youtube). 11/19/09
  20. 20. Skilled Volunteers - Induction - Should use volunteers to supplement Capability Scotland staff. - Should match volunteer skills to specific needs within the organisation. 11/19/09
  21. 21. Induction Enhance Recruitment Opportunities Rejuvenation Embracing New Media Incorporation of Skilled Volunteers