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Reckitt Benckiser’s IS Manager for South Africa, Mr.
Shafqat Suri, sums up: “In a world full of economic uncertainties, it is important
that effective cost controls without sacrificing productivity are put in place. eTravel is a
step forward in that direction which allows functional heads to manage and control their
travel budgets with a click of a button, without introducing too many documents/formalities
in the process. It has widely been appreciated and embraced by the organization due to its
flexibility and user-friendly interface.”

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TimeTrax eTravel CaseStudy - Reckitt Benckiser

  1. 1. EfroTechwww.efrotech.com Easy Travel with eTravelwww.TimeTrax.com.pk
  2. 2. Easy Travel with eTravelOur world today has changed a great deal with the aid of information technology. Thingsthat were once done manually or by hand have now become computerized operatingsystems, which simply require a single click of a mouse to get a task completed. With theaid of IT we are not only able to streamline our business processes but we are also ableto get constant information in real time that is up to the minute and up to date. Easy Travel with eTravelOverviewReckitt Benckiser is a global force in household, health & personal care, delivering everbetter solutions to consumers.The company has sales of over £5 billion consistently growingahead of the industry due to its leading brands, practices and cutting edge solutions, itsoperations in over 60 countries including Pakistan and sales in 180, and its highly motivatedmultinational management.Business needForced to have state of the art Travel Management System, to improve efficiency andongoing saving of money and time, Reckitt Benckiser sought a solution which could keeptheir HR & Admin departments focused on their core tasks by avoiding redundant chasing Integratedof travel agents, line managers and employees themselves for documents, approvals, forms Attendance,and photocopies. Payroll, LeaveSolution: & TravelEfroTech teamed with Reckitt Benckiser to put in place a one of its kind web-based Travel Managementauthorization and document sharing application helping them efficiently manage andmonitor travel documents, itineraries, calendars, costs and authorizations. A solution tailoredfor both domestic and international traveling. Underlying these developments is a forward-thinking infrastructure and a part of operational strategy from Reckitt Benckiser that givesunparalleled operational flexibility and lowers operational costs.Business Benefits* Reduced indirect costs: Dramatic reduction in indirect costs by automation of processes 02 EfroTech www.efrotech.com Easy Travel with eTravel
  3. 3. and workflow. Control on spiraling costs before they get out of hand.* Improved compliance: Improved compliance with the company’s travel policy andnegotiated travel contracts.*Paperless Environment: Not only does this solution create a virtually “paperless” officeenvironment as far as travel documentation is concerned, authorizations have become lesstime consuming and travel costs are available online for analysis by functional managers.* End to End Solution: An end-to-end solution requiring virtually no development oradditional interfaces. Easy Travel with* Maintain Travel Calendar: Not only a travel workflow tool that manages authorizations eTraveland monitors travel costs, it also acts as a link between the organization and the travelagents; maintains the travel calendar of the employees and the organization; keeps a trackof the expenses and acts as the employees’ travel manager.* ERP Integration: The solution has been integrated seamlessly with the core SAPapplication.Why IT MattersReckitt Benckiser, with the help of EfroTech embedded these leading new categorymanagement practices and processes in their businesses: A travel management infrastructureto fundamentally change its administrative model, joining the pool of very few companiesin Pakistan adopting such type of an automated solution. This innovative tool makes it Integratedeasy for corporations to configure business rules that extend the reach of business process Attendance,automation throughout and beyond the enterprise and it also positions Reckitt Benckiser Payroll,to leverage the flexibility of its industr y-leading practices and tactics. Leave &Solution Components Travel Management* Manages Travel Work Flow and Authorizations* Shares information electronically with Travel agents* Tracks travel costs* Travel Calendar is available Online* Employee’s Electronic Travel Manager“Workflow” – A new horizon in ITYouve probably heard the term workflow. But do you understand what it means and what 03 EfroTech www.efrotech.com Easy Travel with eTravel
  4. 4. it can do for your company?Workflow automation provides several business benefits: allows for optimum efficiencyin delivering information, ensures completion of transactions, tracks the efficiency ofprocesses, and provides positive returns to the company. Workflow automation usuallydoes not lead to staff reductions because new positions are created to support the newprocess automation Easy Travel withFew words more about the Solution eTravelWith the new pre-trip approval feature employees can:* Request travel authorization directly on the web-based sy ste m* Provide electronic approval or rejection for travel requests* Maintain their personal travel information* Notify travel agentsManagers/ Functional Heads can approve, reject or request modification of the trip. Onceapproved, the business trip is then routed for ticketing. Travelers are notified throughoutthe process.Traveling agent also contributes by making reservations as per requirement,with best possible choices. IntegratedStepping out of the Box Attendance, Payroll,Organizations competing in todays business environment are examining every option forstreamlining business processes and improving profitability and efficiency. Every process Leavemust be smooth and should add value to the company. To meet that goal, few organizations &in Pakistan have implemented workflow applications to drive functions and business Travelprocesses to their utmost efficiency. Hats off to Reckitt Benckiser ’s IT personnel for Managementenvisions this way of reducing indirect cost and time - which are normally not taken intoaccount. This was best exemplified by the decision to break from the routine practice ofinternal procedures of traveling. Reckitt Benckiser ’s objective was to align its internalsystems and processes in a way that wouldgive employees more comfort and peace for such activities which ultimately provide morefocus and control over their primary jobs so they could bring their best out. 04 EfroTech www.efrotech.com Easy Travel with eTravel
  5. 5. Benefits realizedEfroTech worked closely with Reckitt Benckiser and lived up to the expectations by providingsimple, interactive, and user-friendly solution that would encourage both senior managementand front-line employees to support the process. First responses from users, including theheads, confirmed that the solution is very user-friendly. Users were also surprised at howfast the whole process took place with such ease. See how the Reckitt Benckiser ’s MR.Shafqat Suri IS Manager, adds up. “In a world full of economic uncertainties, it is important Easy Travel withthat effective cost controls without sacrificing productivity are put in place. eTravel is a eTravelstep forward in that direction which allows functional heads to manage and control theirtravel budgets with a click of a button, without introducing too many documents/formalitiesin the process. It has widely been appreciated and embraced by the organization due to itsflexibility and user-friendly interface”. Integrated Attendance, Payroll, Leave & Travel Management 05 EfroTech www.efrotech.com Easy Travel with eTravel
  6. 6. TimeTrax OverviewServing over 500 satisfied clients with this robust Human Resource Management system acrossPakistan in 27 cities and deployed in 17 countries across the globe; including UAE, South Africa,Korea & Brazil, with embedded payroll logic for various industries, TimeTrax is the ultimate softwaresolution for Integrated Attendance, Payroll, Leave & Travel Management. We are proudly assistingcompanies in building transparency into employee productivity for the last 14 yearsContact Us Easy Travel withHead Office eTravelAddress Suite # 301, Progressive Center, PECHS, Shara-e-Faisal, Karachi.Phone +92-21-34389620-2 +92-21-32043020-1Fax +92-21-34389623Email info@efrotech.comLahore OfficeAddress 523-A, Faisal Town, Opp. Jinnah Hospital, Lahore.Phone +92-42-36115220Fax +92-21-34389623, +92-42-35164696Email lhr@efrotech.com Integrated Attendance, Payroll, Leave & Travel Management 06 EfroTech www.efrotech.com Easy Travel with eTravel