TimeTrax CaseStudy-CNBC Pakistan-SamaaTV


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Case study of implementation of TimeTrax - HCMS at CNBC and Samaa in Pakistan.

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TimeTrax CaseStudy-CNBC Pakistan-SamaaTV

  1. 1. EfroTechwww.efrotech.com CNBC & Samaa acquire TimeTrax to reform their Human Capital Management and physical Access Control.www.TimeTrax.com.pk
  2. 2. CNBC & Samaa acquire TimeTrax to reform their Human Capital Managementand physical Access Control.Client ProfileCNBC is the world leader in business news and information, breaking the major stories CNBC & Samaaof the day and providing viewers the world over with insight, detailed analyses and real- acquire TimeTraxtime access to market data as well as minute to minute indispensable business information to reform theirand interviews with business leaders. Human Capital Management andOwned by Vision Network Television Limited, a Pakistani Company, CNBC Pakistan hasaccess to the global CNBC network. While broadcasting with state-of-the-art studios and physical Accessproduction facilities from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, CNBC Pakistan transmits live Control.programming in both Urdu and English from a Pakistani perspective 24 hours a day, 7 daysa week. The channel is already poised as the most important media outlet in Pakistan forthe economic sector, reflecting the sustained growth and opportunities in the nation’sfinancial markets.SAMAA is the first private satellite news channel providing live transmission simultaneouslyfrom Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta and Peshawar. The channel is launched underthe banner of Jaag Broadcasting Systems (Pvt) Ltd. SAMAA presents up-to-the-minute Integratednews bulletins and insightful political analysis, with programs ranging from social issuesto health and technology. Attendance, Payroll, LeaveThe Challenge & TravelWith over 7,000 employees at multiple locations & bureaus across the Pakistan including ManagementKarachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and Islamabad, both TV channels needed a time andattendance system that could provide much more than time savings. The management atCNBC& SAMAA required a system that would provide them with the knowledge to makecritical workforce decisions, fit in with their company culture, increase the accuracy of theirattendance data and allow payroll to focus on more important issues than filling out tediouspaperwork.Both channels’ admin department was encumbered by legacy procedures that required thefirm to manually track employee time and attendance by paper records. This outdated and 02 EfroTech CNBC & Samaa acquire TimeTrax to reform their www.efrotech.com Human Capital Management and physical Access Control.
  3. 3. laborious process required over thousands of manual entries that produced errors thatcould only be corrected through complex data verification processes. They were lookingfor a solution for tracking employee’s time that would drastically reduce paperwork andincrease the companys efficiency and productivity through improved data accuracy.Additionally they required a system that would allow easy access with highest possiblesecurity & safety for staff and the many visitors that use the venues daily. CNBC & SamaaThe objective was to properly identify people, and verify their identity through an acquire TimeTraxauthentication process so they can be held accountable for their actions. They also wanted to reform theirto assure that only authorized individuals are able to access premises in order to protectthe confidentiality and integrity. Human Capital Management and physical AccessThe Solution Control.ith these goals in mind, Jaag Broadcasting Systems under which both TV channels are runresearched several companies before moving forward with TimeTrax. Jaag BroadcastingSystems needed a robust and flexible program, one that seamlessly fits into their technicaland HR constraints and would work with their existing payroll, required a cutting-edgetime and attendance platform. Even more challenging, the finance department requiredan easy-to-use solution that was capable of integrating with their payroll because simplychanging was not an option. Jaag Broadcasting Systems evaluated many solutions, butultimately settled on TimeTrax Time & Attendance due to the cost benefits & distinctive Integratedfeatures associated with this web-based solution. The thing they liked about TimeTrax is Attendance,that the system is simple, straightforward, and intuitive. They thought it was cost-effective Payroll,and giving the right value of their money and it was a good match for them. Leave &The TimeTrax system calculates the time each individual has worked based on pay rules, Travelrecord their arrival and departure, providing managers with detailed information about Managementattendance records, absenteeism, overtime including holiday and leave pay. Employees useTimeTrax provided custom identification cards or id passwords to in and out.The BenefitsUpon deployment, CNBC& SAMAA realized immediate gains in productivity and reducedthe costs associated with payroll. TimeTrax system allows HR to shift the burden ofmaintaining and updating employee’s records across the entire organization. TimeTrax 03 EfroTech CNBC & Samaa acquire TimeTrax to reform their www.efrotech.com Human Capital Management and physical Access Control.
  4. 4. provides huge time savings and increases ability to easily view time off balances andattendance history.Key benefits of using TimeTrax:· Streamlines the process of time tracking/ workforce tracking· Tracks employee attendance from any location, any time, even from the convenience CNBC & Samaaof your home acquire TimeTrax· Centralized system for multiple branches to reform their· Flexible, tabular & graphical reporting Human Capital· Significantly reduced the time taken to process payroll· Improved productivity and employee morale through increased access to employee Management andinformation physical Access· Increased accuracy and the need for regular data audits by eliminating paper processes Control.By adopting a web-based solution to time and attendance tracking, CNBC& SAMAA wasable to meet the demand of their growing offices and increase the timeliness along withaccuracy of their payroll process - without having to invest significant time and IT resourcesto make it happen. With the days of the paper-based, manual processes behind them,CNBC& SAMAA work on driving costs down and accelerating their business forward.Access control Integrated Attendance,Jaag Broadcasting Systems (Pvt) limited who manages the CNBC& SAMAA Pakistan’s Payroll,private satellite news channels providing live transmission required a system that wouldallow easy access with highest possible security & safety for staff and the many visitors Leavethat use the venues daily. After they looked at many other systems they installed the &TimeTrax which allows easy control of who is allowed access through any controlled Travelpoint at any time of any day. ManagementWith over 20 control points including Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Queta, and Islamabad,the idea of installing the Access Control system was to increase the Safety and Security oftheir premises and its occupants. They have a very huge staff including presenters, anchors,news casters, celebrities and guests from every discipline of countries specially politiciansand government officials who come for talk shows and invited for other programs eachday, they all require very high safety measures so the protection of them is a highest priorityfor CNBC& SAMAA’s managements. The benefits of such a system instead of lock andkey is the capability to interrogate the software as part of an investigation or access enquiry. 04 EfroTech CNBC & Samaa acquire TimeTrax to reform their www.efrotech.com Human Capital Management and physical Access Control.
  5. 5. Who went where and when basically, results of such enquiries are on your computer withina minute of inputting the desired information.It is very obvious that why Jaag Broadcasting Systems (Pvt) Limited decided to installTimeTrax access control system because they wanted to be provided with the mostcomprehensive and state of the art system available in the market. CNBC & SamaaThe control points which include external and internal doors can be monitored and acquire TimeTraxcontrolled from the central security room. Since TimeTrax is Biometric access control to reform theirsystem and it is in favor of fingerprint recognition as the identification method, Biometricidentification methods have been experiencing an enormous upswing over the last few Human Capitalyears. Technological innovation has increasingly made it possible to detect biological traits Management andquickly and reliably and to analyze them at a justifiable expense and in high quality. The physical Accessuse of biometrics is a promising approach to solving the unresolved problem of many Control.security concepts. Staff can get access through fingerprints, RFID Cards or via their Id &password. However for visitors the door is opened from the inside once the visitor ischecked and verified who it is supposed to meet with. The visitors cards are also issuedat the security room contain their own company g raphics and logos.As well as the flexibility of the system which allows several Access Patterns along withindividual security ratings and the ease of use of this system is remarkable. Who has accesswhere, when, and for how long? You can aware of this all by TimeTrax integrated accesscontrol system helping protect your buildings, premises or assets against unauthorized entry Integratedor access. Staffs enjoy working with sense of security and both channels are providing the Attendance,very best facilities and services within the leisure and entertainment industry. Payroll, LeaveLeave Request Management – A Massive Advantage & TravelAdditionally, TimeTrax has offered a variety of helpful tools to reduce time spent on Managementpaperwork and increase visibility to CNBC& Samaa’s workforce. The Manager’s Dashboardprovides a quick overview of their entire workforce each day highlighting the number oflate arrivals, absences, timecards pending approval and leave requests. Specially, what theylike most about the system is the leave request function, their employees can go in, put ina leave request and it goes in to their manager automatically and can be approved.Previously, they used to get faxes and emails from any of their various locations in multiplecities on log sheets, which they would then have to enter manually. They have gone froma labor intensive, inaccurate system to something that is not only much more accurate, butprovides visibility to the data. Another key feature of TimeTrax involves workflow 05 EfroTech CNBC & Samaa acquire TimeTrax to reform their www.efrotech.com Human Capital Management and physical Access Control.
  6. 6. notifications.Managers are now able to receive customized email reports that are sent automaticallybased on specific events including unapproved timecards, leave requests and late arrivals.Ultimately, management achieved their objectives by selecting TimeTrax to improve thevisibility of their workforce, increased accuracy and improved user acceptance of their timekeeping. CNBC & Samaa acquire TimeTrax to reform their Human Capital Management and physical Access Control. Integrated Attendance, Payroll, Leave & Travel Management 06 EfroTech CNBC & Samaa acquire TimeTrax to reform their www.efrotech.com Human Capital Management and physical Access Control.
  7. 7. TimeTrax OverviewServing over 500 satisfied clients with this robust Human Resource Management system acrossPakistan in 27 cities and deployed in 17 countries across the globe; including UAE, South Africa,Korea & Brazil, with embedded payroll logic for various industries, TimeTrax is the ultimate softwaresolution for Integrated Attendance, Payroll, Leave & Travel Management. We are proudly assistingcompanies in building transparency into employee productivity for the last 14 years CNBC & Samaa acquire TimeTraxContact UsHead Office to reform theirAddress Suite # 301, Progressive Center, PECHS, Shara-e-Faisal, Karachi. Human CapitalPhone +92-21-34389620-2 Management and +92-21-32043020-1Fax +92-21-34389623 physical AccessEmail info@efrotech.com Control.Lahore OfficeAddress 523-A, Faisal Town, Opp. Jinnah Hospital, Lahore.Phone +92-42-36115220Fax +92-21-34389623, +92-42-35164696Email lhr@efrotech.com Integrated Attendance, Payroll, Leave & Travel Management 07 EfroTech CNBC & Samaa acquire TimeTrax to reform their www.efrotech.com Human Capital Management and physical Access Control.