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Case study of implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning application EfroERP at Sami Pharmaceuticals, in Pakistan.

Case study of implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning application EfroERP at Sami Pharmaceuticals, in Pakistan.

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  • 1. EfroTechwww.efrotech.com EfroERP deployed at Sami PharmaceuticalefroERPENTERPRISE RESOURCE OPTIMIZATION SYSTEM http://www.erp.net.pk/ SAMI Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Limited
  • 2. EfroERP deployed at Sami PharmaceuticalSAMI Pharmaceutical (Pvt) Ltd. is an established pharmaceutical concern involved in SAMI P har maceutical s (P vt) L imitedmanufacturing of variety of formulations catering major therapeutic areas.SAMI is ranked at No. 2 position amongst national manufacturers and at No. 6 amongstboth national and multinational manufacturers.Leaving behind originators, some of SAMI brands enjoy leadership and dominance in EfroERPimportant therapeutic areas like Rheumatology, anti infectives, narcotic analgesics etc. deployed at Sami PharmaceuticalThe ChallengeCompany had aggressive growth plans but was unable to support the expansion of itsoperations with existing manual management processes.SAMI Pharmaceutical needed a complete automated operating system built around anERP solution that would help manage every aspect of their business processes—frompurchasing and inventory to manufacturing and planning, sales (both primary & secondary),Quality assurance module for lab as well as time attendance with payroll, since there wasno integration to the other systems, the planning tools, such as, forecasting, MPS and MRP, efroERP ENTERPRISE RESOURCE OPTIMIZATION SYSTEMwere not utilized. There had been virtually no inventory management at Sami; informationon non-moving or slow-moving items and stock values was unavailable. Product costingwas accomplished through an off-line stand-alone system, the manufacturing managementsystem was completely manual, and the financial information was maintained on Excelworksheets, likewise the manual handling of attendance & payroll created number of issuessuch as time recording errors including mistakes with processing payroll.They required a single unified solution that could automate and optimize business operationsby integrating all data and processes to support profitable growth and to increase operationalefficiency.The SolutionSAMI Pharmaceutical conducted a very comprehensive survey for the ERP solutionavailable in market and evaluated that EfroERP had all the functionalities they needed, it 02 EfroTech www.efrotech.com EfroERP deployed at Sami Pharmaceutical
  • 3. is quite mature system indeed because it is already in used Celera International, EfrozeChemicals, Nawan Labortories besides other industries and on top of that EfroERP wasselected for few major reasons: SAMI P har maceutical s (P vt) L imited· A 100 percent Microsoft platform· An easy-to-use graphical interface· Proven track record· Strong customer references· Availability of strong implementation methodology EfroERP· Excellent support & analytical reporting deployed at Sami· Scalable open-architecture features that permitted the addition of users at any time. PharmaceuticalEfroERP enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a single, end-to-end solution that incorporatesa number of business critical functions including financial, manufacturing, sales, distribution,and inventory management capabilities. It also offers in-depth supply chain management,and enterprise performance management functionality.Other contributing factors included EfroERP’s low total cost of ownership, planning andprocurement features, and the functionality to enable a perfect pharmaceutical businessstrategy. The goal was to get a system that works, is easily implemented, expandable, andeasily modified. efroERP ENTERPRISE RESOURCE OPTIMIZATION SYSTEMEfroTech started module-wise implementation of EfroERP in phases; implementingEfroERP was a significant step in SAMI’s strategy to modernize their operations. Modulesare given below:EfroFinancials Financial Accounting System including GL, AP, AR, Fixed Assets & ProjectCostingTimeTrax Biometric Attendance and Payroll Hardware & SoftwareEfroHRMS Human Resource Management SystemapeXell Sales & Distribution Management SystemEfroICVS Inventory Control & Valuation SystemEfroERP Manufacturing Planning & Control SuiteEfro-Pro – Production Planning moduleEfro-QA – Quality Assurance moduleEfro-POC – Production Operations & Control ModuleSelection of the right enterprise solution is a strategic decision; EfroTech assures its clients 03 EfroTech www.efrotech.com EfroERP deployed at Sami Pharmaceutical
  • 4. of a host of core advantages, such as:· Streamlined business Operations, Increases Efficiency and Reduces Costs· Heightened visibility into manufacturing and supply chain operations SAMI P har maceutical s (P vt) L imited· Increased the quality, reliability, and consistency of information· Improved internal information & increased visibility, for better decision making· Improved Productivity and Cost Savings through Automated, Real-Time Inventory Control EfroERP· Decreased lead times· Optimal order capacity deployed at Sami· Increased on-time delivery from 35 to 85 percent Pharmaceutical· Increased competitiveness in pricing· Labor costs and overtime control & Streamlined the payroll process· Improved planning and reduced planning headcount· Increased accuracy level Improves customer satisfaction and Bottom LineEfroERP Solution & Services/More Facts about EfroERPLatest technology: An ERP system based on the latest Dot Net enterprise framework fromMicrosoft (highly recommended for enterprise level software applications).High-profile, experienced team: Headed by a professional having a direct background and efroERP ENTERPRISE RESOURCE OPTIMIZATION SYSTEMpresence in Pharmaceuticals – Having served as Director Supply Chain and DirectorMarketing & Sales – EfroTech offers a strong team of professionals offering sound expertiseof the industry and multiple system implementations, including MRPII based ERPdeployments.Built to your needs: An enterprise solution with a modular architecture, EfroERP offersyou the advantage to go for the entire solution or select specific system modules as peryour current needs; adding more modules later on. Besides, we provide an added advantageof complete customization, a flexibility not offered by standard ERP solutions.Comprehensive documentation and graphical frameworks: As part of our consultingservices, you get detailed software documentation including analysis, features, user manualsand technical descriptions, along with graphical frameworks for each module that visuallyhighlight the flow and system interactions within a function. 04 EfroTech www.efrotech.com EfroERP deployed at Sami Pharmaceutical
  • 5. Result:SAMI Pharmaceutical today is a company set to take on the future. EfroERP will ensure SAMI P har maceutical s (P vt) L imitedmaximum scalability; they are ready to embrace aggressive growth. EfroTech’s .NET basedtechnology platform is sound and their ability to handle the growing needs has been greatlyenhanced. The implementation of the EfroERP has allowed Sami Pharmaceutical to reviewand improve its business process. EfroERPWith the infrastructure in place to keep up with new demands, Sami Pharmaceutical is able deployed at Samito reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, shorten cycle times, and experience faster Pharmaceuticalinventory turns. They can now forecast demand to suppliers, and even send suppliersforecasts for up to a year. They have dramatically decreased lead times, and increased on-time delivery from 35 percent to 85 percent, they are also able to track and control workforce& financials which was missing earlier. The EfroERP has provided them both the facilityand flexibility to deploy a highly configurable and adaptable materials requirements planning(MRP), which is vital for their increased manufacturing capacities and efficiencies. EfroERPcapabilities now deliver better manufacturing data and reporting, and have allowed themto improve the visibility of manufacturing function, including raw materials processing.These kinds of benefits have resulted in increased profitability and have allowed them toprovide more competitive products to their customers. efroERP ENTERPRISE RESOURCE OPTIMIZATION SYSTEMImplementing EfroERP has led to dramatic improvements in every operational area.Managers now have the most current inventory and costing models available to them atall times, so they can set competitive pricing that ensures profitability. EfroERP was morethan just a way to increase revenue. Enabling new business and growth strategies, enhancingtheir technology infrastructure, and integrating their operations all equaled one thing forSami Pharmaceuticals: increasing the value of their business. 05 EfroTech www.efrotech.com EfroERP deployed at Sami Pharmaceutical
  • 6. EfroERP OverviewEfroERP, following the optimization framework ARROW by EfroTech is a fully integrated businesssolution that gives firms in various industries complete control over the planning and management SAMIof all facets of their operations, including accounting, manufacturing and distribution. P har maceutical s (P vt) L imitedContact UsHead OfficeAddress Suite # 301, Progressive Center, PECHS, Shara-e-Faisal, Karachi. EfroERPPhone +92-21-34389620-2 deployed at Sami +92-21-32043020-1Fax +92-21-34389623 PharmaceuticalEmail info@efrotech.comLahore OfficeAddress 523-A, Faisal Town, Opp. Jinnah Hospital, Lahore.Phone +92-42-36115220Fax +92-21-34389623, +92-42-35164696Email lhr@efrotech.com efroERP ENTERPRISE RESOURCE OPTIMIZATION SYSTEM 06 EfroTech www.efrotech.com EfroERP deployed at Sami Pharmaceutical