eFront 3.6 - What's new


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What is new in eFront v3.6

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eFront 3.6 - What's new

  1. 1. Key new characteristics
  2. 2. Faster, Faster, Faster eFront 3.6 is 3x faster than the previous major version. We have worked on improving the system from the core whilst ensuring ample room for future enhancements
  3. 3. User dashboard• A brand new user dashboard, offering a quick overview with everything linked to the user
  4. 4. Social extensions• The new eFront comes with a rich set of social tools that facilitates the communication and social learning process (including Facebook integration)
  5. 5. SCORM 2004• eFront 3.6 comes with support for the latest iteration of industry standard SCORM 2004 (4th edition)
  6. 6. Advanced reports• A diverse selection of reports have been added to this eFront edition. In addition to previous report types you can now find time-constraint reports, events reports, branch reports, participation reports, certificate reports and group reports
  7. 7. Smart Communication• Customized communication emails, triggered by a wide range of events with personalized details
  8. 8. Payments• Integrated payment support has been improved to offer balances, vouchers and season discounts
  9. 9. Themes• Revamped to offer advanced theme functionality, the new eFront can take any shape, color or size. You can also customize the theme according to the browser or mobile device.
  10. 10. Advanced lesson parameterization Share folders, clone, copy-properties or restrict participation are just a few of the advanced lesson parameters
  11. 11. Archive• Move old users and lessons to the Archive without actually deleting them. You can restore a user or lesson, to the main system at any point.
  12. 12. Smart Upload• Upload PDFs in folders structure and let eFront transform them to a working content tree. Folders’ names will be used as units name.
  13. 13. Certifications revampedThe new eFront brings new features to certifications. Certificates cannow have an expiry date with a compulsory repeat course option.You can also search for certifications based on the certification ID orgenerate a number of certification based reports.
  14. 14. Auto update• Hassle free, web-based updating integrated to the system
  15. 15. Learn more
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