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  1. 1. BUCHMESSE THE LEIPZIG BOOK FAIR http://www.leipziger-messe.de/LeMMon/buch_web_eng.nsf Next event 15-18.03.2012DESCRIPTIONThe Leipzig Book Fair is the most important spring meeting place for the publishingand media sector and has evolved into an attractive hallmark both in Germany andacross Europe. In a nutshell, the aim of the Leipzig Book Fair is to drum up morepublicity for books. Held every March, its a massive draw for publishers, writers,readers and journalists. An ideal communication platform, the Leipzig Book Fairprovides extensive information about new publications as well as current and futuretrends in the German-speaking and European markets.Segments of the publishing and media market are presented as exciting thematictopics aimed at specific target groups. Publishers come face to face with aninquisitive public and interested trade visitors. Meanwhile, Leipzig Reads is Europesbiggest festival of literature and features more than 2,000 events held at 300 differentvenues.In spring 2010, the Leipzig Book Fair was attended by 2,071 publishers from 39countries and attracted 156,000 visitors. It was also covered in the media by 2,985journalists.Read on to learn more about specific highlights of the Leipzig Book Fair - and comeand explore the varied world of publishing from 17-20 March 2011.NOTEFive good reasons for you to take part at the fair:1. The Leipzig Book Fair has huge potential:With more than 2,000 exhibitors and 156,000 visitors, the industrys most importantspringtime get-together in the German-speaking world gives you direct access toreaders, authors and professional partners involved in book marketing, in thefacilitation of literature and the promotion of reading. 45,000 of visitors are tradevisitors and professionals, among them 7,151 booksellers and around 19,800 schooland day nursery teachers. This guarantees you the best possible opportunities tocreate and strengthen long-term customer loyalty. And with a traditionally strongCentral/Eastern European focus, the fair also serves as a gateway to the east.2. Presences here enjoy high levels of media impact:Our promotion and press activities for this specific industry provide backing for your
  2. 2. presence before, during and after the Leipzig Book Fair. In addition, around 3,000journalists come here from all over Europe to report on the industrys get-together.3. The Leipzig Book Fair is an action-packed event:As Europes biggest literary festival with more than 2,000 events featuring 1,500authors, "Leipzig Reads" gives your company the opportunity to introduce authors,new products and programmes direct to a very receptive public which is young, well-educated and willing to travel far to be in Leipzig. Alongside the Exhibition Centre,the large number of fascinating reading venues transforms the entire city into a giantstage, promoting still further the unusually communicative atmosphere of the BookFair.4. Perfectly satisfied exhibitors91 percent of the exhibitors of the Leipzig Book Fair 2010 want to take part at the fairin 2011 again. 92 percent consider their participation at the fair as a success. And 91percent want to recommend the Leipzig Book Fair. Anyone exhibiting at the LeipzigBook Fair is entitled to the best possible care. We are here for you for yourappearance with a comprehensive selection of services and can also take over manytasks for you, so that you dont have to do the organising. And if any queriesremained unanswered – just ask! Were happy to help.5. Leipzig - the trade fair venue for your appearance:The technically sophisticated Exhibition Centre in north Leipzig is well connected totraffic routes and with its modern architecture, provides a suitably prestigious settingfor your presentation. At the same time, the Leipzig Book Fair is laid out on the basisof short distances, offering exhibitors and visitors a compact and easily accessibleformat.REGISTRATIONThe registration-forms for the next book fair are not yet available.Forms for the year 2011: 1. Anmeldungsunterlagen / Exhibitor registration form 2. Allgemeine Teilnehmebedingungen / General conditions of participation 3. Technische Richtlinien / Technical guidelinesAttachedPRESS RELEASESFor the press releases see the following link:http://www.leipziger-messe.de/LeMMon/buch_web_eng.nsf