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Bus 460 ipo presentation_e_franco


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. SenzaGlutine (G-Free-To-Go) Mobile Food Vendor
    Edwin Franco, Principle Owner/Operator Contact: 917-692-6320
  • 2. What is Gluten-Free?
    Gluten-free is lifestyle. A healthy alternative for people affected by food allergies and in need of good eats!
  • 3. Who We Are…
    SenzaGlutine is New York City’s first all-gluten-free food truck. Created by co-founders Edwin and Catherine Franco,
    SenzaGlutine (Without Gluten) burst onto the oversaturated street vendor market in New York City and has taken the city by storm!
    G-free chocolate chip pancakes, pancetta-stuffed scones and Spanish omelets prepared fresh daily satisfy the morning hunger of New Yorkers affected by food allergies.
  • 4. Who We Are (Cont’d)…
    Living gluten-free is a lifestyle choice which most businesses in New York have not capitalized on, until now.
    After being diagnosed with Celiac disease, the Francos took matters, and their health, into their own hands. Dissatisfied with the lack of gluten-free meal options in New York City restaurants, Chef Catherine recreated some of her favorite recipes using all gluten-free products (flour, pasta, etc.) and reintroduced her famous dishes to family and friends.
    The Francos have developed a menu that can stand up against some of the best eateries NYC has to offer.
  • 5. What We Offer…
    SenzaGlutine (G-Free-To-Go) offers gourmet gluten-free meals for breakfast and lunch at affordable prices ranging between $4-5 for a complete breakfast and $6-8 for a complete lunch.
    The breakfast menu consists of fresh g-free bagels, rolls and pastries along with our own twist on classic egg dishes. Our Caribbean/Hispanic heritage is at the forefront of our menu
  • 6. What We Offer (Cont’d)…
    The lunch menu consists of classic grilled sandwiches and panini sandwiches made on g-free breads from NYC’s premiere gluten-free bakery, Tu-Lu’s Bakery on the Lower East Side.
    G-free soups and salads as well as Spanish rice bowls will also be available on a daily basis. Every week, a new specialty dish created by Chef Catherine will be introduced during the breakfast and/or lunch run.
  • 7. Where We Fit In…
    Unfortunately, our business venture doesn’t fall within the parameters of other publicly traded companies.
    Nasdaqand AMEX do not have categories nor industry listings in which I may find a comparison.
    The closest I have found is the NYSE Consumer Services industry listing under the Travel & Leisure sector; subsector Restaurants & Bars.
  • 8. Where We Fit In (Cont’d)…
    Here we find major restaurant chains with national and international locations and distribution. Companies such as Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG), McDonald’s Corporation (MCD), Morton’s Restaurant Group (MRT), Ruby Tuesday, Inc. (RT), and Wendy’s/Arby’s Group, Inc. (WEN). These companies are in a completely different league, but realistically, as a mobile food vendor, these are the chain restaurants we are competing with.
  • 9. Location, Location, Location!
    In NYC, it’s all about location! From where you park your truck to where you set up shop. Our target: The Upper East Side
  • 10. Financial Projections
    We originally projected a 5%-6% rate of growth for the next three years.
    (Please refer to our income statement).
    Our current sales indicate that we are on track to meet our first year goal of $450K in total sales.
    Through expansion of our catering venture, SenzaGlutine can surpass the second and third year projections by an additional 5% in total sales.