Classic Movie Analysis Research Paper


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Classic Movie Analysis Research Paper

  1. 1. Classic Movie Analysis Research PaperYou are going to choose a classic film from the list below to analyze. These films are consideredclassics for different reasons and are the films that helped define the decade in which they werecreated or were ground-breaking in some way. You are going to answer the question: why is thefilm considered a classic, groundbreaking, or important? Through watching the film andseeing what “experts” say about it, what was makes this film good and what has been itsinfluence on future films? Much of this will be your analysis of the film after watching it.Why do you think it is good based on analytical observation. You will then look at what the“experts” say about your film and use that research to prove your thesis.You are going to need to watch the film (and for research purposes, it would probably be best towatch it more than once). Pay attention to details like dialogue, colors used, character portrayal,etc. Make notes because you will need to use examples from the film in creating the argumentabout why the film is good. Remember, the film is your primary source, and the research is whatyou use to prove your argument. I want an argument based on analysis, NOT a list of facts aboutthe film. Do not rely on memory to write the research paper. Watch the film!I do not want everyone doing a handful of the movies, so you will have the opportunity to chooseyour movie, if there are more than two (2) people who want to do the same movie, I will drawnames to see which two get to choose that film. Some of these films might be rated R; if youchoose one of these, you must have permission from your parents to use the film.Requirements:The paper must be 5 pages in length and in 12pt Times New Roman font. Anything less thanfive (5) full pages in length will result in a 5 point loss to your grade. You must use three (3)secondary sources and one primary source (the film) in your analysis.List of Films:Charlie Chaplin Short Films (silent films)The Jazz Singer – 1927 (musical)Metropolis—1927 (German sci fi)42nd Street—1933 (musical)King Kong--1933It Happened One Night—1934 (comedy)Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs—1937 (cartoon/animation)Gone with the Wind—1939 (historical drama)The Wizard of Oz--1939Stagecoach—1939 (Western)Citizen Kane—1941 (drama)Casablanca—1942 (drama/romance)The Bicycle Thief—1947 (Italian neorealist)Singin’ in the Rain—1952 (musical)Vertigo—1958 (Hitchcock/suspense)Pscyho—1960 (horror)To Kill a Mockingbird—1962 (drama)
  2. 2. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner—1967 (drama/race relations)2001: A space Odyssey—1968 (adventure/myster/sci-fi)The Godfather—1972 (drama)One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest—1975 (drama)Jaws—1975 (drama/horror)Rocky—1976 (drama/boxing)Close Encounters of the Third Kind—(drama/aliens)Star Wars—1977 (sci fi)Apocalypse Now—1979 (war—Vietnam)Raging Bull—1980 (sports/boxing)Do the Right Thing—1989 (drama/race relations)Good Fellas—1990 (crime/mafia/drama)Toy Story—1995 (animation)Saving Private Ryan—1998 (war)The Blair Witch Project—1999 (horror)Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon—2001 (Chinese film)Pan’s Labyrinth—2006 (Mexico—fantasy)Persepolis—2007 (foreign film)The Hurt Locker—2009 (war—Iraq)Lab Dates: Mar 28, 29, 30; April 9, 10, 11, 12, 13Point Values and Due Dates: • Due ________--1st 4 Analysis of Information Sheets with articles due (quiz) • Due ________--2nd 4 Analysis of Information Sheets with articles due (quiz) • Due ________--Preliminary Thesis • Due _______ --Outline (quiz) • Due _______--Final Draft – two (2) test grades**The paper must be turned in to as well as turned in as a hard copy. If you do notturn it in to by the due date, five (5) points will be deducted from your grade, and itwill not be graded until it is submitted.NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR A PAPER BEINGLATE. IF YOU MUST BE ABSENT ON THE DUE DATE, YOU MUST HAVE SOMEONETURN IN THE PAPER NO LATER THAN 3:30 P.M. ON THAT DATE. I WILL NOT ACCEPTAN EMAIL COPY OR A TURNITIN.COM COPY; YOU MUST HAVE A PRINTED COPY TOME THAT DAY.Your signature below indicates that you have read and understand the requirements for the 10th graderesearch paper. Your signature also indicates you understand the film must be viewed at home, and if thestudent chose a rated R movie, he/she has your permission to use the film for the research paper.____________________ __________ ________________________________Student signature Date Name of Film for Research Paper____________________ __________Parent Signature Date