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Panado - PR Event
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Panado - PR Event


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We were asked to come up with an interactive event for the South African pharmaceutical brand Panado.

We were asked to come up with an interactive event for the South African pharmaceutical brand Panado.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Corporate Communication Tools Assignment 1
  • 2. The Value of PR in Brand Building • PR agencies are responsible for protecting, enhancing or building a brand’s reputation through the media. • Focus on the brand’s strengths and translate them into positive media stories. • Incorporates the concepts of image and relationship building between brands and their publics. • Voice of a brand and is there to persuade all stakeholders to maintain a certain (positive) view of a brand and its products or services. • When a brand is in the news for the wrong reasons, proper a public relations programme can be implemented to save them and change how the public sees them.
  • 3. The Brand’s Current Situation • “Adcock Ingram is a leading South African manufacturer, marketer and distributor of healthcare products with a market capitalisation of R10 billion.” (Adcock Ingram, 2013). • Adcock Ingram has a broad range of brands under Pain (Panado) Colds and Flu, Personal Care and Supplements. • One of its better known brands is Panado. Panado came out number 1 in the ‘Medicine’ category of the Icon TGI Brand Survey, and also number 1 in the ‘Headaches’ category of the Sunday Times Top Brands Survey last year.
  • 4. So what is it about this brand that makes it “The GP’s Choice”? • Been around a long time • Trusted family brand But, we don’t see any advertising of the product anywhere and it is seen as boring. A great way to increase awareness of the brand is to launch an interactive event. They will be perceived in a new (and much better) light if they target a specific segment.
  • 5. Objectives • Increase brand awareness and improve perception of the Panado brand amongst the target audience by 10% within the next year. • Develop an integrated marketing campaign that will make the Panado baby range the no.1 mild medicine for childhood pain relief in South Africa by the following year. • Increase sales of Panado products by 15% within the next year.
  • 6. Current Target Audience Target Audience Problem/Symptom Benefit/Solution Babies (Parents) Fever Mild medicine Executives Stress Fast acting pain relief Young girls Period pain Extra strong Students Hangover On the go
  • 7. Proposed Target Audience I have decided to focus on the paediatric range and target parents as I think there has been a significant increase of baby expos and “mommy bloggers” in SA and it would be beneficial for a brand like Panado to latch on to this trend. Demographic Parents, mostly female. Aged 25-35. LSM 6-10. They enjoy blogging and/or are active on social media.
  • 8. Brand Message Panado is the first choice for childhood pain relief.
  • 9. Activities Event: Exhibition Stall and Talk at the Mama Magic Baby Expo which occurs annually in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.
  • 10. I would like to have a Panado stall at the expo with ambassadors and promotion materials.
  • 11. There will be a presentation in the auditorium done by the Brand Manager of Panado who will discuss and showcase Panado baby range: Infant Drops, Paediatric Syrup, Children Meltabs Solutions for stress and pain relief for parents: Panado Tablets, Capsules, Meltabs and Effervescents.
  • 12. The presentation will be comprised of: Brand Manager introducing products and also talking about what the parent brand Adcock Ingram has contributed to organisations and communities (Corporate Social Investment initiatives).
  • 13. A knowledgeable South African Paediatrician (one from each city) will give a talk, share tips and answer any questions the parents might have. This will be someone who has charisma like Oprah’s Dr Oz. They will also actively recommend Panado as The GP’s Choice.
  • 14. A TV presenter and parent as a celebrity endorser and brand ambassador (e.g. Dr Michael Mol and his wife).
  • 15. A popular mommy blogger to share her stories.
  • 16. A parenting expert or journalist.
  • 17. Child minder and toys for kids area.
  • 18. Complimentary food and drinks available (e.g. decorated cupcakes from a popular bakery in each area can be sponsored).
  • 19. The event will be promoted mainly online, using:  Press releases sent out to associated brands.  Event listings on websites that parents are known to frequent, e.g. Parent24.  Event listings in Your Pregnancy, Your Baby, Baba & Kleuter, Mamas & Papas magazines.  Event listings on local radio stations during the “What’s On” programmes.  Short radio ad on family radio stations.  Insert on Great Expectations parenting television programme (eTV).  Panado freebies in parenting magazines (e.g. Infant Drops in Pregnancy magazine).
  • 20. Mommy blogger-drop invitations for event:  These will be cute and attractive hard copy invitations/packages that contain some of the Panado baby products that match the lifestyle or needs of each blogger (and also some stress relieving tablets for the moms).  Bloggers will be encouraged to blog about what they received and mention that Panado will be at all the Mama Magic Expos in the 3 main cities.  Links to the blog posts will be Tweeted and Shared on Facebook by the bloggers themselves and Panado. Bloggers will also run Giveaways (e.g. tickets to the events) which will create hype.  Examples of popular bloggers: Natasha Clark of Raising Men, Vanessa Lewis of Nina Say Cheese, Stacey Vee of Living Lionheart, Celeste Barlow of The Reluctant Mom.
  • 21. Budget Plan for all 3 events Wages for representatives R 5 000 Travel expenses R 1 000 Air travel R 5 000 Printing costs R 10 000 Delivery (invites) R 500 Corporate Identity R 10 000 Display materials R 20 000 Exhibition space R 35 000 Brochures and other literature R 5 000 Radio ads R 50 000 Prizes for giveaways R 1 000 Freebies R 1 000 Celebrity endorser R 10 000 Photography/Videography R 5 000 Media relations R 5 000 Opinion research R 1 000 Catering R 5 000 Labour R 1 000 Child minder R 2 500
  • 22. General feedback Asking subscribers of Panado Facebook page what they thought of event. Press publicity Asking journalists and mommy bloggers to do a write-up and give an honest opinion of the events. Online returns Calculating amount of times the event or anything related to Panado was searched for online, also how many people read the mommy bloggers posts, commented on Facebook posts or Shared and Tweeted links to the events. Evaluation
  • 23. Sales results Analysing sales of baby range pre and post-event to see if there was a significant increase. Opinion polls and surveys Gain feedback through Mama Magic Expo. Subjective internal meetings Brand Manager and Sales and Finance departments sit down together and discuss the effect of the events.
  • 24. Thank you.