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Fleet presentation

  1. 1. eFM FleetManagement www.efmnet.com
  2. 2. Substainable business mobility: Services The proposal solution has an operational approach and is based on the services integration of:01. Audit & 02. Supplies 03. Process 04. Government Business case overhaul Reengineering services • Actual state of •Fleet sizing •Process re- • Implementation of cost and services •Supplies engineering coordinating central levels analysis negotiation realization for: •Improvement •Definition of •Implementation of 1. continue proposals service levels for integrated system improvement of •Elaboration of vehicle rent, with suppliers and service levels, economic and insurance policies, business systems 2. reduction of financial plan fuels, suppliers costs, maintenances, 3. costs etc. certification, ARCHIBUS 4. safety and Fleet Mng security improvement, 5. Fleet use and Mobility scheduled localization maintenance optimizazion Consulting Consulting Consulting services services services Coordinating central 1
  3. 3. Substainable business mobility: Components To reach the objectives of optimization of use, availability improvement, costs reduction and business procedures compliance, Efm has created a complete solution through 4 principal components.Consulting services Coordinating ARCHIBUS Fleet Vehicle localization Management and mobility CentraleFM can count on differentialcompetences (commodity andorganizational advisory,informatics and technicalconsulting), to grant, through This solution includes thetheir complementarity and The most complete Software most uptaded technologies:integration, the final result for to manage : • control unit for thethe client Integrates all the operators geolocalization • Base inventory and who contribute to business• Cost analysis and offer reporting • OBD2 for the market mobility: • Vehicle booking and use synchronization of the• Benchmarking • Vehicle rent firms •Vehicle maintenance informations • Oil companies • Vehicle localization and• Supplier appraisal and • Mobile communications creation of accredited • Machine shop routes • Insurance firms for the mobility-info registry • Consumptions and • Road services management• Purchasing strategies emissions definition and specifications with the integrated • Contracts and bill books •ERP System for the management systems, • Insurance and car administrative activities• Management process Rrengineering (purchase, optimizing processes and accidents Those systems give essential government and monitoring) monitoring service levels to • Business security information for the• Supplies monitoring and grant a full government of the • Costs re-debit management efficacy and cost certification activities. • Business fleet budget procedure iter efficiency. 2
  4. 4. Substainable business mobility: eFM solution plusReport scheduled send to verify if there were anomalies in vehiclesuse. Used drivers are Speed, Consumption and Kilometers done.In addition reports give evidences of vehicle use (week days andweekend), and the property of vehicle (given or shared).Service desk is always avalaible to support users in case ofbreakdown, vehicle finding and accidents signal. Service desk is alsoable to contact security force in case of accidents.Information e-mail sending to point out a danger:•a vehicle moves without a personnel allocation•a vehicle takes a fine•a vehicle allowed to operate only in the week days moves in theweekend•A vehicle has an elevate consumptionReal time display of localization and changing position of vehicles.The device installed on the vehicle forwards to service managementthe position every 500 meters or every 5 seconds. 3
  5. 5. Differential elements: VigilanceOne of the keys to monitoring the correct use of business fleet is theVIGILANCE Respect of highway code monitoring With the device installed in the vehicle is possible to monitoring in real time speed, consumptions and position Accelerometer verifies the impact causes The device is able to record all dynamic movements of the vehicle. The information registered allow to reconstruct accidents dynamics. Accelerometer in case of emergency The device is able to forward a message to road services in case of an accident. 4
  6. 6. Accident Management In case of an accident the system forwards the information directly to the coordinating central.In case of an accident thecontrol unit sends all theinformation to thecoordinating central ))) The central identifies the position of the vehicle andamong the position and contacts the driver orthe accident dynamic. activates the road services. Registered data are integrated with the inspections of security force. Then the personnel profile is updated with those information. 5
  7. 7. Integrated and modular solution: composition and services Service desk is the link between management system and users. Thanks to this every information or anomaly coming from the systems is monitored. Service Desk Vehicle remote management in combination with the system wides management theme in terms of safety and security, and real time information. Benefits in service Radiolocalization management derive from the and GIS system localization With the system, the client can centrally manage vehicles and relative costs, optimizing vehicles use and maintenance. Management system Service base provide management processes, vehicles and costs analysis to give to the client visibility about possible economic criticalityConsulting services 6
  8. 8. EquipmentAll the vehicles are equipped to comunicate directly with the central software, theinformation among the route localization, maintenance state, etc.Vehicles position, speedand collisions areconstantly registered by Vehicles booking is donethe control unit via e-mail. This allows the keys coordinator Routes are directly transmitted by the system to the satellite navigator Vehicle associated barcode contains all the Tablet are used to identificative data of the verify the barcode and vehicle and its relative to effectuate maintenance state bookings. 7
  9. 9. Use Case: Operations integrated serviceIntegrated system is a useful tool both to vehicles management both servicesmanagement. A concrete example is the maintenance intervenctionmanagement in combination to the vehicles localization. Phase 5. Intervenction Phase 1. Service Desk Management Coordinating central receives an When the intervenction is intervenction request to apply done the operator closes the within 2 hours from the reception ticket and updates the management software Phase 3. Routes Management It’s possible to plan the shortest route through the GIS system and it’s possible to send the intervenction to the operator. Panda 1,4 KmPhase 2. RadiolocalizationThrough the managementsystem , the free nearest Phase 4.vehicle is detected and Intervenctionshown on the map. The operator does the assigned intervenction 8
  10. 10. Archibus Fleet Management: Standard Module System AdministratorThis role deals about background system data. This module provide the management of thefollowing information. Vehicle inventory Personnel and firm inventory • Vehicle class • Account • Vehicle type • Divisions • Vehicle • Department • Brand • Insert personnel • Model • Maintenance operators • Spare parts Module base data • Suppliers • Causes type • Repairs types Scheduled maintenance inventory • Costs • Scheduled maintenance (Procedures) • Scheduled maintenance (Steps) Fuel management data • Intervention planning • Ordinary maintenance activities • Fuel type • Oil firms Summary reports • Supplies registry • Divisions departments 9
  11. 11. Archibus Fleet Management: ActorsGeneral Operator Maintenance CoordinatorRequest vehicle allocation Actions:View personal allocations Create repair order Update repair orderCustody order coordinator View repair orderActions: View repair archive registryCreate allocation order Reports:Update allocation order View repair order per vehicleView allocation order View repair order per applicantView allocation order archive View overdued repair orderRequest allocation View repairs archive per vehicleApprove allocation View repairs archive per applicantReports: Parts inventory managementActive allocation ordersDelayed allocation orders Parts inventoryAlllocation orders archive SuppliersAllocation orders logs Parts for suppliersDelayed allocation report Parts and vendorsAllocation order per applicant Parts and alternativesAllocation archive per applicant Understock partsAllocation archive per vehicle Used parts per vehicle 10
  12. 12. Vehicle allocation Flow Chart Create custody order Approve custody order Refused Update custody orderRunning Interrupted Deleted Closed 11
  13. 13. Vehicle maintenance Flow Chart Create repair order Update custody orderRunning Interrupted Deleted Closed 12
  14. 14. International network with a domestic focus Microstrategy Dealer Aumenta il Associated to tasso di ARCHIBUS official dealer, sole Italian company ASSOIMMOBILIAREsuccesso delle certified AASOP (Archibus Application Services tue proposte Outsourcing Partner) partner of XC Excellence Club and the International Network KENEOS, excellence poles in providing SAP ™ services eFMis regulated by partner of IBM for the Asset Performance Management platform ENEL partner for energy certification Certified 13
  15. 15. HEADQUARTERSVia Giorgione, 59 Via Andrea Doria 300147 Rome 20124 MilanItaly ItalyPhone + 39 06 540 00 64 Phone + 39 02 76390291Fax + 39 06 540 61 16 Fax +39 02 76021863 marketing@efmnet.com 14