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Facility Management, Property Management, Asset Management, Energy Management, IWMS, ARCHIBUS

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English presentation

  1. 1. Le informazioni contenute in questo documento sono di proprietà del Gruppo eFM e del destinatario. Tali informazioni sono strettamente legate ai commenti orali che le hanno accompagnate, e possono essere utilizzate solo dalle persone che hanno assistito alla presentazione. Copiare, pubblicare o distribuire il materiale contenuto in questo documento è proibito e può essere illegale. “Pencil drawing of a Toronto city skyline” © SammyC /Fotolia Company Profilewww.efmnet.com
  2. 2. eFM profile eFM is leader in Italy for Real Estate and Facility Management and has won an Award as the Best Innovative Company in 2010.eFM was established in 2000 to provide consulting and outsourcing solutions for Real Estate and Facility Management.eFM integrates consulting, engineering and information competencies• 150 personnel:  70 IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) training certified,  7 PMP (Project Management Professional) certified by PMI (Project Management Institute),  5 top manager RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) certifiedeFM is a leader in integrated solutions for Real Estate Management leveraging its competence, experience andinnovation. Its successful vision is based on sharing excellent results with its Clients.eFM ensures improved operations, cost reduction, risk and time management processes and increases asset valueof its Clients.eFM has a significant international experience, it’s a member of a network of partner associations coveringhundreds of countries 2 Rome, November,2012
  3. 3. Main References and Service Markets Group Property Owners Corporate user Jinqiao project 20% 40%Global Service Providers 40% e a lu V n ctio o du Pr 2001 Average Growth: over 25% for year 2012 3 Rome, November,2012
  4. 4. eFM VALUE PROPOSITION eFM is leader in offering business solutions integrating the needs of all the stakeholders (Constructors, Property Owners, Service Providers) operating during all the building life cycle, from the initial design to the demolition Constructors Facility Service Providers DELIVERY DEMAND Property Owners Property Service Providers Users Commercial Service Providers eFM mission is to provide a thorough solution dealing with service design, management and control throughout the whole life cycle of the Concession in order to ensure: 1)Lower costs, thanks to economies of scale, Client and Supplier process integration, selection of the most appropriate suppliers 2)Designed Quality in line with the Delivered and user’s Perceived quality; 3)Uniqueness of information and impartiality of the data provided by an independent third party 4Rome, November,2012
  5. 5. eFM Partnership Microstrategy and SnapLogic Dealer eFM is a Business Partner of International Organizations (ARCHIBUS, Associated to CREA, SIEMENS, IBM, ASSOIMMOBILIARE CISCO) guaranteeing a worldwilde market ARCHIBUS Business coverage partner, the only partner of XC Italian company Excellence Club, certified AASOP excellence pole in (Archibus Application providing SAP ™ Services Outsourcing eFM services Partner)is regulated by partner of IBM for the Asset Performance Management platform ENEL partner for energy certification Is Member of the CREA Network Marketing partners 5 Rome, November,2012
  6. 6. CREA Network: Covered Market eFM is a founding member of an International Alliance, CREA (Corporate Real Estate Advisors) granting Real Estate and Facility Management solutions to multinational firms, optimizing centralized strategies, though preserving local specificities. Founding Members USA ITA Peter Prischl Mike Liddle Jean-Philipp Francisco Vazquez Nicola Martinelli Michael Redding (Managing Director (Managing Director at Rodrigues Medem (CEO at eFM) (Managing Director at at Reality Consult) Business & Facilities) (Partner at AgileOAK) (President at 3G Office) AgileOAK) •Real Estate & Facility Core business •Merger Optimisation • Market Perspectives •Corporate Architecture Management Consulting • Market Perspectives Support processes, •PFI advice and • Strategic Sourcing • Space Management •IT Solutions • Strategic Sourcing Real Estate and FM implementation • Benchmark Analysis • Strategic Workplace •Engineering Consulting • Benchmark Analysis business model Consulting et a rkeFM is a member of the CREA network, partner M edassociation that cover several countries and v eroffers services to large multinational companies. Co # CREA member countries # #CREA partner countries# 6 Rome, November,2012
  7. 7. eFM is the most awarded Archibus business Partner 2008 Washington • Application Excellence Award”: MPS - Ferservizi • Golden Circle Award: Massimo Ristoratore2012 Boston 2011 Orlando 2009 Scottsdale (Arizona) (Ferservizi); Roberto Cagneschi • Application Excellence (Monte dei Paschi di Siena);•Application Excellence Award: • Platinum Circle Award – Award : Siemens Health Giovanni La Bella (Eni Servizi).Salvatore Barile (Università degli Archibus “Hall Fame”: NicolaStudi di Salerno) Care • Best Customer Service and•Golden Circle Award: Martinelli • TIFM Visionary of the Support Award: 6 eFMBNL (Gruppo BNP Paribas) Year Award: Manital • Best Customer Service and ProfessionalsTIFM Visionary of the Year • Best Customer Service Support Award: 8 eFMAward: and support Award: 2 professionalsGiovanni La Bella (Eni Servizi)• Best Customer Service and eFM professionals • Application Excellence 2007 Marco Island (Miami)support Award: Award: Marco Polo Utility4 professional eFM 2010 Chicago • Application Excellence • Distinguished User • Distinguished User Award: Award : BNL Gruppo BNP Award: Aeroporti di Roma Università Bologna PARIBAS (ADR) • IWMS and TIFM Best • Application Excellence Practices Award: Pirelli RE FM 2006 New York City Award: Eni Servizi • Best Customer Service • Best Localization Team and support Award: 3 Players: eFM eFM professionals 2005 Scottsdale (Arizona) • Golden Circle Award: Enel 7Rome, November,2012
  8. 8. Asset Management •Due Diligence We offer integrated solutions to increase asset value •Appraisals •Real Estate Evaluation •Building Regularization 1.Asset & Property Management •Maintenance Management 2.Facility Management for CU •Lease management •Tax audits 3.Design and Engineering •IT processes 4.Global Service for GSP •Risk Management 5.Energy management 8Rome, November,2012
  9. 9. Efficiency and Quality for non-core services We offer integrated solutions to simplify •Service Design the non-core service management and increase quality •Service Procurement •Service Desk 1.Asset & Property Management •Asset Management •Service Control 2.Facility Management for CU •Space Management 3.Design and Engineering 4.Global Service for GSP 5.Energy Management 9Rome, November,2012
  10. 10. Successful Projects We create turnkey solutions for •Building design, engineering and urban clients’ projects planning •Financial plans, planning and cost control •Feasibility studies •Green Building •Environmental Engineering 1.Asset & Property Management •Urban Planning •Designing of technical specifications, manufacturing and construction 2.Facility Management for CU •Project management, job accounting and other services on site •Safety compliance to the Italian law 81/08 3.Design and Engineering •Risk Management 4.Global Service for GSP 5.Energy management 10Rome, November,2012
  11. 11. Performance Improvement We propose integrated solutions to •Service Desk manage business, including outsourcing •Equipment management •Planned maintenance 1.Asset & Property Management •Bids and Tenders •Estimated Costs 2.Facility Management for CU •Information System 3.Design and Engineering 4.Global Service for GSP 5.Energy Management 11Rome, November,2012
  12. 12. Sustainable Energy We offer sustainable solutions for •ESCO (Energy Service Company) production and energy management •EPC contractor (Engineering Procurement & Construction) •Feasibility analysis •Energy Audit •Energy Certification 1.Asset & Property Management •Energy Improvement •Energy Management •Remote control integrated with 2.Facility Management for CU ARCHIBUS •User profiles/consumption analysis 3.Design and Engineering 4.Global Service for GSP 5.Energy management 12Rome, November,2012
  13. 13. HEADQUARTERS Via Giorgione, 59 Via Andrea Doria 3 00147 Rome 20124 Milan Italy Italy Phone + 39 06 540 00 64 Phone + 39 02 76390291 Fax + 39 06 540 61 16 Fax +39 02 76021863 marketing@efmnet.com 13Rome, November,2012