Space Coast Clusters workshop presentation slides August 2011


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A slide presentation I gave to introduce a workshop on clusters for the Space Coast of Florida. More here:

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Space Coast Clusters workshop presentation slides August 2011

  1. 1. Space Coast Cluster Workshop August 23, 2011
  2. 2. Outcomes for TodayWhat we hope to accomplish ✓Think in new ways about the clusters ✓Understand the power of open innovation ✓Experience how to develop a strategy
  3. 3. The Big Picture ProsperityHow clusters -- innovatingnetworks -- can transform Productivitya regional economy Innovation Clusters Assets
  4. 4. Clusters transform our civic economyTo make our entire economy more productive
  5. 5. Clusters can create shared valueVital to our productivity
  6. 6. Two tasks1) Identifying clusters and 2) Activating clusters Identification: What are our assets and how are they connected? Activation: What is our strategy and what are our priority collaborative investments?
  7. 7. Clusters can find opportunities quicklyExample: Milwaukee Water Council
  8. 8. Milwaukee 7 Water Cluster CH2MHILL Private SectorPublic Sector Federal • Engineering services Joy Bucyrus Siemens GE UNDP Government DNR Veolia Great Lakes Water Advanced ITT MMSD • Water treatment equipment Chemical Systems • Water utilities M7/GMC Miller Coors • Ind. wastewater treatment City of Utilities • Intake quality, output quality PentairMilwaukee • Energy consumption • Filtering & purification Opportunities Procorp AquaSensors Thermo Fisher Scientific Water Council Water User • Water reuse & softening Sanitarie • Phosphate & radium removal Environmental • Wastewater treatment design • Algae control (& exploitation) Municipalities • • Removal of PCBs from lakes & rivers Storm water containment, Treatment/ • Road salt Processing/ Badger Meter Flygt • • Ship’s ballast – policy/enforcement Aquaculture Energy/Efficiency Softening Analysis/ • pumps • Ethanol production efficiency • Water meters • • Lake Michigan contamination Policy issues – metering/incentives • Tar sands water treatment Measuring/ • Meter reading systems • Elimination of boiler scaling • Increasing brewing efficiency Control • Increased efficiency of water heating • Speeding treatment for large volumes Pumps/ Valves/ Fall River UW-Madison • Increasing treatment efficiency Components Bioscience Processing/Treatment • Carmen Aguilar – microbiology •Municipal wastewater treatment •Reverse Osmosis • David Petering –metal metabolism –Storm water treatment •Softening –Reduced use of chemicals AO Smith • Val Klump •Ships ballast - treatment • Tim Ehlinger – aquatic systems Fluid Transport/ •Industrial wastewater treatment –Farm manure, food processing waste, metals •Treatment targets –PCBs in sewer pieps Civil & Ind. Engr. • Burlage – PCR environmental test –Utilizing sewer sludge –Desalinzation • Water heaters •Residential Water Treatment –Radium in ground water Marquette • Shangping Xu – safe drinking water • • Li, Jin – pollutant transport modeling Bravo, Hector – hydraulic modeling –Residential water treatment, home filtration –Residential Water softening without salt –Pharmaceuticals –Phosphate Consumer • Christensen, Erik – pollutants in water Detection • • • Amano, Ryoichi - CFD Pillia, Krisna – porous media modeling Kevin Renken- mass transfer • Joe Aldstadt – analytical methods Products • Sobolvev – biproducts utilization • Peter Geissinger – detection Monitoring/Detection • Doug Cherkauer – groundwater hydrology • Alan Schwabacher– pharmaceuticals in water • Jim Waples – water aging • Water security Kohler • Tom Consi – aquatic robots • Real time monitoring • Faucets WATER Inst. • Tom Grundle - harbors • Chen, Junhong – nano materials, sensors • • User detection systems Real time sensing for life forms • Materials, coatings, plating • Casting technology • Pharmaceuticals Chem & Biosci Materials • Rohatgi, Pradeep – adv. castings, lightweight, lead-free • Aita, Carolyn – advanced coatings School of Freshwater UWM • Gong, Sarah – polymer materials Science CEAS DOE Physics Funds Fluid Power NSF Foundations MSOEAcademic Institutions Rapid Proto Center NIH DoD Interior Partnerships • Sponsored Research Proj. • • Shared equipment Graduates Cluster Effects EPA Greater Milwaukee USDA • Workforce training • Shared resources/equipment • • Subcontractor/supplier Extramural grant support • Collaborative grants • Improved competitiveness Foundation World Bank • Philanthropic support • Translational science NOAA/DOC International © 2008, Brian D. Thompson, UWM Research Foundation Partners Funding Agencies 10/6/08 8
  9. 9. Beginnings on the Space CoastSpace Coast Energy Consortium
  10. 10. Strategic Doing accelerates trustBy moving people to action quickly
  11. 11. A core team leads the clusterThe team commits to principles of open innovation
  12. 12. Core TeamPrivately led with civicsupportCommitment tocollaborative innovation(creating shared value)Rules on informationsharing, confidentiality,governance emerge
  13. 13. Higher education anchorsColleges and universities can anchor the cluster
  14. 14. Others align to the clusterDevelopment organizations align to advance the strategy agenda
  15. 15. Build strategy portfoliosFive types of collaborative investment support a cluster
  16. 16. Build strategy portfoliosFive types of collaborative investment support a cluster Workforce Development Networks Commercialization Networks Supply Chain Networks Research Labs Marketing and Incubators Branding
  17. 17. Clusters can reach a take-offFive types of collaborative investment support a cluster Level of Cluster Effectiveness and Inflection Point Open Innovation Horizon 4 Agile strategy practiced Horizon 3 Strategy emerges Horizon 2 2 Open networks form Horizon 1 Conversation and mindsets shift 1 Time