OUEDI Strategy Lab November 2010


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OUEDI Strategy Lab November 2010

  1. 1. PURDUE OU EDI Advanced Strategy Lab Introduction to Strategic Doing Ed Homson Futon Center for Rqorn! Development Nwvlzlvber. NI 0 Slides and other materials are available here: http: //edi-strategx. netlioin Invitation Code: edi
  2. 2. Module I: Introduction and Orientation I5 minutes Strap on your googIes. ..lt's a whole new world EYE PROYECTION _ REQUIRED V Every few hundred years in Westem history, there occurs a sharp transformation. Peter Drucker. The New Realities (I989)
  3. 3. We are at the tail end of an 5 curve Prosperity Our Grandfather’: economy Time A new S Curve is forming 1.: Our Grandchildren‘: economy / ‘ Prosperity Our Grandfather‘: economy Time
  4. 4. In our Grandchildren’: economy wealth is created by open networks. .. Grandchildren’: Economy: Woallh aearedtry open network: a Prosperity ‘ Gnmdfamcn Economy: Weavm avafed by ‘borrumnd and mom! ‘ htararm-as Our Challenge: Find pathways to our Grandchildren‘: economy. ..l. inking and leveraging our assets
  5. 5. Exercise A: Guiding Conversations and C| osingTriangles Cathy / Lisa What did you leam from your experience of interviewing? Proworitv / - ( -~» “inn uuuumhn -' V086
  6. 6. Point the Finger: A Lesson in System Dynamics 0 Module 2 Kayaking in the Ocean: Strategy and Strategic Doing 30 minutes
  7. 7. We are at the tail end d an S curve when wealth has been created by lfuenrdliu Prosperity Not surprisingly. our civic life is dominated by hierarchies. ..Big organizations with clear boundaries Here's how we learned to operate in our Grandfather's economy. ..protect the boundaries Economic C , d Developmer-1. “(advent org‘-: nuaLons Boards Soc ai Saw: a Ch3"‘b€"3 0' Orgamnt om C°m"E’’-E M Federal Agen es Regional Par-n ng ’‘ H gher Edi. I nor: . Found
  8. 8. Here's how we are acting now that the networked economy is upon us. ..not much different Economic Development W°""°"<= Organizauons Boards C _ Chambers ol oi. ri. ies cum” 9 Federal Agenc es Regional Pam ng ‘: ‘ Organizations ’“' H gt-er Educ: lnstituuors Our states are covered with invisible fences that no longer work. ..but continue to constrain us / z.. . . ,_ 5 ‘"3 "'i V‘ How do we think and act strategically?
  9. 9. Strategic Planning evolved to handle strategy in large hierarchical organizations. .. A yndl grow at the top fllllt Z . .. 3&3‘! v. -‘,1 . . .‘»‘ - J» W, ; ‘ i A larger-group at the I r _ -—— bottom did the doing Result; A 3-5 year strategic plan that does not change and is hard to implement Strategic planning doesn't work in networks because networks have no tops or bottoms. ..No one can tell anyone else what to do . .i Wt. ‘veg: ‘p. ‘M "3" ’-w H r * hm. ’ 6'*"' ‘3.. .-. . ‘ ‘O'''‘ .9“ '¢""‘ 3.. .
  10. 10. We have developed Strategic Doing to develop strategies for loosely joined networks. ..collaborations we need to build a prosperous economy Strategic Doing is neither "top-down" or"bottom« up". ..lt combines open participation with leadership guidance Fubllc Parudpouoa Leadership Gulhnoe
  11. 11. By guiding conversations. Strategic Doing produces alignments and ‘‘link and leverage" strategies Strategic Doing focuses on answering four simple. but not easy questions. .. The , .‘ 4. . . Strategic Doing -' Cycle
  12. 12. Anyone who has planned a family vacation is familiar with Strategic Doing ~ 1- l. " i J‘, - . . "“-1,“"l‘~i" ‘ s r- i. .<3 ’ i _'; _ _, _l ___ , p '! A l 15;- all iiiiiiiiiii :1 ll As we answer core questions, we generate all the components of a Strategic Agenda and Action Plan x"~ V . -in I : :.t r ~~ Q 9 ‘~. ,. .
  13. 13. Strategy in open networks is never done. ..| t is a continuous process of experimentation and adjustment Ll l_J <_‘~ Ll L1 {.1 i. o"'“» ks’ U K. ) U u U CI .1 U L‘: _» so-soom Strategy in open networks is like paddling a kayak in the ocean. ..
  14. 14. Module 3: Why Civility Matters in Strategic Doing I5 minutes One of the key insights of Strategic Doing is that people move in the direction of their conversations Prosperity Vi-ars
  15. 15. Another key insighcThere are no rules of civility unless we create them intentionally 53P; ,?’o? }¥ 5;a, ‘.. -fig 1 ll, ;= ?eeace "" 35‘ wEM"°‘~"‘ » - ~i Duluth. MN Had mi-LVVI Rules of civility create the safe spaces we need to do complex thinking together. ..That's why the Framers focused on civility in May I787 P i i . 011"‘ ‘Q. ~_’. m/ kg‘ mwtulfi _'- -V . . . _ "H . - . &__Q. v
  16. 16. Exercise 8: Define five rules of civility for your community Module 4: Guiding Conversations with Strategic Doing Packs I5 minutes
  17. 17. It's hard to keep focused on the core questions of Strategic Doing. ..VVe use Strategic Doing Packs to keep people on target Strategic Doing Pack
  18. 18. Exercise C: Linking and Leveraging Assets to Define Opportunities Module 5: Defining Outcomes with Characteristics and Metrics 45 Minutes
  19. 19. Up until now, we have been exploring this question . _._, / / ' " Now we are here ‘ 11”. I / Yr 3, . . , 5 : Sxr'l‘-’'gr( Doing V “A . -— 1 C7( . - g . , / We start out with a basic proposition: In an open network. no one can tell anyone else what to do -¢T‘‘l
  20. 20. So how do we align a network? How do we get people moving in a common direction? How do we define a strategy? ’: :i J / ._ _-9 r/ ' ,2 / ' 1 if, 1”: “ _/ /' , - -~e_. ~.¢ / .. _ / "L , _. lf / ‘ Let's first step back. ..A strategy answers two questions: « An I I. Where are we going! and 2. How will we get there? / WA Pathway
  21. 21. Our first task is to define a shared outcome. .. In strategic planning we used the term “vision". ..But vision is often too weak, too vague to move a network To move in a common direction. people in a network first need an outcome that is clear, specific and measurable. ..start with clear characteristics
  22. 22. Examp| e.. .We define a “quality car" with clear characteristics Mrrnc lrtles pery. on (>10 mpg) Sufi: $t‘c'. y rung (hghest) Big enough for 4 people Interior capacity [leg room] Duality sound system ‘Bose or sir-mlar We can use due same approach to define clear outcomes for our education. workforce and economic development effom. ..ExampIe: “A leading state for talent development". .. Metric ‘Pcrcentof4 and 5 year olds in pr: -school ‘Reading scores Committed to post secordzry 'Nl§l| school gradumon rare and college education corltrtnxnon rate High educational mamnent ‘Post secondary certificates and degrees awarded
  23. 23. By defining clear outcomes wit: h measurable characteristics. Strategic Doing starts the process of aligning people in networks To understand how we can develop shared outcomes with very specific characterisu'cs. we need to explore the role perspectives p| ay. ..ln a word. everyone is watching their own movie. ..To illustrate. describe a coffee cup from different perspectives Ctuloldtelin No Manic - Suulrmdsnch-so Naunuu-m-. nu. u.. .4.~. -.». g
  24. 24. The draft CEDS stntegy document includes the Hawaii Digital Media Production and Education Center. ..How could we define the outcome for this Center in a way to align multiple organizations in a network! Characteristic University of Hlwil Employers ECODOHIDC Developers Workforce Devéopen Exercise D: Defining Outcomes Characteristics and Metrics
  25. 25. Modu le 6: Understanding Initiatives and Action Plans 30 minutes / :7‘-1. , T M i -°4~ K Sm: -'-zit Do-ng "fl qt» ': ‘"~'. ~“i. / ‘ Now we are here
  26. 26. A Strategy is composed of Strategic Outcomes that sit between vague visions and Projects (or initiatives) When: are we going? 01:»: ml we get there? Visions strategic p ‘ Outcomes "°l°‘“ ‘ :9 C. ':. E'; :’I -—~= .«» _, . iMyt| ru' __. . C. 1&0?‘ CI’! °'-""“*"‘"°' Cnno«hr~. .,»~, «r: -nu: how/ on v». mu 5,, ‘ 0,“. Enmxy. b-«-1 ctururtrmou ‘ Vague Specific Vxbm Ammo Wand dear W-need vague to move I outcomes to slap: tohbonthe network our network pvopecu to link and leverage our nut: Projecs define a pathway to our outcome u An 2
  27. 27. The best way to describe an initiative or project clearly is with milestones. ..Three is enough I! ksmne J Mlaznne 2 , jg" | l| A Pathway How could we define the pathway to establishing the Hawaii Digital Media Production and Education Center? 06§€lll"Jf= "m
  28. 28. AnAction Plan is even more specific. ..lt tells you who will do what by when. ..Action Plans only need to be for the next 30-90 days. ..Then they need to be revised. .. who is Responsble Target Date to Complete We need Acdon Plans to translate ideas into action and to figure out which way to adjust when circumstances change. ..as they will inevitably ‘Mk: V? ‘ ——A '. _,, .p. ... ..cavo-u.
  29. 29. Module 7: Defining a Process and Leveraging the Internet 30 minutes Now we are here / , A Ty‘. “’ : ‘ Simngic Dom. ~_ "V _, i_, l. ‘. CK ‘ . . l . ‘.. ;, /
  30. 30. Strategy in open networks requires continuous. fast adjustments. ..And ’ A _ continuous revisions and improvements ' __-: -I-C39. as we figure out “what works" 0 Ll u >—- 11 u - : i. o'“: U "’i. i" U 5' "'i.3” xx Li’ L, » Li u ~_r U U U ‘.7 Li D - 30-90 om To keep organized and not slip backward. it is helpful to leverage the power of the lnternet. ..Web 2.0 tools like blogs and wikis mmi sm«. —,z. c Do Form"
  31. 31. The lntemet helps keep the networks connected between face to face meetings Enpgemcnt Using the Internet 0 Avoiding the Internet Module 8: Putfing It All Together 30 minutes
  32. 32. It is possible to move forward with one sheet of paper um. .. : >.. ".~. .. u. .. ‘ A focus area is a big bucket. for your strategy. 91-“. i-. . A. .. i ': :_-1<_g-: «_->_r_- ix, Eadi focus area has one or nore ouzitorries. wl-ich algn your network cv. ... m«. ... . el 9. Qexnmu ind nan. Vi Each outooire needs clear clianctenstics * ‘ end metrics i. ... ... . . ».. .l . ..»_v. ...4.. . 0.. ... . W Eadn outonire has one or more nr. i:n-res to '' atheve ll . , . ... ,_-, , W Each project s d-: ’ned with key milestones is. ..-n». ,A. ... ..a. . ll‘ Each project has a 30-90 dzy action plan with : he first 30 days berig critical -. -—- ~< fi v —v - -‘—— ~ - - ~~—- ‘I, Eadh stratey needs regular reviews Using your Strategic Doing Packs or the Short Forrri. you can draft a Strategy in a matter of hours, not months
  33. 33. As you build out your strategy. you organize it with a "managed network" to keep track of initiatives and metrics Your strategy continuously evolves around core concepts Asset mabtwg Oppmunees ficvr ". -vim; are kverivgirig" / I ‘ 4' , Th- » i Ounrorrcs - Cnuraauisbu ["°""‘“" ‘ " ’‘ Stmwgic Do rg "V Mgmvv ~. '-’i : cm " V . . -‘ l """" . ’., , / "7 '. Sm. -:. -5»: ll'. in. "‘. '¢i k. ‘.'. vi have
  34. 34. *Create a safe civic space for complex thinking *Define rules of civility (because widi networks. civility is stratqic) *Remember that everyone is watching dieir own movie Key Points *Don't argue with the soreheads *Go slow at first. to go fast later *Guide the conversations with appreciative questions *Def'ine dear outcomes so people can see and feel where you are going Key Points
  35. 35. -Use metrics to learn what works ‘Focus on “What's nextl". ..End every meeting with clear next steps oDon‘t stop paddling Milwaukee 7 Water Cluster . . @. ® @"7"""""<: i:>
  36. 36. Thank you Ed Morrison edmon: is9n@piii: due. edu