Brief Introduction to Strategic Doing May 2013


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This is a brief introduction to Strategic Doing, a new approach to developing and implementing strategy in open, loosely joined networks. Unlike strategic planning with is relatively slow and costly, strategic doing is a discipline which is fast, agile, and lean.

A newer version of this prevention was developed in January 2014.

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Brief Introduction to Strategic Doing May 2013

  1. 1. STRATEGIC DOING A BRIEF INTRODUCTION WHY WE NEED NEW APPROACHES TO STRATEGY Ed Morrison Economic Policy Advisor Center for Regional Development | May 2013 Monday, May 6, 13
  2. 2. THE EMERGENCE OF NETWORKS WEALTH EMERGES FROM OUR ABILITY TO LINK AND LEVERAGE We are moving into a world in which wealth is produced by networks: global supply chains, open innovation, customer networks energized by social media, and so on. We need new strategy disciplines to design and guide these loosely joined networks. Strategic planning, born in the 1950’s and 1960’s met the needs of large, hierarchical organizations. Strategic planning does not work well to guide networks. We need new ways to build complex collaborations quickly. We are moving from a world of command and control to a world of agile collaboration. From command and control... Monday, May 6, 13 To agile collaboration...
  3. 3. AGILITY LEADS TO RESILIENCE AND AGILITY HAS BECOME THE CORE OF COMPETITIVENESS At the Purdue Center for Regional Development, we are deploying and testing a new approach to deigning and managing the complex networks that generate wealth in a regional economy. This new approach involves agile strategy, a discipline we call Strategic Doing. We need agility because conditions are continuously shifting. Economic turbulence has become a fact of life. Economic Turbulence Regional Strategy 3 Monday, May 6, 13
  4. 4. STRATEGIC DOING IS A DISCIPLINE NEW LEVELS OF PROSPERITY REQUIRE CONTINUOUS PRACTICE IN COLLABORATION Strategic Doing is a simple -- but not easy -- discipline to link, leverage, and align assets in a network. The process takes about a year to master with continuous practice and 30 day reviews. The approach accelerates “open innovation”. Prosperity Productivity Open Innovation Strategic Doing 4 Monday, May 6, 13
  5. 5. A NETWORK IS FORMING WHERE WE HAVE INTRODUCED STRATEGIC DOING Interest in Strategic Doing is exploding. Purdue is developing a national network of colleges and universities to support, teach and develop the discipline of Strategic Doing -- agile strategy for open, loosely joined networks. Purdue has been conducting workshops all around the country in regions seeking to regenerate their economies. Location of Purdue presentations and workshops in Strategic Doing 2009-2012 5 Monday, May 6, 13
  6. 6. TAKING THE NETWORK TO SCALE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ANCHOR AN EMERGING NATIONAL NETWORK We are developing a national network of colleges and universities to anchor the Strategic Doing network. These anchor institutions are providing the training and support needed to form complex collaborations quickly and keep them on track with measurable outcomes. Purdue, Michigan State and The University of Akron form the core of this network, and we are working with other universities as we build out this network. For more information, contact: Peggy Hosea 6 Monday, May 6, 13