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Building a Personal or Small Business Website with Django
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Building a Personal or Small Business Website with Django


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These are the slides to Eric Floehr's presentation at the October 2010 Central Ohio Python Users Group meeting. …

These are the slides to Eric Floehr's presentation at the October 2010 Central Ohio Python Users Group meeting.

There are lot of options when you want a website with things like easy content creation/editing (product pages, about pages, etc.), a blog, and maybe even Twitter status updates. Products like Wordpress, Drupal, and Plone come to mind. But you don't want to learn another new one-off app that you can't easily customize, don't want an enterprisey app, and being the Pythonista programmer that you are, you'd like it it Python and you'd like to build it yourself. That way you know all the ins-and-outs and can customize as you like.

From scratch, Eric will show how to build a CMS and blog using Django and best-of-breed reusable apps, demostrating best practices that will allow you to get a site up and working in the shortest time possible (I hope to talk for less than an hour) but allow for the maximum customization in the future.

I hope that you will leave the talk able to create your own personal or small business website that is powerful, customizable, and most of all, useful.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. The Goal: A Personal or Small Business Website
  • 2. Requirements: Static Pages Blog with Comments Easy to Edit Extensible
  • 3. Blog first: Wordpress (#1 by far) CMS first: Static HTML pages (#1 by far) Drupal Joomla!
  • 4. More Requirements: Python!
  • 5. Spectrum: Blogofile … Django … Plone
  • 6. There are 101 Ways to Make a Website... You will go MAD trying to figure out the “BEST” one for you.
  • 7. Django
  • 8. Django Concepts: MVC – Model Template View Project Application Models / Managers Templates / Context Processors Views / Middleware URL Dispatcher
  • 9. Tools: Python Virtualenv Pip
  • 10.
  • 11. 1. virtualenv –no-site-packages pyenv 2. source pyenv/bin/activate 3. pip install -e hg+ 4. mezzanine-project sample 5. python sample/ syncdb 6. python sample/ runserver A working site in 6 lines
  • 12. Admin On-page Editing Template Editing
  • 13. mezzanine.core mezzanine.forms mezzanine.pages mezzanine.settings mezzanine.twitter
  • 14. Django Debug Toolbar # pip install django-debug-toolbar # python debugsqlshell Already configured in Mezzanine
  • 15. Django Command Extensions # pip install django-extensions # python graph_models blog> # dotty # pip install werkzeug # python runserver_plus
  • 16. South # pip install south # python syncdb # python schemamigrations … --auto # python migrate ...
  • 17. You drive.