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Troopmaster Overview
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Troopmaster Overview


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A training presentation for using Troopmaster software to support Boy Scout Troop operations and record-keeping.

A training presentation for using Troopmaster software to support Boy Scout Troop operations and record-keeping.

Published in: Technology, Sports

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  • Good unit record keeping is easy with good software. TroopMaster will track: [CLICK] (1) Scout/adult personal data [CLICK] (2) Rank advancement [CLICK] (3) Merit badges and scout/adult special awards [CLICK] (4) Scout/adult training and leadership positions [CLICK] (5) Attendance at camps, hikes, service projects, [CLICK] (6) meetings, outings, and user-defined activity types [CLICK] (7) Fundraisers, such as popcorn sales and receipts [CLICK] (8) Order of the Arrow eligibility and membership [CLICK] (9) Merit badge counselors [CLICK] (10) Points of contact, such as district leaders, business references, volunteers [CLICK]
  • This dialog provides fields for the basic information on your unit, such as [Click] unit type (troop, team, crew), [Click] meeting place, and [Click] chartered organization. You can even enter a [Click] unit vehicle or [Click] attach a unit photo. [Click]
  • Selecting a specific activity displays this dialog. For each activity, [Click] you’ll enter a type, length, location, start time, and so on. [Click] Click the “Description” button to enter more details, such as a description of the service project or directions to a camp ground. The attendance marker [Click] is very flexible. Most of the time, you’ll probably use an “X” but you can enter a number if you want to give different scouts credit for a different number of nights camped, miles hiked, service hours worked, etc. [Click] In this service project example, this particular scout worked 3 and ½ hours. [Click]
  • … and has thus far completed the “Participation” and “Position of Responsibility” requirements. [Click] TroopMaster automatically monitors and credits these requirements for you and, for example, will automatically enter a completion date in the Position of Responsibility field when the scout has served enough time in valid positions. Similarly, when this scout completes six hours of service project time, the program will enter a completion date in that field. The scout has also completed three merit badges for this rank, [Click] two Eagle-required and one optional, so TroopMaster displays a message at the top of the dialog [Click] telling you that one of the two remaining badges must be from the Eagle-required list. As each scout completes merit badges, TroopMaster automatically places the badges under the appropriate ranks based on BSA advancement rules. That’s true whether you credit a badge through one of the rank dialogs or through the separate badge completion dialog. Let’s take a look at that dialog. [Click]
  • There are three parts to the paper report. [Click] This first part lists all scouts who earned awards during the specified time period. For each scout, the program lists merit badges, rank advancements, special awards, and/or service stars. Following this, [Click] the program lists adults who have earned special awards or service stars. [Click] The “R” flag on this award indicated that it was earned prior to the time period of this report but has not yet been reported to the council office. That sometimes happens if a scout forgets to turn in his blue card on time. If you prefer, TroopMaster will sort and print all of this data by award instead of by recipient. [Click]
  • The Scout Participation Summary will give you activity totals for each of your scouts for any desired time period. For example, [Click] this scout has attended 9 camps for a total of 23 nights, [Click] and 2 service projects for a total of 7.2 hours. [Click] Unit totals are displayed at the bottom. Optionally, [Click] you can get attendance percentages instead of totals. That makes it easy to spot a scout who’s attending all of the camp outs but very few of the fundraisers! This same set of reports is also available for your adults. [Click]
  • Transcript

    • 1. Troopmaster Overview Foothills District Roundtable October 13, 2005
    • 2. Troopmaster Overview
      • “Big picture” – we can cover more details at a later date
      • Concentrate on Boy Scout support in Troopmaster Millennium
      • Opportunity to streamline paperwork and enhance the Scouting experience for youth and adults
    • 3. Contact Information
      • Eric Flamm
      • Troop 772 (John Knox Presbyterian)
      • E-Mail: [email_address]
      • Phone: 770-552-8206
    • 4.
      • Scout/adult personal data
      • Rank advancement
      • Merit badges & special awards
      • Scout/adult training & leadership
      • Camps, hikes, service projects
      • Meetings, outings, other activities
      • Fundraiser sales and receipts
      • Order of the Arrow
      • Merit badge counselors
      • Points of contact
    • 5. What is Troopmaster (TM ME)?
      • Commercial database application
        • Troop-specific information
        • Scouting information
        • Forms
        • Reports
        • $34.95 for 1 st year; $19.95/year thereafter (unit-wide license)
        • Free download available for evaluation
    • 6. Troop-Specific Information
      • People
        • Youth
        • Adult Leaders
        • Merit Badge Counselors
        • Points of Contact
      • Unit Info
        • Patrols
        • General Info
    • 7. Unit General Information Unit Type Meeting Place Chartered Organization Vehicle info Unit photo
    • 8. Troop-Specific Information
      • Activities
      • Advancement
        • Ranks
        • Merit Badges
        • Special Awards
      • Activities
      • Fundraisers
    • 9. This dialog lets you review and edit a single activity Type, date, location, length, etc. Description Attendance marker 3.5 service hours
    • 10. Life Rank Dialog Participation, Pos’n of Responsibility, and Service Project req’ts are automatically monitored and credited when complete 2 Eagle, 1 Optional 1 more Eagle-req’d
    • 11. Scouting Information
      • Advancement
        • Rank Requirements
        • Merit Badge Requirements
      • O/A
        • Eligibility
        • Advancement
      • Training
    • 12. Forms
      • Forms
        • Input Troop-specific information
        • Update Scouting information
        • Print blank forms for gathering information
    • 13. Reports
      • Advancement
      • Participation
      • Unit Information
      • Miscellaneous
    • 14. Advancement Reports
      • Individual
        • History Report
        • Progress Report (towards next rank)
      • Unit
        • Target First Class; Target Eagle
        • Unit advancement status
        • O/A Eligibility; O/A Status
      • Administrative
        • Form 4403 (Report to Council)
        • Court of Honor support
    • 15. Target Eagle Report
    • 16. Scout awards and dates earned Adult awards “ R” flag
    • 17. Participation Reports
      • Individual Participation by Activity Type
      • Individual Activity Summary
      • Group Participation by Activity
      • Group Activity Summary
    • 18. Unit summary You can also request attendance percentages 9/23 2/7.2
    • 19. Unit Reports
      • Rosters – Youth, Leadership, Adults
      • Phone Lists
      • Unit Calendar
      • Vehicle Information
      • Recharter Support
    • 20. Miscellaneous Reports
      • Adult Training Status
      • Merit Badge Counselors
        • Counselors by Badge
        • Badges by Counselor
      • Mailing Labels
      • Many more…