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A fundamental presentation of the Slingshot SEO CLASS methodology. Given at DCU Techspectations Search & Social, November 2011.

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  • In the world of internet, content is defined as information shared by humans across the web through text, images, video and more. Search engines like Google and Bing evaluate content across many different media in an attempt to value each web page the way that a human might view it. After all, if a search engine bot can understand content like a human can, it will return better search results for humans.
  • PR is the strategic telling of a brand’s story in places where other people will notice it. This can include TV, radio, podcasts and other journalist efforts that may touch any area of content. In many ways, SEO is targeted PR.
  • We blog for our clients. You can do it for your own company website, or you can ask a professional SEO to author posts for you. We embed a link to our clients’ website inside the post. The red ovals highlight the linked text, in this case “shipping company”. We blog multiple times, in a variety of websites targeting different subject and audiences. Each post is dedicated appropriately to the subject. Never post the same blog entry in multiple websites. It’s bad for readers; it’s bad for SEO. It’s called, “duplicate content”. And search engines will give you all kinds of trouble about it if you do.Here’s another example and here’s the linked text highlighted in red, again.And of course, they both link to our client’s website.
  • Info-graphics are a great way to absorb information. So it’s no surprise that they are extremely popular with readers. And, what readers like, search engines seek out and give special attention to. We create hundreds of info-graphics for ourselves and clients every year. Be sure to link to your website (not necessarily your home page). Include an image tag that describes the contents of the inforgraphic with keyword rich textMake it easy for people to add the infographic to their websites. And promote it through social media channels
  • Search engines look to social media signals to see if you’re company, brand, product(s), or ideas are being discussed. Even if your target audience is not yet following you twitter, tweet regularly. Here are some ideas about what to tweet about. your company, products, news items, awards, events, weather & sports, welcome new employees, congratulate employees, colleagues, and customers on weddings, babies, new offices, product launches, promotions. Link to: blog posts, infographics, news items about you… and the occasional deal or special. Don’t sell.
  • Links from your business partners lend their credibility as a reference Google counts as credibility for your brand.
  • The magic of architecture happens beneath the surface.
  • Class presentation dcu 11.2011

    1. 1. Fundamental CLASSDublin City University, November 1, 2011Evan Fishkin, Head of R&D
    2. 2. Creating an Enterprise Methodology
    3. 3. Creating a Universal Methodology • Links • Content • Architecture • Social
    4. 4. 4
    5. 5. STRATEGY 5
    6. 6. Social / Link Profile / Architecture / Content / Strategy 6
    7. 7. 7
    8. 8. 10
    9. 9. • Blog often• Write relevant material• Make it interesting• Include a link to your site• Don’t force the link, make it natural
    10. 10. • Blog often • Link to• Write relevant your website material • Include• Make it interesting image tags• Include a link to • Make it easy to your site add to websites• Don’t force the link, • Promote through make it natural social media
    11. 11. Example:We have our shipping quotesystem down to a science…go explore here:
    12. 12. • Blog often • Link to • Tweet regularly• Write relevant your website • About: company, products, news items, material • Include awards, events, weather & sports• Make it interesting image tags • Welcome new employees, congratulate• Include a link to • Make it easy to employees, colleagues, & customers on your site add to websites weddings, babies, new offices, product• Don’t force the link, • Promote through launches, promotions make it natural social media • Link to: blog posts, infographics, news items about you… and the occasional deal or special. • Don’t sell.
    13. 13. Example:Add “worldwideshipping” tohttp://fedex.comExplanation:Doing so maypositively impactrankings
    14. 14. • Blog often • Link to • Tweet regularly • They searched• Write relevant your website • About: company, for it, have it material • Include products, weather • Be original, as• Make it interesting image tags • Link to: blog posts, often as possible• Include a link to • Make it easy to infographics, • Do not your site add to websites news items about advertise. Ever• Don’t force the link, • Promote through you …and the • Text:Code ratio make it natural social media occasional matters. To you deal or special. • Don’t sell
    15. 15. 20
    16. 16. The Art of HTML 23
    17. 17. • Redirects• Title Tags• PageSpeed • Load times• Sitemaps• Meta data• Image text
    18. 18. Title Tags URLsCanonicalHomepageMeta Data ImagesPage Speed 5 2 3 4 4 2 1 Score:
    19. 19. Guest Blog Posts Indexed Copies:735 Social Units* 36Infographic New Domain Links:Likes: 61Tweets: 104LinkedIn: 18 308Digg: 65StumbleUpon: 16Each Tweet, Like, Digg, etc. = 1 social unit
    20. 20. Questions?