BillingViews Global Survey on E-Billing Adoption-Sept 2011


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Highlights from the BillingViews global survey of communications service providers. Panelists responded to the question: What percentage of your customer base has adopted e-Billing? The survey found that Mobile operators have far outpaced Telcos in e-billing adoption. Mobile operators globally average greater than 50% as compared to just 17% for Telcos.

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BillingViews Global Survey on E-Billing Adoption-Sept 2011

  1. 1. Our Global Surveyon E-Billing Adoption<br />Customers Adopt E-Bills for Mobile<br />– But Not For Telco<br />October 2011<br />Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  2. 2. What is BillingViews?<br />BillingViews is the global home for billing expertise and intelligence in the communications and media industries.<br /><br />Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  3. 3. Who Publishes BillingViews?<br />Alex Leslie<br /><ul><li>Globally recognized billing and payments expert
  4. 4. Contributor to
  5. 5. Former Founder of the Global Billing Association</li></ul>Ed Finegold<br /><ul><li>Globally published BSS/OSS expert
  6. 6. Ghost writer and strategist for leading BSS providers
  7. 7. Former Editor-in-Chief of Billing World Magazine</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  8. 8. Our Panel<br />The BillingViews IT Strategy Council<br />Outreach to more than 200 Communications IT Leaders <br />All Are BSS Budget Holders <br />30 Respondents to this survey<br /><ul><li>63% Telco
  9. 9. 30% Mobile
  10. 10. 7% Next-Gen MSP
  11. 11. Largest groups of respondents from Western and Central Europe</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  12. 12. Questions & Answers<br /><ul><li>We asked a simple question:
  13. 13. What percentage of your customer base has adopted e-billing?
  14. 14. We received clear answers:
  15. 15. 33.7% Average Adoption Across All Panelists
  16. 16. 56.8% Average Adoption Among Mobile Operators
  17. 17. 17.2% Adoption Across all Telcos</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  18. 18. Deeper Look<br />Respondents by adoption rate<br /><ul><li>Half of respondents below 25% </li></ul>E-Billing adoption<br /><ul><li>80% of respondents at less than 10% adoption are Telcos
  19. 19. All respondents at greater than 50% adoption are mobile operators or next-gen MSPs
  20. 20. Growth anticipated in “All” category as MSPs increase that offer no option but E-billing</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  21. 21. Deeper Look<br />Findings By Region<br /><ul><li>W Europe Led All Regions With a 63% Average Adoption Rate
  22. 22. Adjusted average results in 54% adoption for W European Region
  23. 23. Eliminates high and low outliers
  24. 24. Middle East/Africa Trail at 4%
  25. 25. We take these results “with a grain of salt” because not all regions are balanced between Mobile and Telco respondents, but…</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  26. 26. Deeper Look<br />When sample is filtered to Telco respondents only:<br /><ul><li>Asian Telcos with Highest Average Adoption Rate at 25%
  27. 27. Surprisingly Low Adoption Among Western and Central European Telcos
  28. 28. North American Telcos beat average, but still demonstrate limited adoption of E-Billing</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  29. 29. Deeper Look<br />Focus on Western Europe<br /><ul><li>W Europe Respondents Were Balanced Between Telco and Mobile
  30. 30. Results Show Mobile Operators Far Outpacing Telcos in E-Billing Adoption
  31. 31. Average for mobile operators across regions excluding W Europe at 29.9%
  32. 32. Exceeds global average among telcos by nearly 13 percentage points</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  33. 33. Opinions<br />“Why do customers adopt E-Billing for Mobile But Not Telco Services?”<br />“I suspect that the mobile user is more likely to associate his service with being online, and thus subscribing to e-billing is a natural fit.”<br />Monica Ricci, CSG International<br />“The demographics of the mobility consumer include an on-line predisposition that is not prevalent in the more general population.”<br />Eric Nelson, <br />Synaptitude Consulting<br />“There’s a lot more investment going into the IT departments of wireless carriers to create and drive a compelling experience.”<br />Steve Bamberger, Netformx<br />“It is very likely that younger, tech-savvy users are underrepresented as a percentage of the telco customer population. The telco e-billing adoption rate would therefore suffer as a result…”<br />Ed Finegold,<br />BillingViews<br />E-billing “at almost any cost was a done deal, primarily because both the analysts and shareholders had now heard of (it) and were putting pressure on the MSPs to do it to reduce costs.”<br />Hugh Roberts<br />“Legacy telco billing runs 2 to 4 pages on average,” while “my mobile bill runs 90 pages minimum for the detail, and 15 pages for the summary.  I don’t want that every month.”<br />John Brooks, Subex<br />Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  34. 34. For the Complete Survey<br />Please visit:<br /><br />Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />