BillingViews Social CRM Series: Evaluating AT&T


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The first in a series evaluating major global telecom operators' Social CRM customer experiences. This first edition evaluates AT&T. Other major operators on the slate for the future.

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BillingViews Social CRM Series: Evaluating AT&T

  1. 1. Our Series on Social CRM<br />Case File #1: AT&T Corp.<br />Addressing usability, economics, and <br />channel management risks<br />October 2011<br />Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  2. 2. About Our Social CRM Series <br />Examines how Communications Operators engage customers on Facebook<br />Focuses on overall approach and usability issues<br />Identifies positives and negatives<br /><ul><li>Provides a checklist of practical improvements
  3. 3. Working to establish industry-wide best practices for Social CRM in communications</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  4. 4. FAQ<br />Why Facebook?<br />Because it is currently the most popular, consumer-facing social networking community in the world.<br />Why not Twitter?<br />Well, we may get there. We’re starting with Facebook.<br />What’s your purpose?<br />Social Networks are evolving and may become superb, low cost channels for customer engagement. We want to facilitate a dialogue about what is and isn’t working.<br />Isn’t this just fluffy, pop culture stuff?<br />It can be, but we aim to apply proven principles – channel management, user interface design, common sense – to call out useful lessons learned.<br />Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  5. 5. Case File #1: AT&T Corp.<br />Positives<br />(+) Commitment to Social CRM Channel<br />(+) More than 1.7 million “likes”<br />Negatives<br />(-) Legacy (expensive) approach<br />(-) Basic usability issues<br />(-) Inelegant integration to Online Self-Care<br />(-) “Search-ability” issues <br />(-) No governance of resellers or trademark<br />Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  6. 6. AT&T Positives<br />(+) Commitment to Social CRM Channel<br /><ul><li>Has embraced Facebook as a place to engage, inform, and care for customers.
  7. 7. Has a dedicated team of agents who respond directly to customer questions and comments.</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  8. 8. AT&T Positives<br />(+) More than 1.7 million “likes”<br /><ul><li>Shares useful information about products, promotions, and helpful tips on services to maintain dialogue with followers.
  9. 9. Has a healthy and active community of people talking about and interacting with company.</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  10. 10. AT&T Negatives<br />(-)Legacy approach <br /> (expensive)<br /><ul><li>Dedicated team of agents ‘putting out fires’.
  11. 11. Headcountintensive approach to an ideal self-help channel.
  12. 12. Duplicates a problem call centers already have; staff should not be first line of defense.</li></ul>“Social media care is often more costly than other means.” <br />Chris Bauccus, Director of Social Media, AT&T<br />Source: Pipeline, April 2011<br />Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  13. 13. AT&T Negatives<br />(-)Basic Usability Issues<br /><ul><li>Why is the link to Customer Care labeled “Welcome”…?
  14. 14. Too many menu items with no logical or intuitive organization
  15. 15. “Discussions” – a good self-care forum – is only visible when user clicks “more” on menu</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  16. 16. AT&T Negatives<br />(-)Basic Usability Issues<br /><ul><li>Another layer of clicks between users and the areas for shopping and accessing care tools
  17. 17. Too much screen real-estate consumed by a static graphic
  18. 18. Buried on a sub-page with no call-out in main menu</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  19. 19. AT&T Negatives<br />(-)Basic Usability Issues<br /><ul><li>Yet another layer of clicks between user and care
  20. 20. “More options” link only returns to previous page
  21. 21. Main action button takes user back to Facebook wall
  22. 22. Access to online self-care hidden “below the fold”
  23. 23. Too many clicks dissuade users from accessing tools, driving them to seek “expensive” help from reps via Wall or worse – phone!</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  24. 24. AT&T Negatives<br />(-)Inelegant integration with online self-care<br /><ul><li>All access to existing online care is two clicks from main page and hidden “below the fold”
  25. 25. Clicking on these links launches a separate window, forcing customers out of Facebook environment
  26. 26. No “social sign-on” option to access online care and account management; adds another barrier to care</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  27. 27. AT&T Negatives<br />(-) “Search-ability” issues <br /><ul><li>Search for “AT&T Wireless” brings up everything but AT&T Corp.’s profile
  28. 28. Hundreds of search results for everything from authorized resellers to imposters and hate groups
  29. 29. Even the AT&T Social Net app page does not link back to main corporateprofile</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  30. 30. AT&T Negatives<br />There are dozens of impostors such as this:<br />(-) No governance of resellers, impostors or TM<br /><ul><li>Resellers do not conform to any standards for Facebook “storefronts” – as they must in retail locations
  31. 31. Impostors abuse trademarks are not pursued; TM law in US is “use it or lose it”
  32. 32. Wall posts show that customers seeking AT&T Corp. are confused and seeking care from resellers and impostors</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  33. 33. Lessons Learned<br />Minimize clicks. Don’t create unnecessary barriers between customers and the care they seek.<br />Label things correctly. Label menus and buttons overtly; provide clear instructions; and organize by relevance.<br />Stay within the environment. Use Social CRM as an easy path to existing online care, but don’t force customers to leave the intimacy of the social network.<br />Govern the channel. Give authorized partners guidelines and tools for their social network presence. <br />Enforce trademarks and pursue impostors. Engage Facebook, or other social networks, at a corporate level to help. At the very least, report abuses to the site owner.<br />Make yourself easy to find. Customers may search for your brand in different ways. Make sure there are many ways to find your profile.<br />Get the economics right. Social CRM should be a low cost way to provide high-touch care. If it costs more per interaction than a call center, something is very wrong.<br />Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  34. 34. Coming Soon in Our Social CRM Series<br />Vodafone UK<br />Verizon Communications<br />Telefonica<br />Deutsche Telekom<br />America Movil<br />NTT DoCoMo<br />France Telecom<br />Telenor<br />And many more…<br />Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  35. 35. What is BillingViews?<br />BillingViews is the global home for billing and CRM expertise and intelligence in the communications and media industries.<br /><br />Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  36. 36. Who Produces BillingViews?<br />Alex Leslie<br /><ul><li>Globally recognized billing and payments expert
  37. 37. Contributor to
  38. 38. Former Founder of the Global Billing Association</li></ul>Ed Finegold<br /><ul><li>Globally published BSS/OSS expert
  39. 39. Ghost writer and strategist for leading BSS providers
  40. 40. Former Editor-in-Chief of Billing World Magazine</li></ul>Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
  41. 41. For Our Latest Surveys<br />Please visit:<br /><br />Copyright 2011. BillingViews. All Rights Reserved.<br />
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