Mind the Gap - A Pecha Kucha Presentation by Pravin Shekar


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Mind the Gap - A Pecha Kucha Presentation by Pravin Shekar

  1. 1. Pravin Shekar theMind Gap
  2. 2. The Great Indian Divide
  3. 3. Change is here. It is time to embrace it.
  4. 4. India has617,530,000*mobile users,as of May 2010*which accounts for 52.3%of the total population
  5. 5. Face-to-Face CATIEthnography SMS IVRS WAP/Application Based
  6. 6. SMS based survey mechanism 2-Way 2-Way Dialogue/Survey Dialogue/SurveyRespondent SMS Gateway Logic Handler Survey responses are deposited to the server Panelist is drawn from Online Panel
  7. 7. a gener at ion gap st udy amongst par ents and youth aged between 1 and 22 5a sms based appr oach acr oss two distinct Basic featur e of all phones, gener ation sets Anytime anywher e sur veys Quick Tur n- ar ound time Dr op outs possible due to congestion, Syntax dependent, Limited size, Mistaken for Ads, Response size limited
  8. 8. Application based survey (for Smart Phones) Logic HandlerRespondent Survey responses are deposited to the server Sample is drawn from Online Panel Application to be downloaded
  9. 9. To det er mine t he at t it ude ofDecision Maker s in employing Differ ently- abled people. Better TAT than online sur veys J ava Application based sur vey Anytime, anywher e sur veysSoftwar e and Har dwar e Compatibility issues, Dr op- outs due to congestion, Consider able costs involved in taking the sur vey
  10. 10. Automated Voice Response System Create voice files Script a in different languagesquestionnaire Call the Translate into various respondents languages
  11. 11. To solicit t he feedback of t hefar mer s and to find thepr efer r ed mode ofcommunicationV er y effective for scr eener s, shor tsur veys, feedback studies An ex cellent mode for collecting open- end data.The key is to keep the r espondent engagedand to connect him to a customer ser vicer epr esentative whenever r equir ed
  12. 12. Where does thisleave us?
  13. 13. When it comes to the developing nations,the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t work
  14. 14. What Next? Online Surveys at Government Kiosks - The InfothelaPublic-Private Partnership
  15. 15. What Next? WAP based surveysMobile Clinics
  16. 16. Push the green Ask any questions! An operator will And give you an Push the redbutton to start. (In look it up online immediate answer! button when you local language) are done. The Question Box is Open Minds initiative that helps people find Question answers to everyday questions like health, Box agriculture, business, education and entertainment.
  17. 17. The iPad Wave
  18. 18. “ You cannot reach a place of breakthrough without going through a period of breakdown - Robin Sharma in ‘The Leader without a Title’