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Mobile Monday Presentation April 2010
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Mobile Monday Presentation April 2010


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A presentation from EffectiveUI's Juan Sanchez on mobile UI design (presented on April 26, 2010, at the ATLAS Institute). Juan, part of the team behind EffectiveUI's Ideate iPad app, joined a slate of …

A presentation from EffectiveUI's Juan Sanchez on mobile UI design (presented on April 26, 2010, at the ATLAS Institute). Juan, part of the team behind EffectiveUI's Ideate iPad app, joined a slate of other mobile gurus for this Mobile Monday Colorado event.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. EffectiveUIJuan Sanchez | Experience Architect
  • 2. Who is this guy?
  • 3. EffectiveUI?
  • 4. EffectiveUI is a user experience agencyEffectiveUI is an award-winning, user-centered designand development agency that creates and implementscustom web, mobile and desktop applications fortoday’s most respected organizations.
  • 5. What EffectiveUI does• User Research• Competitive Analysis User Experience and Design• Use Case Development• Interaction Design Mobile Desktop Web• UI Development• User Acceptance• API Architecture API Legacy Systems
  • 6. 8 criteria for good user experience• provide valuable feedback• behave with consistency• behave in a familiar way• be obvious and efficient• be responsive and perform• help people and businesses accomplish goals• be brand consistent and elegant• be progressive and trustworthy
  • 7. EffectiveUI + eBay
  • 8. EffectiveUI + Herff Jones
  • 9. EffectiveUI + National Geographic
  • 10. EffectiveUI + Mobile
  • 11. Lessons LearnedMobile UI Design
  • 12. Mobile UI Design: Figure out what matters• What’s the “soul” of the app?• Find the true use for the application and what sets it apart from other applications• Mobile does not mean shrinking your website or app down, it degrades the experience• Can it be a web app?
  • 13. Mobile UI Design: What’s the use case?• How is this app going to be used?• Primary touch point?• Companion application?• Optimized UI for a larger app?• A lot of whats done with a mobile app informs the mobile or web appImage via
  • 14. Mobile UI Design: Device knowledge• Device prototypes• Made a wooden iPad to test before device was available• Go to Best Buy and play around with the phones, cameras, TVs, etc. Theyre a great device lab.
  • 15. Mobile UI Design: Appearance• “Small things” like app icons can make a difference• Metaphors can work• Design can win over features• Maintain focussed views• Don’t overwhelm*• Remember how people interact with devices: fingers• Long processes can be smoothed over with delightful interactions
  • 16. Mobile UI Design: Design jump starts• Use the native UI• Read the HIG and design guidelines• Follow established conventions• Dont follow established conventionsImage via
  • 17. Mobile UI Design: Help designers see• Get designers as close to the real thing as you can• Get them set up with the dev environment• Test and run on the simulators• Even better, get them loading on to a device• Show them what it means to implement their designs• Even let them add assets and commit :-O ?!??!Image via
  • 18. Mobile UI Design: Help clients see• Testing your design• Create a simple HTML website with hotspots and send the URL to a client• Email images to a client that they can load in their phone• Great way to show clients what their (and your) decisions meanImage via
  • 19. Mobile UI Design: Test, test, test• Test interactions• Gestures• UI overload/fatigue• Performance
  • 20. Any questions?