Sport Audience insights effectivemeasure SEA july


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Sport Audience insights effectivemeasure SEA july

  1. 1. Sports Audience - Southeast Asia ! July 2010! !"#$%&'&()*+&,)*+&'&-)*.)*&'&/01#)"2*0&'&304&5)26&'&78.*08&
  2. 2. July in Sport! July was a busy month for the international sporting calendar, it opened with the semi-finals of the Fifa World Cup which after a grueling month on the field came to a close on the 11th July with Spain on top. Le Tour de France commenced on the 3rd July taking cyclist and viewers on a spectacular journey through the Pyrenees and the valleys of France for 22 days, before peddling it out on the Champs-Elysées. It was also filled with cricket, motorsports, rugby union tri-nations and hockey. Lets take a look at the effect this jam packed month had on the Southeast Asia Internet Sporting Audience.! !"#$%&'&9$*+6)6&'&-)*.)*&'&/01#)"2*0&'&304&5)26&&
  3. 3. Sports Audience – Southeast Asia ! July had a 17.24% increase in the Southeast Asia Online Sports Audience since June.! There was a 50.12% increase in Sports Page Views across 42 Sports related sites.! The Mobile Sports Audience recorded a 15.19% increase for the month of July.! User Sessions to sports sites increase by 10% on average across South East Asia! !"#$%&'&9$*+6)6&'&-)*.)*&'&/01#)"2*0&'&304&5)26&&
  4. 4. Sports Audience - Demographic ! Gender! Males made up 79.78% of the online Sports Audience of 20.13%! Southeast Asia for the month of July. ! Male! 79.78%! Female! Age! 30.00! 25.00! A quarter of the Online Sports 20.00! Audience for July were aged between 25-30, while 76.87% were %! 15.00! 10.00! 5.00! aged between 18-40.! 0.00! !"#$%&'&9$*+6)6&'&-)*.)*&'&/01#)"2*0&'&304&5)26&&
  5. 5. Sports Audience - Demographic ! Half of the Online Sports Audience for Education! 60! Southeast Asia have a college or 50! university education while an additional 40! 23.89% have post gradate education. 30! 20! That’s 74.56% of the online Sports 10! Audience.! 0! No formal Less than High school! College / Post-college! Trade / education! high school! University! certicate! A third of the Online Sports Audience Monthly household Income ! for Southeast Asia has a monthly 35! 30! 25! household income of less than 20! 15! $500USD. 35.67% has a monthly 10! 5! income between $501-$1500. These 0! figures however remain representative of the overall monthly income figures for Southeast Asia.! !"#$%&'&9$*+6)6&'&-)*.)*&'&/01#)"2*0&'&304&5)26&&
  6. 6. Sports Audience - Malaysia ! Malaysia’s two top Sports related Malaysia had a 24.51% increase in sites both had over a 50% increase Mobile Sports Browsers in July.! in Unique Browsers during July.! 11.77% of unique browsers of User Sessions increased by 12.28% in July compared to June. ! viewed the site from a mobile device.! Browsers are viewing Sports related sites 3.18 times per week The Malaysian Sports Audience is and spending an average of 5.19 predominately well educated males minutes per session. ! aged between 21 to 40. ! !"#$%&'&9$*+6)6&'&-)*.)*&'&/01#)"2*0&'&304&5)26&&
  7. 7. Sports Audience - Thailand! Age! 30! It remains a predominately male 25! 20! audience, with females representing only 19.07% of Thailand’s Sports %! 15! 10! 5! Audience.! 0! 70.07% are accessing these Sports related sites from home, while 23.16% view these pages from work. ! 48.92% of Thailand’s Sports Audience is aged between 21-30 years of age, making The majority Thailand’s Sports its Sports Audience slightly younger than Audience are well educated, 61.38% average for Southeast Asia.! having completed college/university education and an additional 16.49% post graduate education.! !"#$%&'&9$*+6)6&'&-)*.)*&'&/01#)"2*0&'&304&5)26&&
  8. 8. Sports Audience – Philippines! Age! The gender trend remains with 18! males dominating the Sports Audience by 82.38%.! 16! 14! 12! 10! %! 8! 6! 4! 2! The Philippines Sports Audience 0! has on average the longest Session Duration when compared to Thailand and Malaysia. Browsers The Philippines has an older spend on average 1 minute and 30 average Sports Audience with a seconds viewing each page, spike in Unique Browsers in the averaging 3.75 pages per session.! 35-40 year old range. ! !"#$%&'&9$*+6)6&'&-)*.)*&'&/01#)"2*0&'&304&5)26&&
  9. 9. Mobile Sports Audience! Internet browsing from mobile devices continued to grow in July with a 19.86% increase across Southeast Asia. ! The Mobile Sports Audience recorded a 15.19% increase for the month, was the leading mobile Sports site for Southeast Asia. The top Sports site for PC browsers dropped to 15th place in mobile browsing.! Mobile Browsers spent less time on average than PC browsers on individual Sports pages. However they had a higher average number of Page Views per Session than PC Browsers, resulting in them having an overall longer Session Duration. Mobile Browsers did however frequent these sites less often.! !"#$%&'&9$*+6)6&'&-)*.)*&'&/01#)"2*0&'&304&5)26&&