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Organizing for Social and Digital Marketing
Organizing for Social and Digital Marketing
Organizing for Social and Digital Marketing
Organizing for Social and Digital Marketing
Organizing for Social and Digital Marketing
Organizing for Social and Digital Marketing
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Organizing for Social and Digital Marketing


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Over the past 18 months, EffectiveBrands has been especially active helping many of our clients organize their Social Marketing programs. In our experience, there is no shortage of expertise to help …

Over the past 18 months, EffectiveBrands has been especially active helping many of our clients organize their Social Marketing programs. In our experience, there is no shortage of expertise to help define what type of social marketing programs to run, but almost no expertise available to help define how to integrate social marketing into the overall global brand strategy, shape social marketing roles and responsibilities, and train marketers for social marketing proficiency. This bulletin focuses on our key lessons and findings.

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  • 1. Organizing for Social and Digital MarketingOver the past 18 months, EffectiveBrands has been especially active helping many of our clientsorganize their Social Marketing programs. In our experience, there is no shortage of expertiseto help define what type of social marketing programs to run, but almost no expertise availableto help define how to integrate social marketing into the overall global brand strategy, shapesocial marketing roles and responsibilities, and train marketers for social marketing proficiency.This bulletin focuses on our key lessons and findings.In a world in which almost all global brands are From our perspective, each organization needs to find“socially active” – one where newly-empowered the right balance between the ambition of a brand’sconsumers snap photos, post YouTube videos, and air purpose and the marketing organization’s willingnesstheir opinions about the brands they use online and and ability to open up and engage with the outsideoff – everyone can agree that Social Marketing is world. We dub this balance “Social Marketingcrucial. Readiness.”Today, with over 1 billion Facebook users and 2 billion Put another way, Social Marketing Readiness is whenregular Internet users across the globe, the question the brand’s purpose, or what it stands for, is reinforcedbecomes: How to integrate social into the brand by the appropriatestrategy and how to structure and train the marketing marketingorganization so that it becomes social Marketing organization how.ready? Let’s firstOur work with global marketing leaders developing investigate themarketing strategy, structure and capability programs brand purposefor organizations like Unilever, Hershey, Campbell, dimension of thisVirgin and Shiseido teaches us that most global definition:marketing organizations are still working overtime totease out the answer to this question, but also that BRAND PURPOSE AMBITIONthere are real lessons to be learned, and best In today’s global, flat and transparent businesspractices to adopt, in order to move faster, more environment, brand purpose will continue to play ansuccessfully, and avoid some obvious pitfalls. increasingly important role in helping consumers TMUnleashing Global Marketing Potential November 2012 | page 1
  • 2. choose one brand over another. By way of definition, Purposeful: Atop the brand ambition scale sit brandsPurpose goes beyond a brand’s functional and that offer a societal purpose. We believe this brandemotional consumer benefit by emphasizing the purpose needs to go way beyond Corporate Socialsocietal difference that the brand strives to make in Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability, which are fastthis world. Below, we look at examples of all three becoming the minimum entry requirement for alllevels of brand ambition: functional, emotional and global brands doing business. To be believable andpurposeful. successful, brand purpose needs to be specific to the brand itself. Think of brands like Dove – standing forFunctional: At the most basic level, brands have real beauty, the Body Shop – against animal cruelty,always offered a consistent, functional benefit to their and FedEx – Sustainably connecting people andconsumers. Take the mobile phone brand HTC, whose places. These are brands that have are leveragingadvertising promises fast download speeds and a their market presence to make the world a betterhigh-quality camera. Yet beyond these functional place.benefits, few people across the globe would be ableto describe the HTC brand as a person. HTC offers no Purposeful brands have the potential to fire upemotional benefit, and certainly no overt societal consumers, key influencers and also employeespurpose. Although there is nothing wrong with around what the brand stands for, along the wayfocusing solely on delivering a functional benefit, it generating brand evangelism, enthusiasm and, notdelimits the brand’s ability to reap the potential least…sales.benefits of social marketing, as we will see below. MARKETING ORGANIZATIONAL AMBITIONEmotional: Moving up the benefit ladder, we can Over the last five years, the fast-changing social andlearn a lot from Stella Artois, the global beer brand digital marketing landscape has led to dramatic newowned by AB InBev. Over the years, Stella has created demands on every company – especially thea brand benefit marketing organization. Brands and the organizationsthat promises its that manage them are evolving from an integrated,millions of local, and 360-degree perspective to a new global,worldwide fans not 365 always-on, total experience orientation – oneonly a great taste where the brand manages (or at least monitors) anbut also a 600-year- explosion of touch points and wherever relevant,old brewing responds and participates intelligently and quickly –heritage. Many 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.consumers havejoined Stella Artois’ online “Beer Society” to learn the But How?best ways to pour and drink the beer, and to share Let’s look at three stages of organizationaltheir own Stella Artois experiences. The brand has development in today’s marketplace.spent time building authentic relationships with many Push: Let’s beof its users who, in turn, are willing to spend time honest: Many online interacting with the brand. organizations have All of which, we might add, allows always been, and Stella Artois to expand the overall still are, organized brand experience, as well as gain for push valuable insights from its core communication, users. wherein a few TMUnleashing Global Marketing Potential November 2012 | page 2
  • 3. marketers working alongside PR and Corporate From that point on, Coke decided to take a lead in theRelations are responsible for establishing the face the digital and social marketing world. The companybrand wants to show the outside world. All quickly evolved how its employees engage online, andcommunication briefings and interactions flow from today Coke is widely respected for its transparent andhere, and everyone else in the organization knows open online social media principles. Every companybetter than to speak in public about the brand. This employee isway of working is clearly no longer tenable in today’s encouraged to beflat world, but many organizational structures have active online, andnot yet evolved to reflect this new normal. the employee online guidelinesEngage: Particularly in B2C, most brands have are empowering,significantly evolved their marketing organizations loose and fullyover the last decade by building substantial public.organizational capability for consumer engagement.Thus, the ability to interact via multiple touch points, So Coke is an organization to learn from, as it is nowFacebook, chat rooms and Twitter (to name just a ahead of many companies half its age and size. Butfew), is there. But these interactions with consumers the real trailblazers in today’s new landscape areand customers are still highly centralized, controlled companies such as Zappos, Telefonica, and Ren Ren,and scripted. In the face of multiple touch points, where openness is woven into the DNA of the firm, there is still very and all employees, no matter what department they little empowering of work in, are empowered and even expected to be an the workforce to active brand builders. interact freely on behalf of the brand. ORGANIZING FOR SOCIAL MARKETING Very few SUCCESS organizations would Our experience shows us that organizations that win qualify for the in social marketing have found the right balance description of being between the brand’s benefit ambition level, and the truly “open.” marketing organization’s ability to engage and interact with the outside world in a responsive,Open: What, then, is Open? To our mind, it’s the brand-consistent where all organizations are – or should be -ultimately heading. Over the last two or three years, But wait. Finding the appropriate social marketingmore and more larger brand organizations have made readiness level – e.g., the right balance betweenthe scary step to do just that. Let’s learn from Coca- brand and organization ambition – doesn’t mean thatCola’s evolution. When Coke’s leaders were first the company is “ready,” at least not by our definition.confronted with videos on YouTube where Diet Coke Companies mayand Mentos mints were combined to create “bottle very well have fullexplosions,” they responded with traditional legal openness, but lackprocedures in an attempt to quash these online clear or sharedactivities. To its enormous credit, senior leaders purpose. Considerquickly learned that the court system is no match for RIM where, justonline and social expressions. Coke swiftly shifted to a last year, internalmode of engagement with its new online fans, and discussions andeven embraced these new forms of brand admiration. complaints about TMUnleashing Global Marketing Potential November 2012 | page 3
  • 4. the lack of purpose suddenly became very public, on ensuring that digital and social initiatives are run,leading to a significant loss of confidence in the Canada- monitored, adapted and evaluated.based manufacturer of Blackberry mobile phones. Most organizations are still unclear about theA mismatched brand and organizational ambition can effectiveness of their social and digital programs. Theyalso result in huge missed opportunities. If a company must also convince countless internal stakeholders ofor brand mission is truly purposeful, why not the need for change from continuing to carry outtransform every employee into an ambassador to the business-as-usual. Everything in social and digital isoutside world? It would be a huge missed opportunity new to the organization, and it takes dedicated focusif colleagues around the organization felt restricted in and resources to build the required confidence aroundsinging the brand’s praises once they left the office. efficiency and effectiveness before social media can be integrated into the “normal” mix.Social media is all about connecting with youraudiences in all relevant ways. Obviously, there is a Another interesting insight? Many of the leadinghuge advantage in numbers, which is why Coca-Cola companies we have worked with, or studied, beganand many other organizations now give their their evolution by defining a discrete percentage ofemployees a free hand (well, so long as they don’t budgets and resources to be spent on “new” socialdivulge Coke’s secret recipe). and digital initiatives. Coke has a 70/20/10 rule, where the vast majority of spend and focus goes toIn sum, we believe that for purposeful brands, the trusted and proven initiatives, 20 percent on new-but-biggest opportunity in social media is there for the proven initiatives, and 10 percent to new andtaking, so long as they are willing and able to fully experimental up the company to the outside world. If thebrand purpose is clearly spelled out, and being lived Marketing Organizational Structureup to everywhere, an enormous opportunity exists in As with strategy, we strongly suggest that marketingempowering all employees to become brand and media teams start out with dedicated leads forambassadors. Who wouldn’t want thousands of brand social and digital activities. Here, focus and speed arefans interacting in the social space? essential: it is critical to immediately roll out learnings and successful initiatives across pilot teams, and avoidSo, what does it take to get organized for buying inefficiencies, or anyone reinventing the digitalsocial? wheel. Early on, it is also critical to ensure that theEmpowering employees to be socially active is only leaders of social initiatives are closely connected,part of the solution. As the marketing leader, you will whether it’s sharing results, measuring impact in theneed to ensure that the company clearly same way, or collectively negotiating keycommunicates how digital/social plans are integrated partnerships. As time goes by, we often see ainto the marketing strategy and structure, while also transition of responsibilities for social media planningmaking sure that all employees are fully trained for from media departments to marketing.their new social roles. As the company builds sufficient experience,Strategy confidence and capabilities (see below), digital andAny marketer worth his or her salt will tell you that to social roles are often integrated into the “regular”succeed; digital and social strategy needs to be fully media and marketing job descriptions. There are newintegrated into the total marketing mix. This is also roles to be created too; many large firms now havetrue in the long run. That said, we believe that in the “social media monitoring centers” and “communityearly phase of experimentation, marketers must focus managers” that ensure companies are keeping a TMUnleashing Global Marketing Potential November 2012 | page 4
  • 5. finger on the pulse of their most important ensure that marketers are proficient and equalstakeholder groups. negotiating partners in the new media arena. Beyond the basics, many companies and brands have also EffectiveBrands is chosen to define “the brand X way” of doing social often asked to marketing. redefine marketing structure and In our experience, most effective training programs have operating models been adapted to the application of the capability. to help with this Examples include helping Unilever set up reverse- integration, as well mentoring programs, where young employees work as to assist with one-on-one with board members to quickly get them upstriking the right balance between creating new to social speed, and live action workshops where a“expert” social marketing roles and integrating social brand teams works side-by-side with its Twitter team toand digital marketing responsibilities into “regular” develop both the strategy and a detailed Q4 2012marketing roles. program to activate a key initiative across the Twitter sphere. Diageo and AB InBev went a step further. DiageoDIGITAL AND SOCIAL MARKETING CAPABILITIES has now taken over 1,000 senior leaders through aIt’s pretty safe to say today that no one above the multi-day immersion at Facebook, while AB InBev has agrade of marketing manager was ever trained in longstanding Stanford “technology garage week” wherecollege or business school to be proficient in digital key leaders are exposed to everything that’s new andand social marketing. potentially relevant.Usually only the very youngest and most It bears repeating:inexperienced marketers have significant personal Social marketing –social and digital marketing experience to leverage. At provocative,the same time, this group often lacks the industry exhilarating andexperience to successfully shape brand strategy. ever-evolving – isWhich leaves a large group of middle and marketing here to stay. Themanagers and senior marketing leaders to make challenges it bringsdecisions without personal experience or direction (among them, complete organizational transparency)from a boss. (This group of marketers is sometimes are as immense as the opportunities, which includereferred to as the “lost generation.”) It’s no surprise getting closer to, learning from, and adding morethat there is a rush on social and digital training for value to, consumers. As the future of social marketingmarketers. EffectiveBrands has developed and plays out, we believe that the most open, well-aligned embedded such organizations will win the game by unleashing online training programs consumers to speak about, and grow, their brands in for many firms ways marketers may not previously have imagined. across numerous B2C and B2B So ask yourself: How good is my brand’s social industries. marketing strategy, structure and capability? There are definitely If you would like to know more about the insights, lessons for success best practices identified, and social marketingto be leveraged. For example, every program must capability programs we have helped develop andcontain all the basics to build a common language and implement for our clients, please let us know by sending an email to TMUnleashing Global Marketing Potential November 2012 | page 5
  • 6. ABOUT EFFECTIVEBRANDSTMEffectiveBrands is the only global marketing consultancy focused specifically onunleashing global marketing potential. Founded in 2001, EffectiveBrands helpsglobal marketing leaders increase global marketing effectiveness withprograms and practical tools that build and embed global marketing strategy,structure and capability for profitable growth. Our tailored solutions buildinternal capability and support for change from the start.The EffectiveBrands team consists of 75 international and experienced globalmarketing consultants and offices in New York, London, Amsterdam,Singapore, Paris, Tokyo and Istanbul. Our insights and practical solutions arepredicated on in-depth global marketing experience, as well as our proprietaryLeading Global Brands™ Study. As of 2012, over 300 global brands, 3,000 globalmarketing leaders and 30,000 global brand marketers and their colleaguescontributed to this study.NEW YORK AMSTERDAM LONDON SINGAPORE648 Broadway, Ste 502 Singel 540 28-30 Little Russell Street 17A Duxton Road www.effectivebrands.comNew York, NY 10012 1017 AZ Amsterdam London WC1A 2HN Singapore 089483 info@effectivebrands.comUSA The Netherlands United KingdomT: +1 212 358 9638 T: +31 20 330 2636 T: +44 20 7831 8444 T: +65 6221 3693 © 2012 EffectiveBrands TMUnleashing Global Marketing Potential November 2012 | page 6