Online Marketing Trends in India (English)

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effective world has enormous experience in handling online marketing communication globally. Years of experience in Asian Market makes it one of the most trusted partner in this industry. With native …

effective world has enormous experience in handling online marketing communication globally. Years of experience in Asian Market makes it one of the most trusted partner in this industry. With native Indian online marketing experts, effective world has been efficiently serving India Market over several years, be it for a new entrant or an established brand. effective world has a bunch of online marketing services, well to be customized as the company’s business objectives.

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  • 1. Online Marketing India Strategy and Implementation Company Account Manager effective world Pte. Ltd Priyanka Jha 1 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 2. The Marketing Industry India Even though traditional media like television and newspapers still remain the preferred media for seeking information and entertainment and hog more than 80% of the advertising market in India, the Internet has been steadily increasing its share of the advertising pie. Online Marketing India Facts & Figures Spends on digital media have steadily increased from over 1% of total Indian advertising spend in the year 2005 to nearly 7% in 2012. The online advertising market in India, comprising search, display, mobile, social media, email and video advertising. It was valued at Rs 2,260 crore * (22,600 million) in March, 2013. * A crore is a unit in the South Asian numbering system equal to ten million (10,000,000) 2 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 3. Online Marketing Industry India Online Marketing India Online Marketing in India is dominated by Display Advertising & Search Advertising, with close competition within themselves. Facts & Figures By March 2013 Search Advertising constituted about 38% of the total online advertising spend, translating to about Rs 850 crore while Display Advertising form a sizeable 29% (Rs 662 crore). Search Advertising is dominated by BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance), followed by travel and online publishers. While, Display Advertising is dominated by BFSI, telecom, automotive and online publishers Advertisements on mobile phones and tablets account for 10% of the Indian online ad market (FY 2012-2013), totalling to spending of around Rs 230 crore. Social media, email and video advertising constitute 13% (Rs 300 crore), 3% (Rs 68 crore) and 7% (Rs150 crore) of the online advertising market, respectively. The Top 3 Online Advertiser The BFSI, travel and automotive sectors continue to be the top 3 spenders in online advertising. 3 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 4. Traditional Marketing: Concerns India  Traditional media for Marketing & Advertising have been quite expensive.  For instance a Newspaper or TV Ad or Billboards, does not only cost much higher, but also the audience reach cannot be controlled.  Traditional media cannot lead to Brand Engagement: When people read the newspaper or a magazine they may scan over the advertisements beside the article but there is no way to engage them with the Brand.  Concerns The reach cannot be defined and cannot be targeted only to the target market. Any money spent on such media also incurs the extra cost which is accrued because of the lack of defining the target media.  Traditional Marketing India Tracking the effectiveness of broadcast media is difficult. And thus ROI calculation becomes questionable. 4 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 5. Online Marketing: Edge India  As compared to other mediums of advertising , internet is a much more affordable means of launching a campaign for a brand, service or business. Online Marketing India Edge  With a limited budget, internet advertising can be much more in reach as compared to traditional methods of advertising.  It is advantageous to advertise through online media considering the good Conversion Tracking of promotion campaigns & ROI measurement.  Precise targeting: Customers can be targeted precisely when they are searching for products and services that your business can provide.  Segment Targeting: Customer segment targeting can be done based on customer’s age, education, demography, interest, etc. No other ad medium provides you such a wide choice of ad routing and customer penetration.  Targeted ad optimization benefits with the lower advertising budget with maximum conversion rate. 5 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 6. Online Marketing: Benefits to Marketers India Customer Relationship Building— companies can interact with customers and get more insights on market needs Online Marketing India Benefits to Marketers  Greater Flexibility— unlike a paper catalog whose products and prices are fixed until the next printing, an online catalog can be adjusted daily or even hourly, adapting product availability, prices, and promotions to match changing market conditions.  Brand Awareness: Due to wide access to Wide Markets— online marketing has the potential of reaching thousands of people both nationally and internationally  Brand Engagement – With online marketing you can encourage them to take action, visit your website and read about your products and services which results in vastly increased “stickiness” of your marketing message.  Campaigns can be designed as per the desired outcome – like different campaigns can be designed for Brand Awareness, Increasing Leads, Product promotion etc. 6 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 7. Online Marketing with effective world India Online Marketing India To efficiently cater the needs and grab the Online market share, effective world gets you years of experience in Global and Indian market. We personalize our years of global experience and offer you tailor made services based on your specific business needs. We have professionals with years of experince in B2B Marketing in India Services & Solutions Priyanka Jha Account Manager Online Marketing India South East Asia Since 2010, effective world has been active in the Indian market and serves many Multinational Corporations (MNC) in India for Online Marketing. 7 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 8. Online Marketing in India Our Services Market Research  Market Research for specific products  Research about the marketing activity of competitors  Status quo of the website on the Internet (ranking, findability)  Start a website survey about “how do specific industries obtain their information “. (sales stages/ information: print, word of mouth, exhibition, internet, etc.) Online Marketing  Consultation on strategic planning process , optimization of online marketing in India  Creation and maintenance of the online marketing campaign in India:  SEO  SEA  Display Advertising / Banners  Catalogue  E-mail/Newsletter Marketing  Online Press Release  Social Media Display /Search Advertising  Strategic campaign creation  Regular optimizations based on performance check  Reporting and suggestions based on the Market insights Online Marketing India Services Newsletter  Consulting and implementation  Simple mailing solutions for beginners  Professional mailing solutions  Processing: editing, testing and sending  Control : opening rates, create reports. Web Analytics / KPIs  Setting goals / KPIs  Complete Web Traffic Analytics  Implementation of conversion tracking News Distribution  Copywriting, translation  News, press releases distributed on Indian social media or industry portals (catalogues, press portals, ...)  Control of the distribution 8 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 9. Contact Priyanka Jha Phone +65 6665 1926 Mobile +65 82049254 Fax +65 6566 8741 effective world Pte. Ltd. 25 International Business Park #04-101 German Centre, 609916, Singapore ©2013 effective world |effective GmbH Online Marketing India This presentation is copyright of the effective GmbH. Any use of content, or concepts within, may only take place with express written consent from effective GmbH. Bu sunumun telif hakkı effective GmbH’ye aittir. İçerik ve konseptler, ancak effective GmbH’nin yazılı izni ile kullanılabilir. Cette présentation Powerpoint est la propriété d´effective GmbH et est exclusivement destinée à la présentation. Le contenu ainsi que les idées et concepts cités dans cette présentation ne peuvent être utilisés qu´avec le consentement préalable et écrit de la société effective GmbH. Diese Präsentation ist geistiges Eigentum der effective GmbH. Jede Verwendung des gesamten Textes oder die Verwendung von Teilen der Konzeption oder der Ideen kann nur mit schriftlichem Einverständnis der effective GmbH erfolgen. effective GmbH 是该文件中所有页面设计、页面内容的 著作权人;文档中所引用的图片部分来自于商业图库或 个人相册,仅限于本文件演示用途。未经本公司授权, 任何个人或者组织不得抄袭、转载、摘编、修改本文件 内容;本公司与他人另有协议或法律另有规定的除外。 9 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012