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Website Relaunch Management (English)
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Website Relaunch Management (English)


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Relaunch Management focuses, not only on retaining existing investments in online marketing for several years, but also on the perceived reliability of a company and its online resources. …

Relaunch Management focuses, not only on retaining existing investments in online marketing for several years, but also on the perceived reliability of a company and its online resources.

In a Web relaunch, many specialists are involved such as technology and marketing experts; therefore, precise project planning is essential to Relaunch Management. Ideally, this is already included in the design and planning phase, ensuring a smooth process.

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Online Marketing Relaunch Management Company Department effective world Pte. Ltd. Product Management 1 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 2. Online Marketing Relaunch Management Relaunch Management Protect Your Investment And Your Brand 2 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 3. Background. Relaunch Management Online Marketing For complex web relaunches, there are usually several specialists involved who are responsible for design, text, technology and project management. Relaunch Management Background Based on our extensive project experiences, we have recognized that indeed, important subjects in specific areas, such as web server configuration or SEO technology, are often neither covered by the contracted engineering, design, content nor the project management services. In most cases, it is perceived as supposedly online marketing tasks which can be done later. Once we join the web project team after relaunch, it is in most cases too late to rectify URLs, “404 Not Found” errors and other problems. With our expertise in Internet technology, online marketing, design and intercultural communication, we have years of extensive expertise in these cross-cutting themes. The missing competence in these "grey areas” between design, technology, content or project management are summarized in our service package - “Relaunch Management." 3 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 4. Objectives. Relaunch Management The relaunch management not only focuses on conserving existing investments in online marketing for several years, but also on the perceived reliability of a company and its online resources which affect its image or brand. Furthermore, in the context of the relaunch management, a status quo analysis is conducted, in which the competitors, their ranking, visibility and online marketing process are being scrutinized. These data are the basis for the relaunch management and for future marketing. They are also beneficial for the ongoing project. Thus, the relaunch is not only a continuation of the status quo, but also an optimization of the future website and perspective. This approach saves a large amount of resources and costs. Usually "old data" is being updated or just taken over, to be changed later by marketing – basically duplication of work (copying old data, changing them later). This concerns especially metadata. Due to time and resource constraints, crucial updates are often delayed (resulting in missing metadata). The negative consequences are not thought of or are not known. Not to mention dead links or hundreds of dead results in search engines. Key points Preserve your existing online marketing investments Preserve visibility, ranking in search engines Reliability to customers, partners, interested parties  No dead bookmarks (downloads)  No dead links  Correct addresses in catalogs, press Optimization of the Status Quo and analysis of your competitors Cost savings by avoiding duplication of work Online Marketing Relaunch Management Objectives 4 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 5. Timing. Relaunch Management Online Marketing Usual process – with alll negative consequences Project Management Design Live Technology Status Quo Analysis Online Marketing Relaunch Management Timing Content Right approach – Saves time and money Project Management Relaunch Management Planning Design Technology Content Relaunch Management 2 – 4 weeks before Live Live Marketing • Status Quo Analysis • Competitors • Marketing relevant Information 5 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 6. With and Without Relaunch Management. A Comparison Objectives With Relaunch Management Without Relaunch Management Investment Backlinks are working Years of pain staking backlink building effort is lost. Meta Tags, URL optimized Ranking Comparison Catalogue, Press or Download links are not working Ranking is preserved Relaunch Management Old or missing Meta Tags, URLs Catalogue, Press or Downloads links working Online Marketing Ranking is lost (too many 404 mistakes) History lost. (search engine view) Image Visitors (your customers!) must all correct their bookmarks again. Relaunch is perfect – new customers will not notice it. Optimization Bookmarks are working Dead links – for potential customers a bad start. Competitor data and their strategies are taken in consideration. No information about competitor and online strategies. Online Marketing activities can start immediately. Online Marketing activities lack all basic information. (And the conditions are worse than before the relaunch.) 6 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 7. Status Quo Analysis Relaunch Management Online Marketing effective.analysis Your Online Activities Search Engines – Status Quo of backlinks Catalogue, Online Press – Status Quo of all entries Old URL – New URL – matching of all old addresses to new addresses? Competitor Online Activities Analysis of competitor sites (international sites, languages) Ranking of competitors Keywords of competitors (Top 20/50/100) Analysis of metadata of competitors Which competitor runs paid advertising? Competitor presence in Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Xing, Linkedin, Wikipedia, YouTube, Google Plus Recommendations What do your competitors do better than you? What should be improved? By priority (before/after launch)? Backlinks/Internal links – procedures, new-old, rewrite URLs, redirects Content – what content should be changed, by priority? (before/after launch) Relaunch Management Status Quo Analysis Realization Write metadata (Search Engine optimized title, description and URL for relaunch) Further services/tasks see “Operational Relaunch Management” 7 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 8. Operational Services. Relaunch Management Old and new URL structure of website URL Management old–new “error301 forwarding“ No dead bookmarks for your customers Correct download links (PDF, …) Online catalogues and listings (change old URL to new URL: downloads, videos, images) Quality and usability tests Usability Handling of screens Interactivity (e.g. forms, mailto, chat) Check technical capabilities "through the eyes of uninvolved third party" (not involved in the production of website) Language versions of website Various domains (,,, etc.) Duplicate content (EN, DE, ES Versions with .com, or .de, .at) Online Marketing Technology/marketing checks Favicon Google sitemap Tag verification robots.txt Google webmaster tools (account) SEO basics Implement metadata in all languages (Title, Description) Implement URL Relaunch Management Operational Services Cross-cultural examination Check the interculturality context especially motifs and preferred modes of communication (interaction) Controlling instruments for live performance Website (tracking) Video tracking QR code tracking Social media reports 8 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 9. Contact. We look forward to meet you. Imprint. Online Marketing Rozita Ahmad Managing Director Text & Design: effective world Pte. Ltd ©2012 effective world | effective GmbH Phone +65 6665 1925 Mobile +65 9029 0544 This presentation is copyright of the effective GmbH. Any use of content, or concepts within, may only take place with express ed written consent from effective GmbH. effective world Pte. Ltd. 25 International Business Park #04-101 German Centre, Singapore 609916 Relaunch Management Bu sunumun telif hakkı effective GmbH’ye aittir. İçerik ve konseptler, ancak effective GmbH’nin yazılı izni ile kullanılabilir. Cette présentation Powerpoint est la propriété d´effective GmbH et est exclusivement destinée à la présentation. Le contenu ainsi que les idées et concepts cités dans cette présentation ne peuvent être utilisés qu´avec le consentement préalable et écrit de la société effective GmbH. Diese Präsentation ist geistiges Eigentum der effective GmbH. Jede Verwendung des gesamten Textes oder die Verwendung von Teilen der Konzeption oder der Ideen kann nur mit schriftlichem Einverständnis der effective GmbH erfolgen. effective GmbH是该文件中所有页面设计、页面内容的 著作权人;文档中所引用的图片部分来自于商业图库或 个人相册,仅限于本文件演示用途。未经本公司授权, 任何个人或者组织不得抄袭、转载、摘编、修改本文件 内容;本公司与他人另有协议或法律另有规定的除外。 9 von 9 © effective GmbH, 02.2012