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HR Employer Branding (English)
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HR Employer Branding (English)


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Employer branding is a marketing strategic measure to increase the identification of a candidate, either with a company already, or searching for a job. It is an ongoing activity, as it achieves only …

Employer branding is a marketing strategic measure to increase the identification of a candidate, either with a company already, or searching for a job. It is an ongoing activity, as it achieves only medium and long-term return / impact on our clients image.

HR Online Marketing
Long-term HR Online Marketing for companies and continuous Online Job Marketing.

HR Recruiting
Temporary job marketing for specific locations and occupations such as engineers and sales engineers.

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  • 1. Online Marketing Employer Branding HR Marketing Company Department effective world Pte.Ltd. Product Management 1 von 8 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 2. Background. Employer Branding. HR Online Marketing Online Marketing The competition to find young, talented students and trainees with high potential is increasingly fierce. Hiring headhunters and running print ads are costly and do not deliver a sufficient number of applicants. Employer Branding. HR Online Marketing Background For some time now, more and more job advertisements are run on Google. Social media platforms are being increasingly used for recruitment purposes. More and more, we are seeing talented potential employees being discovered via international advertising campaigns — even in the most remote corners of the world. This mix of online marketing channels produces good results. However, the other side of the coin is: considerably rising costs. time-consuming management. no distinctions between different platforms (all jobs are posted on all platforms) too many platforms to manage. With our expertise in Internet Technology and intercultural communication, we work with you to create successful employer branding campaigns to hire the talents required. 2 von 8 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 3. Objectives. Employer Branding. HR Online Marketing Cost Savings Currently, job listings are often posted on all portals, especially in the “International“ sections, as the process is simple to complete and no selection is required. However, significant cost savings can be accrued by the correct assortment of job listings as not every offer matches every portal. Time Efficient Time is also saved when ads are posted online by an Online Editorial team rather than a HR professional, whose hourly rate is much higher. Outsourcing is a better alternative as the time saved by HR managers is immense. Information Gathering Naturally, online Marketers measure everything and will always attach all job advertisements to a tracking code. Only then can the success of the advertisements be measured and we can discover which channels yield the best results. Quality evaluation of the applications can only happen with the standardisation of all applications and tracking processes. This feature also applies to offline advertising, posters and flyers at universities or job centers. Using a QR code tracking can measure the geolocation reach. Key points Information gained by tracking (where do job adverts generate most qualified leads?) Save time by outsourcing maintenance of job adverts (and distribution) Save costs by prioritising which advertisements are published where and at what price Employer branding is an ongoing process Online Marketing Employer Branding HR Online Marketing Objectives Outstanding Employer Branding Outstanding employer branding is high editorial quality delivered by HR professionals on the client side and the constant and careful implementation and distribution throughout the Internet. It is very important to define the processes and multiply the contributions (from HR news to job offers) through online distribution. When HR professionals and online marketing experts work together for the successful implementation and distribution of job offers, they create a strong employer brand in the long term. 3 von 8 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 4. Strategic Concept and Processes. Employer Branding. HR Online Marketing Planning and Process Definition Strategic approach (goals, ...) Resource plan (budget, staff, structure, sequence) Analysis (job tracking, social media analytics) Application concept (social media guidelines, communications, content) The Human Resources Department provides the general briefing beforehand and during the campaign, and will manage the job offers and HR news. Online Marketing Employer Branding HR Online Marketing The Campaign Efficient distribution, management and implementation of actions, and reporting is executed worldwide by effective world. Customer Job offers Prioritisation HR / Corporate News Briefing Planning Employer Branding HR Online Marketing Design Technology Content Marketing Interculture Distribution map Activities calendar Booking, Purchasing Campaign tasks Translation Post/Remove Jobs Activities Press tasks Social Media Content Response Management Tracking / Reporting Applications Job ads Social Media News portals effective 4 von 8 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 5. Special Marketing. QR Code – Offline Marketing - Online Tracking Online Marketing The measurement of offline activities is often not very easy. The QR codes on posters and flyers featuring job opportunities and distributed in tertiary institutions e.g. universities (Canteen, Departments) allow employment agencies to track the performance of the offline ads and thus provides quantitative data to measure response. Employer Branding HR Online Marketing Special Marketing Services Develop QR codes QR tracking to capture the "response" QR reporting following scanning of QR codes Key points Tracking of Offline Marketing Activities with QR Code Information for decisions, which universities are the most responsive or suitable for further activities (such as Road Shows, Events, distribution of invitations to the company, etc.) 5 von 8 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 6. Services. Employer Branding. HR Online Marketing Online Marketing Planning and Purchase Briefing Process definitions Jobs: Setting up of distribution plan, prioritising of jobs offers Corporate Design (CD) – guideline, templates Social Media guidelines Employer Branding HR Online Marketing Services Distribution HR related news (HR related news featuring subjects like trainee news, open days etc.) Publication of job offers by distribution plan and priorities of jobs Direct Marketing/ Performance Marketing Adwords advertising of job offers Business portals (Xing, LinkedIn) Social media (Facebook, Google+) Job portals (Monster, Jobstreet, JobCentral & ST701 etc.) Quality Marketing Dialogue with applicants Blog, Twitter Job Guides – Career Portal Translation of Job Offers Intercultural Check Check wording of job description Application form – legal requirements, appropriate in cultural context Preferred communication type (Interactivity) Controlling Instruments Website (Tracking) Social media reports Offline Tracking of print media QR Code tracking Reports, geolocation 6 von 8 © effective GmbH, 02.2012
  • 7. Contact. We look forward to meet you. Imprint. Rozita Ahmad Managing Director Phone +65 6665 1925 Mobile +65 9029 0544 Text & Design: ©2012 effective world Pte. Ltd. 25 International Business Park #04-101 German Centre, Singapore 609916 effective GmbH effective world | effective GmbH This presentation is copyright of the effective GmbH. Any use of content, or concepts within, may only take place with express written consent from effective GmbH. Online Marketing Relaunch Management Bu sunumun telif hakkı effective GmbH’ye aittir. İçerik ve konseptler, ancak effective GmbH’nin yazılı izni ile kullanılabilir. Cette présentation Powerpoint est la propriété d´effective GmbH et est exclusivement destinée à la présentation. Le contenu ainsi que les idées et concepts cités dans cette présentation ne peuvent être utilisés qu´avec le consentement préalable et écrit de la société effective GmbH. Diese Präsentation ist geistiges Eigentum der effective GmbH. Jede Verwendung des gesamten Textes oder die Verwendung von Teilen der Konzeption oder der Ideen kann nur mit schriftlichem Einverständnis der effective GmbH erfolgen. effective GmbH是该文件中所有页面设计、页面内容的 著作权人;文档中所引用的图片部分来自于商业图库或 个人相册,仅限于本文件演示用途。未经本公司授权, 任何个人或者组织不得抄袭、转载、摘编、修改本文件 内容;本公司与他人另有协议或法律另有规定的除外。 7 von 8 © effective GmbH, 02.2012