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always remember,quotes on nice kids photos

always remember,quotes on nice kids photos

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  • 1. Just remember
  • 2. When things are down And you are out of your mind Just remember ALLAH is The All -Kind
  • 3. When you are all alone And your pain has no end Just remember ALLAH is the only one you can depend on
  • 4. when nothing makes sens And your heading for demise Just remember It doesn’t make sense but, ALLAH is The All-eWise
  • 5. When your life is in darkness And nothing is right Just remember Through the darkness, ALLAH is “The Light ”
  • 6. When your heart is breaking And your pain makes you fall Just remember ALLAH Sees all
  • 7. When times are troubled And no one seems to care Just remember ALLAH won’t hurt you He is Just
  • 8. When you are weak And the road seems long Just remember Seek strength from The All-Strong
  • 9. When you are poor and penniless And you are stuck in a niche Just remember ALLAH is The Rich
  • 10. When life is a burden And everything is unstable Just remember ALLAH is Able to do all
  • 11. When the way is cloudy And there is no one by your side Just remember ALLAH is the Only Guide
  • 12. When you are down in your misery And there is nowhere to run Just remember You can always run to The One
  • 13. When no one wants to listen Or is willing to lend an ear Just remember ALLAH is The All-Hearing
  • 14. And when your scars are hurting And your heart is in fear Just rememebr Allah is with those who are patient BY: Effat Saleh http://www.slideshare.net/effat57